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Good news: a faithful Diocese in Florida

Our warmest congratulations to the Bishop of Venice, Florida, and to the Traditional Catholic faithful of his diocese!

His Excellency Bishop Frank Dewane announced today that the Diocese of Venice in Florida has purchased a church for the exclusive use of the Extraordinary Form of the Mass. This will be the first church to be dedicated exclusively for the Latin Mass in Florida. The church is situated on close to three acres of property and is located at 1900 Meadowood Street, Sarasota. The property previously belonged to Holy Trinity Anglican Church. Significant renovation will be necessary before doors can be opened, including a new roof, renovating the sanctuary and making the nave of the church larger. However it is hoped that the new church will be opened in the near future. Juridically, the building will be erected as a chapel, and at a future date it will be raised to the status of a parish. There will be an open house this coming Saturday afternoon (September 27th, 2008). All are welcome, bring friends!
Any other reports from neighboring Dioceses?


Anonymous said...

Anyone have any information regarding the future status of the Traditional Latin Mass currently celebrated by a wonderful old Italian priest at St. Martha's Parish in Sarasota ? Will it continue? Will Father Fausto Stampiglia perhaps be the pastor of the new parish?

mail said...

Re St. Martha's Mass, Fr. Fausto has not said the Traditional for some time since Fr. James Fryar has been assigned there to say the Mass - he is from Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter. Fr. Fausto is a street-smart ex-New Yorker from Spanish Harlem and a wonderful and decent man...but he is in his late 70's I'm sure. I truly doubt they would want such an elderly pastor to be in charge of setting up a traditional parish.

What a coincidence about the Saturday Open House...I'm flying down to Sarasota on sat for a 4 day vacation...and will now visit the Open House. What a wonderful Bishop!

Bill Leininger

Lauren said...

Thanks for the post! Anyone have any news about TLM's celebrated in the Archdiocese of Miami?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this also mean that the bishop will perform the impressive consecration ceremony for this new parish church in the Traditional Rite?

Thomasso said...

A few years ago my family was staying on holiday in the area of St Teresa's parish in Spring Hill, Florida - in the diocese of St Petersburg.

There was an Old Rite Mass there every Sunday at 6.30 am. I wonder if that is still going. There was also a chapel for perpetual Adoration. I know there has been a change of priest there since we stayed. Just wonder how things are there now.

Doctor Sententiarum said...

Just last evening attended Mass in Fort Myers, which is more or less half way between Sarasota and Naples. The FSSP is currently celebrating at Resurrection of Our Lord church there on the first and third Sundays. (Word was that it will soon be every Sunday at 1230, (instead of at [the ungodly hour of] 1730.) My understanding is that a second FSSP priest is or is going to be assigned to serve the three locations, alongside Fr Fryar.

Anonymous said...

Father Kubala at St Thomas in the Apostle in S. Miami was studying the Old Rite, with the help of Father Fryar. However, months have passed with not even a Low Mass. Father Marino had been offering Low Mass in the Old Form sporadically. He has since been transferred to St. Michael the Archangel on Flagler St. There is St Robert Bellarmine which offers the Older Form (previously under indult) Anyone with more info please post as I would like to get a Latin Mass Society organized to help spread the use of the Older Rite.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Bishop Dewane!

Anonymous said...

Latin Mass location in Florida:

Our Lady of Victory Church
4590 SW 65th Avenue
Sunday 8:00am
St. Thomas More Church
550 Riverview Avenue
Sunday 9:00am
Our Lady Queen of Angels Chapel
376 Prospect Avenue
Sunday 5:00pm
Monday 8:00am
Queen of the Most Holy Rosary Chapel
4827 Coconut Road S.
Sunday 11:30am

EricG said...

The only regular Tridentine Mass offered in the Miami Archdiocese is as Saint Robert Bellarmine Church in Miami. It is at 8am, and is a Missa Cantata.

Anonymous said...

More good news coming as a result of the Motu Proprio. The traditional voice is growing in the church,! Lets hope to see many more such developments.


crusader88 said...

Right from the hands of schismatics to the exclusive use of the Mass of the Ages? That's the way to do it!

Lauren said...

Anon. 11:09,

The website of the archdiocese of Miami says there is a Tridentine Mass at St. Paul the Apostle- Lighthouse Point. Here's the details:

2700 NE 36th St.
Lighthouse Point, 33064
1 p.m. (1st & 3rd Sunday's of the month)

Thanks to you and ericg for the info. Here's my source:

M. Alexander said...

There are currently 17 Traditional Latin Mass locations in the state of Florida. To see them all you can go to:

On the right hand side use "Find a Latin Mass" and then select Advanced Search Options. You can plug in Florida and get the complete listing.

If there are any we are missing we would be happy if you could let us know.
Mary Alexander

EricG said...


Yes, there is a bi-monthly Latin Mass at Saint Paul the Apostle in Lighthouse Point, but is is a VERY POORLY celebrated Low Mass, and is often hybridised with NovusOrdo elements.

The Missa Cantata in Miami is the one that needs all the public support it can muster. It's not perfect, but it's decently beautiful, and they at least make a sincere effort to celebrate a reverent and correct liturgy.

There are a couple of other "Latin Masses" in the Miami-Dade/Broward area, but these are all run by schismatics who are not affiliated with the Catholic Church.

Anonymous said...

And may all the pre-vatican II ordinals stay in effect and implemented so doubt is completely, absolutely removed from the Roman Catholic faithful, and the fruits of the Holy Ghost flourish abundantly! Mater Immaculata, ora pro nobis!