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Perl: more comforting words

Besides the criticism levied against some Traditional Catholic faithful by the President of the Pontifical Commission "Ecclesia Dei", Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos, the conference on "Summorum Pontificum" currently taking place in Rome also included yesterday a presentation by the secretary of said dicastery, Monsignor Camille Perl. Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli reports (cf. also La Repubblica):

Rome- “In Italy, most bishops” have placed obstacles to the application of the motu proprio of Benedict XVI which liberalized the use of the ancient, pre-Conciliar, Missal in 2007.

…[Camille] Perl participated in Rome at a conference named “The motu proprio Summorum Pontificum of His Holiness Benedict XVI: spiritual richness for the entire Church one year later.” “In Italy – the cleric said – most bishops, with few admirable exceptions, have placed obstacles to the application of the motu proprio on the Latin Mass. The same must be said about many Superiors who forbid their priests to celebrate the Mass according to the ancient rite.” Monsignor Perl provided a not very rosy picture of the situation also in other countries, recalling that “in Germany, for instance, the Episcopal Conference published highly bureaucratic directives, which make for a difficult application of the motu proprio”, while in France “there are lights and shadows”. Yet to consider Italy, the nation of which the Pope is the primate, as a nation in which bishops have impeded the papal decision, represents a serious judgment, coming from the lips of the number two of the Commission.

The words are interesting, but has something been done about these obstacles? Is some action being planned?


  1. Anonymous10:57 AM

    This is the reason for the frustration of so many traditionalists after S.P. and hence the reason that many are so vocal and go on the attack. The stakes are VERY high and the resistance is VERY strong among those who should be the most faithful. Not to mention DECADES of being marginalized and frequently outright persecuted.

  2. I'd bet nothing is planned, nothing is going to be planned, in Italy or elsewhere. These stubborn old men will simply grind down any attempt at reform that doesn't come attached to a "my way or the highway" directive. And that ain't gonna happen. Not There, Not Here, Not Anywhere.

  3. Anonymous11:58 AM

    Mgr Perl certainly has ''authority'' to enter into ''dialogue'' with his fellow ''conferences'' and ''ordinaries'' to ''ensure'' that the ''Holy Sacrifice of the Mass'' is heard and said without any possible ''objections''.

  4. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Are Cardinals Perl & Hoyos playing good cop - bad cop to appease both sides of the aisle? One is comforting words to keep the hope, the other one a critic of people who see the NO as an abomination...

    What is interesting is the snub by the 'collegial' bodies to the Holy Father and how they hide or use obedience to whatever fits their agenda(s). It is almost diabolical, considering Satan was the master of all lies (i.e. using obedience for one thing that is bad & against another thing that is good).
    My 2cents.

  5. Anonymous1:17 PM

    Benedict could fix the problem today if he chose, but he does not. Nor is he ignorant of the desperate need for the old mass. He is fully aware of the catastrophe of V2 and its new mass.

    Benedict does not want a return to tradition; there is some sinister plot afoot and the arch-liar and his synagogue are at the root of it all.

    The MP has a sunset and when it comes all hell is going to break loose. Beware traditionalist, your local ordinary knows who you are.

    When it comes down to it: How many would choose a valid mass over blind obedience to the pope? If the NO mass is valid, what's the beef? Aesthetics? Sentimentality? Fussiness?

    What the Frenchy bishop said about "servile subordination" reveals a discomfiting truth. A bishop is a bishop with or without the pope and a bishop can act unilaterally. And so must a true follower of Christ in a world of apostasy.

  6. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Of course nothing will be done to stop intransigent bishops from enforcing a directive that they have no power to enforce.

    Summorum Pontificum takes the power of allowing or disallowing the Gregorian Rite being offered by priests, out of the bishops hands so a priest absolutely does not need a bishops permission to offer it.

    But nothing will change.

    Again, the repudiation of authority.

  7. Anonymous1:32 PM

    All it would take would be for the Holy Father to start celebrating the Mass himself.


  8. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Of course, the resistance of Bishops against the Chair of Peter is noting new, nor is it peculiar to the instance of motu proprio. It is related to an entire panoply of issues dogmatic and doctrinal and it should be rectified by the strong hand of authority. Maybe Pope Benedict XVI is the man to do it. He certainly understands the issues and the personalities better than any Pope in over a century because he has lived the situation for so long. May God give him strength, and time.

  9. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Rev'd up,

    Your comment is a stereotype of the kind that Cardinal Castrillon criticized. If those who love the traditional Mass are to be taken seriously, then they should refrain from over-the-top comments such as yours.

    Questioning the Pope's sincerity is not the way to get what you want. If Benedict did not want the resurgence of the Gregorian Rite, he would not have bothered to sign the Motu Proprio in the first place. He doesn't need to make empty gestures.

    Unfortunately, matters such as this take time. There are many intransigent bishops, to say nothing of the millions of intransigent laity. They cannot be overcome in one year.

    Why don't you pray for the Holy Father rather than castigating him?


