Rorate Caeli

Christ, the one true certainty

"He who heareth my word, and believeth ...hath life everlasting." (John, 5, 24) This affirmation by Jesus, which we heard in the Gospel, makes us think of the hardest moments of the pontificate of Pius XII, when, perceiving the collapse of every human certainty, he strongly felt the need, even through a constant ascetic effort, to adhere to Christ, the only certainty that never passes.

The Word of God became thus a light in his path, a path on which Pope Pacelli consoled the downtrodden and the persecuted, on which he dad to wipe away the tears of pain and weep for the countless victims of the war. Only Christ is the true hope of man; only trusting in Him is the human heart able to open itself to the love which conquers hate.


humboldt said...

Thank you Holy Father Benedict XVI! Deo Gratia!

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Just after Benedict was elected I was in Rome and visiting the Vatican. It was not permitted to pray a the tomb of Pius XII which was not with the rest of the deceased popes. However, cheekily, I asked a guard if I could pray at the tomb, and he told me it was not possible. I pleaded and he ushered me to a different part of the crypt where Pius' tomb was being rennovated, he told me to pray but to hurry. I prayed for Pius' canonisation.

The picture shows Benedict at the tomb; is it now permitted to visit it?

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Some good news for the Latin Mass in Kildare…

We thought you might like to know.

God bless you!

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