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Fr. Frank Pavone, other pro-life leaders receive post-election death threats

From LifeSiteNews.Com

Fr. Frank Pavone of Priests for Life Receives Post-Election Death Threat

Commentary by Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director, Priests for Life

WASHINGTON, November 11, 2008 ( - I received the following message on my blog ( ) the day after the elections:


I am predicting that there will be more anti-abortion terror because of this election. I AM ALSO PREDICTING THAT THIS TIME IT WILL BE ANSWERED IN KIND BY PRO-CHOICE COUNTERTERRORISTS, who will mount similar terrorist attacks against well-known right-to-lifers. FATHER FRANK will be a natural target for pro-choice counterterrorists.

I therefore advise you, Fr Frank, if you read that there has been another abortion-clinic shooting or bombing, get out of town immediately. Take a vacation abroad. Go visit the Vatican. If there is another act of anti-abortion terror, your life will not be safe in the USA.

Good luck.

Some other pro-life leaders received a similar message, and it has been reported to law enforcement.

Pro-abortion extremists call the pro-life movement "violent." Yet it's the most peaceful movement of social reform in our nation's history. In fact, the most confrontational aspect of our movement, Operation Rescue, brought about over 70,000 arrests from 1987 to 1994, yet not a single one of them was for violent activity.

We also know that any time a movement is as big as ours, there will be a handful of people - disconnected from the movement - who embrace violence as a tactic. The same was true of the civil rights movement and the abolitionist movement.

But of no movement is it more true than the pro-abortion movement. It's just that the public doesn't know of their fanatical violence. It starts in the womb, of course - the very action they promote as a "right" is in fact violence. "Typically, the skull is brought out in fragments rather than as a unified piece," abortionist Martin Haskell testified in court in 1999 regarding the legal "D and E" abortion procedure.

And their violence extends beyond the womb. Just visit to see that our movement has been able to document 8519 acts of violence (and counting) by the other side. Pro-abortion fanatics have attacked pro-life demonstrators, have kidnapped women to force them to abort, have murdered born babies, and much more.

So for the visitor to my blog to send that message just reinforces the truth about the "abortion-rights" fanatics. Violence is their way of life.

But why blame Obama? Of course, he is the most pro-abortion person elected to the Presidency. Perhaps they're thinking back to President Clinton, whose attempts to stop peaceful intervention coincided with the killing of some abortionists. Or perhaps they're thinking of President Kennedy's assertion, "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

But we already have a peaceful revolution - and not only is it possible, it's growing! As long as I have anything to say about it, there won't be any "anti-abortion terror." Instead, there will be peaceful vigil, 24-hours a day, around abortion centers. That both stops abortions and stops the killing of abortionists.


Anonymous said...

What a moron.

He has no clue that if Father Pavone died for this cause, he would die the death of a martyr. And his eternal salvation would be secured.

Anonymous said...

welcome o.b. world

Jay said...

I hope it is just single, hateful individual who tries to scare Fr Pavone and others.

WillyJ said...

Disturbing, to say the least. Fr Pavone is right, and there will be a cloud of witnesses to watch over them.

Joe B said...

This is common, folks. Read any leftist blog and you will see that this is really mild language on the part of the political left. Try to find a politically conservative public figure who can't show you hundreds of graphic death threats in their email. The hatred on the left is growing and getting bolder, and although it's more than a political problem, that's where its power and expression lie. Worse, these powers of hell have just been put in charge of the country by popular vote, and the courts are about to become the defenders of haters and anarchists.

Oklahoma and Texas are looking better and better - I think we can hold them off there. Alaska has merit too, though - isolated, you know. Oh well, hope to see you in the trenches somewhere.