Rorate Caeli

Pontifical Solemn Mass in the Philippines

A Solemn Pontifical Mass will be offered by His Excellency, Camilo D. Gregorio DD, Prelate of Batanes, on September 14, Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, in the Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy, Maamo cor. Madasalin Sts., Sikatuna Village Quezon City, in the Diocese of Cubao.
This Mass will be in commemoration of the first anniversary of Summorum Pontificum.

This Solemn Mass comes the day after the Traditional Confirmations and Pontifical Votive Low Mass in the same parish church.
This is the first Solemn Pontifical Mass to be offered in Metropolitan Manila since 1970. Bishop Gregorio himself had offered Pontifical Low Masses in 1995 and early in 2008.
Bishop Camilo Gregorio is one of the strongest supporters of the Traditional Latin Mass in the Philippine hierarchy. He attended the Sixth International Colloquium on the Liturgy of the Centre International d'Etudes Liturgiques (CIEL) in 2000 during which he gave a talk entitled "A Pastoral View of the Ecclesia Dei Communities." This talk can be found in the book Presence of Christ in the Eucharist: The Proceedings of the 2000 Sixth International Colloquium on the Liturgy.
This bishop has also suffered much for his orthodoxy, having been Bishop of the diocese of Bacolod -- one of the more prominent dioceses in the Philippines, and a hotbed of leftwing clerical agitation -- from 1987 to 2001. As bishop of Bacolod he established the indult and gave free rein to the Traditional Mass. Conflicts with that diocese's liberal clergy led to his resignation. Today he is the bishop of the Prelature of Batanes -- the second smallest and the most remote of the Philippines' dioceses.


DR. HERBERT R. said...

In some Dioceses of the Philippines, there is a problem on obedience. It seems that some clergy finds it very difficult to obey their Bishop. I dont know why. Could it be because they have a formation which is lacking in this aspect? In some seminaries it is sad that priests formators are no longer called formators but moderators. This trend is really disastrous becauxe it lessens the aspect of obedience and recognition for authority.

Anonymous said...

May our Lord bless this bishop for his fidelity to Rome!

Joe B said...

But I thought the crisis was over. I thought SSPX just needed to join the choir and work from within. How can this be happening? We have the Motu Proprio now.

Must just be a local thing, this well-entrenched disobedience at the national level which crushes tradition-minded prelates. Yeah, we're back to normal now.