  10. Anonymous7:08 PM

    Ratzinger is a liberal and always has been, but not as liberal as some of the other terrible liberals(destroyers).He still has catholic beliefs but will jump thru hoops before even appearing autocratic. Which is exactly what the church needs, but things are so far gone it maybe will take devine intervention. Maybe he's just waiting for this.Anyway what's to stop priests from banding together with intyerested laypeople and forming separate chapels? Answer directly to Benedict, bypass the effeminate bishops.

  11. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I say keep writing these letters because he’s finally paying attention.

    This is just like a politician. Most of the time, they just ignore your complaints. Then, with something like illegal immigration, they get an onslaught of complaints and at first they complain about it. Then, when it doesn’t let up and they know that real damage will be done if they don’t give in, the complaints finally work and a vote is flipped, opposition is dropped.

    The Vatican apparatus is no different than Congress. It’s just as political.

    And when I see the equivalent to a Senator acknowledging how annoyed he is with traditionals, I say keep going. We finally have his attention.

  12. Anonymous9:06 PM

    It will get worse before it gets better. I see few souls on the battle field that matters, yet, if we get organized, supernaturally speaking that matters:

    the W-A-R tide will turn and





    Did not St Paul say that we are battling the forces of evil spirits, that require spiritual, i.e. supernatural armory and weaponry to be defeated? !!

    Did not in the last message from Heaven the Angel at Fatima cried?:


    But who among us, how many among us are hearing the urgent call?

    Dears Readers!
    This is W-A-R!!!
    Let us recruit!
    Let us get serious!
    Begin today!
    Start using the weapons that WORK!

    Your and my sacrifices are missing from that of Christ on the Cross!

    Quit whining, lose courage and getting depressed! Let us get on the FRONT LINE WITH OUR SPIRITUAL WAR WARE!
    PRAY! REPENT! MAKE SACRIFICES the forces of E-V-I-L cannot resist !!!

    Words, words, words will not save us!


  13. Anonymous9:56 PM

    Anonymous said...

    "Are Cardinals Perl & Hoyos playing good cop - bad cop to appease both sides of the aisle?"


    “They have abandoned the Fort, those
    who should have defended it.” (St. John Fisher)

    Who held the Fort
    Till the Calvary came
    Fighting for all
    In His Holy Name?

    Who fed the sheep
    As the pastures burned dry
    A few Good Shepherds
    Heeding their cry?

    Who led the charge
    ‘Gainst heresy’s Huns
    Defending the degreed
    To His lowliest ones?

    Who battened down
    The hatch of the barque
    To warm cold souls
    From shivering-seas dark?

    “Who?” mocks Satan
    Delighting in doubt
    Fills you with questions,
    Never lets you find out.

    “Hoc est enum
    Corpus meum…
    …and for many…” who kept
    The dead words – Te Deum!

  14. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Laura - I agree with you completely. Traditionalists who also happen to be paranoid conspiracy theorists place unnecessary obstacles in the path to the recovery of Tradition through their lack of charity. If it had been up to then-Cardinal Ratzinger, the Traditional Latin Mass would never have been banned the way it was for so long.

    Monsignor Perl's words are very encouraging, but I hope they are backed up by some very strong provisions in the clarifying document that should be published soon (Deo volente). If not, modernist/insubordinate bishops will continue to ban the TLM and persecute traditional Catholics.

  15. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Benedict XVI is a wimp.
    He didn't really want to issue the "Summorum Pontificum".. he figured he had to do some half/hearted measure to appease traditionalists.

    So now Benedict XVI is a wimp according to one comment! Amazing! I would really like to get inside this persons mind to find out whats wrong. Perhaps this person was expecting the Latin Mass to miraculously appear in all Churches following the motu proprio? Of course nobody graced with the faculty of logic would have the naivety to believe that Benedict XVI historical motu proprio would resolve the innumerable difficulties that the Church is facing.

    Needless to say for anyone following the events leading up to the Motu proprio's release, the opposition in the Vatican was incredible not to mention the hostility from the French Bishops who did everything in their power to stop it. Benedict XVI, isolated as he was, persisted against all the harsh criticisms. And you said he's a wimp?...

    The Popes remarks on the plane were directed at the hostile French bishops and not at traditionalists. he was making the sublte point that the bishops should accept traditionalist and not marginalise them, which has been the sad reality for many years.

    In one year the achievment of the motu proprio has been phenomonal. The list is long. Many priests who never new the old mass discovered this beautiful liturgy and are beginning to say. Things have progressed enormously in one year without any doubt. The problems are not over by any rate.

    Of course our vengeful traditionalists are already lifting their sticks to beat Benedict XVI. In their mind he stands accused of cold-hearted indifference. To the more open-minded traditionalists, Benedict XVI is a man just like the rest of us who can make mistakes. One things for sure though; we desperatly need him and we need to pray for him instead of mocking him.

