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The “Dark Ecumenism”

Episcopal Bishop moves to undermine Catholic teaching in the dark of night

The Southern Voice has reported that Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, the first openly “gay” bishop in the Episcopal Church and world Anglican Communion admitted to leading a clandestine retreat a few years ago for “gay” Roman Catholic priests at their invitation. The retreat which was held at an undisclosed location was attended by about 75 Catholic clergy from around the U.S. who participated without notifying their bishops or provincial leaders according to Robinson. Apparently Robinson used the occasion to torpedo the Church hierarchy. He was quoted as saying, “I had said to them, ‘It’s too dangerous for you to come out as gay to your superiors, but I believe that if you work for the ordination of women in your church, you will go a long way toward opening the door for the acceptance of gay priests.”

As the world Anglican Communion continues to collapse under the weight of the folly of relativism, let us pray for those of our priests who may be in danger of being lured from the Truth of Christ’s One Holy Church.


Jordanes said...

Well, it's good you put "gay" in quotes, but I'd have substituted "openly homosexual" (sans quotation marks) for "gay" and put the word "Bishop" in quote marks. Whatever the Episcopalians say, Mr. Robinson is no bishop and can hardly even be called a Christian. Not content to defile his own house, he encourages the wolves and hirelings in their efforts to overthrow the faith of many.

Anonymous said...

I am glad he doesn't dress like he's a bishop.

John (Ad Orientem) said...

From my blog post of October 30th.

Not content with the destruction he has wrought within his own denomination and the wider Anglican Communion it would appear that VGR has now decided to branch out to the Roman Catholics. This is so outrageous and offensive I really don't even know where to begin. It is one thing for a high ranking member of the clergy to stand up in the clear light of day and express deep disagreements with the theology and discipline of another religious confession. It is an altogether different thing to attend secret meetings with clergy from that confession and encourage them to work to subvert their church's doctrine and discipline. This is just way over the top. At the very least, I hope that a strongly worded letter is sent by Rome to Ms. Schori (the Presiding Bishopess of The Episcopal Church) protesting this intrusion by one of their "bishops" into the affairs of another church.

Under the mercy,
(A sympathetic Orthodox Christian)

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be helpful to have published the full list of those priests who attended?
It is time to hold accountability and defend the dogma and doctrines of our faith?

A woman said...

It's bad enough to have openly homosexual priests among our clergy, I can't imagine having women's priests!

Anonymous said...

Our last bishop(now retired) was an advocate of women priests. He also permitted altar girls while it was still forbidden by Rome; and he was an opponent of the Tridentine Mass.

Yes, it would be good if names were published.


MaryH said...

A fool's folly, for sure. Thank God for the GenXCatholics! The young seminaries are a breath of fresh air - they are handsome and on fire for Chirst and his Church When I look at them, I forget all about these guys. My son, Br. Jordan, is one of them so I get to see them often. Please remember him in your prayers.

Here's to HOPE!

In Christ,
Mary Herboth

Broken Alabaster

Jay said...


Anonymous said...

Yes there names should be published.

Anonymous said...

Thinking ahead: ordination of married good faithful men...This is not the same as priests getting married.

ghp said...

[sarcasm] I thought the photo was of a Buddhist priest --- why then the lotus flower on his mitre?[/sarcasm]

Guy Power

Anonymous said...

The Anglican/Episcopal Church was an inspiration of evil from its foundation by Henry VIII and "Archbishop" Cranmer, therefore it should come as no surprise what this supremely evil man attempted to do with Roman Catholic priests.
The 75+ priests who attended this "retreat" are not innocent lambs. Just to attend such an event, knowing the agenda and the purpose precludes the possibility of any of these priests being naive or ignorant of the goings on.
All of these men should be defrocked (probably a few already have been), and removed from the priesthood.
Perhaps they could find a more welcome home in the corruption of the Epsicopal Church.
Born in sin, thus the Episcopal Church remains.

Anonymous said...

The names of the priests should be published, so they may be disiplined and removed from the priesthood.

Let's be cheerleaders for Benedict XVI to really clean house!!

Mornac said...

Jordanes: I considered all of the appropriate editorial devices given the situation but I had to draw the line somewhere or risk sounding as nutty as “Fr. Moderator”. When you think about it the terms “Episcopal” and “Church” may also be questionable in the case of Anglicans.

To others: I think the only reason that there is no published list of clergy who attended is that the entire thing was done anonymously.

Anonymous said...

So, the next time I hear people supporting women priests I will quote them about the gay agenda.

Marina Gray said...

What a lovely hat Gene's wearing! Such pretty colors!

He's even crazier than I thought when he advocates campaigning for the ordination of women as leverage for the acceptance of practicing homosexual priests. First, this is insulting to women who would not want to be promoted for this dubious role by men who are physically repelled by them and who find them disgusting.

Second, many homosexual Catholic priests are pathological misogynists and cannot bear women anyway. Which, of course, leaves lesbians, many of whom imagine that they have a vocation to the priesthood, and who would doubtless enjoy the company of these unhappy men.

Lastly, Gene fails to realize that in the Catholic Church publicly advocating the ordination of women implies greater risk from episcopal censure than leading a discrete homosexual private life. Those present at his retreat know this perfectly well and will, I imagine, disregard his absurd advice.

But what a pathetic bunch to want to attend such an event in the first place. All it will achieve is more publicity for lotus-hatted Gene and he loves that. I suspect that they will slink back to their lavender presbyteries more disappointed than when they left them. Of course, they could defect to the Episcopal Church where some would, literally, be welcomed with open arms, but not if they are old or ugly.

Anonymous said...

If Benedict XVI had real courage (which unfortunatly I don't think he has), he would repudiate and cancel out all ecumenical contacts of any kind with the Anglican Church, and all of it's branches.

J. Smith said...

I was understandably aghast to read the insidious connection drawn by the Anglican "bishop." If women are ordained as priests, toleration and celebration of gay priests will soon follow. Truly ingenious, in its own sinister way. Water down or cast aside altogether the ancient Tradition of Holy Mother Church and you will get to where you want to be.

In addition, I must admit to finding it highly amusing that the "bishop" teaches that women priests will pave the way for homosexual priests. I concur with GHP - Guy power!

Anonymous said...

Well who would have thunk it.

Daniel said...

"let us pray for those of our priests who may be in danger of being lured from the Truth of Christ’s One Holy Church"

I'm afraid it seems that they have been lured already... what a shame they are, what a disgrace for Holy Mother Church. They are as phony as clouns. They should close ranks with his friend so called "bishop" Gene, and his phony "church".

ghp said...

j.smith writes, "... I concur with GHP - Guy power!"

Errrr .... I wasn't making a political statement about "guy power" (as opposed to "girl power") .... Guy Power is my real name! :^D

--Guy H. Power

[Really! When I was in the army, I was "Captain Power" ... and my father was "Major Power". We never had a "General Power" in the family.]

Joe B said...

A few years ago, 40 American bishops attended a gathering with Archbishop Weakland of Milwaukee and signed a document to Rome stating that the Pope was merely first among many. The 40 rejected his authority in writing. Rome published the contents of the letter but wouldn't release the signatures or names. However, the New Oxford Review published the list of names from the cocktail party they had all signed into the night before.

Don't hold your breath on those names. If you want them, you'll have to get them yourselves through personal research.