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New reprints

The Rituale Romanum of 1952 (the edition in force in 1962), published earlier in September by the publishing house of the Holy See, the Libreria Editrice Vaticana, has recently been made available for purchase (more information here).

The Rituale is the second volume of the Monumenta Liturgica Piana, at the care of Italian liturgical scholars Manlio Sodi (who did not like Summorum Pontificum, but has profited from it...) and Alessandro Toniolo. The Missale was published in 2007, but the Breviarium and the Pontificale have not yet been published.

A high quality reprint of the Breviarium Romanum (1962), in two volumes, is being sold by the main seminary of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), Ecône (more information here).


Mark said...

For Breviary afficionados, there is also a reprint of the '95 printing the FSSP did available (subject to stock) at Preserving Christian Publications. However, I will note that the SSPX printing looks like its paper is of better quality.

Anonymous said...

paxbooks lists it at US$96 while the Holy See and Vatican Publishing House list it at 36 euro.

rev'd up said...

Wait til you read about Lourdes.

Anonymous said...

Does it have an Imprimatur? I doubt it.

John Mastai said...

I cannot read french but I am interested in ordering the breviary. Is there anyone who can give me the gist of what the link says about how to place an order?

Also, is this a reprint of the same FSSP breviary with the many "errata" in it?

Lastly, is Baronious Press ever going finish their Latin/English 62' Breviary? Is there any reader of Rorate who has an inside track?

Anonymous said...

Does it have an Imprimatur? I doubt it.

It's a reprint. It's got all the "Imprimaturs" and "Nihil Obstats" necessary to assuage your delicate conscience.

Pierre Bélanger

New Catholic said...

Dear Mr Mastai,

The main information in that page is that it is available in a two-volume edition, in Bible-paper (28g per sq.m). You may surely send them an e-mail message in English to for other details.

Sacristy_rat said...

Each year FOR YEARS Baronius is claiming 6 more months..... I bought the Anglican Breviary & Monastic Diurnal to tide me over!

Long-Skirts said...

reprint of the Breviarium


In the fifth,
Two thousand six,
Melts the wax
Of candle sticks.

May moon, full,
Begins to wane,
Shadows race
Across the plain

Reaching gulfs,
The ocean tides
Break on beach
Where pride presides.

Cassocked in,
The thickest fog,
Plodding cross
The marshy bog.

Maddening moons,
Through the fire ---
Near the depths
He wends on higher.

Many years,
Breviary tattered,
Deep in mists
His strength unshattered.

'Gainst black storms
Wet linen heavy,
Soul after soul...
Gives his life for each bevy.

And when he is called,
Because souls really mattered,
He will enter Reward...
With his breviary battered

Anonymous said...


Don't forget 'The Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary'. This beautiful Breviary of the laity is available at Baronius, FSSP and SSPX.

I use the Baronius edition which comes with old Latin and English plus Gregorian Chant. Some good history and explanations too.

The Little Office of the BVM is one of the few Church devotions that has not been 'reformed' as of yet...probably because it was largely forgotten since V2.

Thankfully God kept his Daughter's gem hidden away unmolested and now revealed again for us to use. It is a God send in this time of disorientation.

God bless,
Jerry, TOSF