  16. Anonymous3:44 PM

    Good cop : Msgr Perl pointing at the "vilains", bishops blocking the motu proprio.
    Bad cop : cardinal Hoyos lashing out, with violence, against the frustrated faithful and even people, like Abp Ranjith, who are supporting a trad. reform of the Ordinary Form.
    But there is a missing element : the Motu proprio is giving PCED the authority to act as a recourse for the faithful when bishops are denying them the Mass.
    So in this colloquium, it would have been wise for PCED representatives to explain what they did, during one long year, to make disobedient bishops transformed into "servants of unity" (Benedict XVI request to the French bps, Lourdes message, Sept 15, 2008).

    Unfortunately, so far, neither the cardinal-president nor the vice-president have provided us with a single action in this matter. Except rumors about an "imminent" Instruction, prepared by PCED, but that is still "on the pope's desk" ... since January.
    Significantly, the Pope dedicated one (desastrous) response in the flight to Paris (Sept. 12), and a whole (excellent) paragraph in his Message to French bishops (Sept. 15) to Summorum Pontificum but he never mentioned or even alluded to any Instruction ...

    From 1988 to 2007, under the Ecclesia Dei regime, the PCED always stated it had no power upon the bishops and could only advised them. The legislation has changed but it seems PCED practice has not. At least for now. It would be very useful for cardinal Hoyos, rather than thrashing the victims of disobedient bishops and priests, to use his authority to find a remedy to the scandal of this episcopal rebellious attitude. As the cardinal concluded it's a question of "power", not for the TLMers, but certainly for those bishops who are considering themselves HIGHER than the Holy Father.


  17. Anonymous5:29 PM

    "No good deed goes unpunished."

    The comment by "anonymous" that: "Of course our vengeful traditionalists are already lifting their sticks to beat Benedict XVI" illustrates the truth of this saying. Rather than thanking the Holy Father or praying for his well-being, all they do is heap abuse on him.

    I expect disrespect for the Holy Father from "dissenting Catholics." But you guys should know better. Maybe it's the internet. Before everyone could go on-line and share their every thought, no matter how banal, we were spared the ill remarks of our fellows. But people unsympathetic to your cause, some of them loudmouths who have big blogs, will be ready to highlight this and soon.


  18. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Lets be thankful that our pope loves God, his son Jesus Christ, the Virgin Mary, the Church, vocations, the liturgy, the truth...

    It is interesting how a man considered doctrinally rigid draws enthusiastic crowds as his charismatic predecessor.

    So what then is the secret of this surprising pope, strong and weak, charitable and resolute, clear and mysterious all at the same time? The interior life of Pope Benedict XVI shows through on his face, by his smile, by his gestures. Pope Benedict XVI is pious. He exudes piety, he promotes it, brings it to life. And yet this is not fabricated for the needs of a cause: either one has it or one does not. We have a pious pope, and what an extraordinary grace!

  19. Laura et al,

    Over at th Pro Pap League/Flagship and Armada we ARE conducting spiritual warfare. I for one, of Papa in France, agree totally that we must be patient and grateful for the SP. We should all write individually to the Holy Father and Cardinals Castrillon and Perl, expressing that gratidude and promising them the support of our prayers. I wrote to the Holy Father in these terms in May and received an appreciative response, the promise of HIS prayers for me and his blessing, within three weeks.


  20. Benedict XVI is a wimp.
    He didn't really want to issue the "Summorum Pontificum".. he figured he had to do some half/hearted measure to appease traditionalists.

    This is highly disrespectful - is this how you speak of the successor of St. Peter?

  21. Anonymous 22:10, that was a lovely comment. I mean that compliment sincerely. Very well said. It reminds me of the recent post of a certain Bessarion, who has written well of Papa Benedetto's dignity. I recommend Bessarion's post and blog to all and sundry:

    As Laura has pointed out, those who attack the Pope's dignity on blogs and discussion forums have already received their reward.

  22. Anonymous10:38 AM

    There is another reason for so widespread a lack of implementation of SP. Many clergy in Italy find it difficult enought to keep the faith alive with a liturgy in the vernacular, and fear that no one would come if it were in Latin. This is not because they hate the old mass, so much as it is that they do not have the resources to implement such a profound and widespread recatechisis of the faithful that would enable a liturgical life basedon the ancient Roman Rite. Vocations have disappeared and each priest must say more and more masses and spend more and more time traveling to neighboring parishes to fill the gap.

    The clergy are getting exasperated on this account,and therefore dont see SP as helping in any manner, rather the contrary.

    I submit this is the situation of most good willed clergy and represents that of the vast majority of all clergy in Europe. It is not a conspiracy nor its it disobedience, that they do not implement SP.

  23. Anonymous3:31 AM

    As an outsider (non-Christian) I have to suggest that from my understanding, it has been very personally courageous of the Pope to allow this measure.
    After all, he was personally involved in alot of the VaticanII changes & theology (IIRC) - alot of his own identity is tied up with these changes (as are other Bps who were involved) and he has gone back and examined the situation critically and made changes in hindsight.
    Alot of the most critical voices from the episcopate seem to be those who were personally involved or their proteges whose religious identity is understood in light of those changes.
    Thoughts would be appreciated.


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