Rorate Caeli

The core of our faith

Excerpt of a very interesting interview granted by Monsignor Georg Ratzinger to Andrea Tornielli, published today in Il Giornale:

What has the liturgy meant for the Ratzinger brothers?

"The liturgy, the Mass, represents the core of our faith and of our action, it is the personal meeting with God. It naturally is at first place. We cannot imagine a day without the Mass, without the liturgy, it would be poor, lacking what is essential..."

Why has Benedict XVI wished to liberalize the ancient, pre-Conciliar, liturgy with the motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum"?

"At the time of the liturgical reform, the change happened quickly, and it was not easy for all to accept. From one day to the other, the ancient liturgy was replaced by the new one, of which we are now fond and with which we celebrate mass with an interior participation which is full of joy. There were some in the Church, however, that did not accept this 'leap' completely, because the loss of the ancient liturgy had deprived them of something and had disturbed their faith. In order not to leave these people alone, to reintegrate them fully in the ecclesial community, my brother decided to render the ancient pre-Conciliar liturgy free."

Transcript: Papa Ratzinger blog