Rorate Caeli

Editorial note: Pro-death from day one

The reversal of the "Mexico City Policy" will be among the first measures of the future President of the United States. This was fully expected, of course, and it will mean that American taxpayers' money will be used to fund abortions worldwide, as well as to promote abortion throughout the world, particularly in Catholic nations in Latin America.

It is true that the power of the President of the United States is actually more limited than it seems. Yet, while judicial appointments are complex decisions and involve individuals who are ultimately beyond the control of any politician, the reversal of the Mexico City Policy is a clear example of an act of raw presidential power.

Public funding will be restored. Taxpayers' revenue will be spent. Babies will be killed around the world with the help of funding provided by all American taxpayers. Elections do have consequences.

"Quia adulteratæ sunt,
et sanguis in manibus earum,
et cum idolis suis fornicatæ sunt:
insuper et filios suos quos genuerunt mihi,
obtulerunt eis ad devorandum.
" (Ezechiel xxiii, 37)


Anonymous said...

It's obvious that the pro-abortion clan actually follows a darwinist-futurist type agenda where the ''poor people'' so dear to the Church are simply eliminated to save on government spending and social engineering.

Here is an average starting-point from the radical-abortionist crown. [].

They want to ''kill'' Filipinos in order to ''improve'' the ''economic situation''. As if the economy wasn't made for living people, and that living people barely counted next to corporatism and ultraliberalism !

Long-Skirts said...

"Elections do have consequences."


Fall fall
Fall the leaves
As the blood-red Autumn
Sighs and grieves

For in the gentle
Blood-fed womb
Leaves are crushed
An Autumn tomb

“And the Word made Flesh”
For “excommunication”
But flesh wouldn’t say…
So exoneration.

Nor did flesh demand
Or articulate
Only “morally-bankrupt”
Not “excommunicate!”

So fall fall
Fall the leaves
The blood-red Autumn
Sighs and grieves

In the land of the blind
One-eyed man’s king
But on his head
Autumn blood will cling!

Jay said...

This is not only problem of US taxpayers, this is global problem, abortions, IVF, embryonic stem cell and animal/human hybrids to provide stem cells and possibly transplantation organs if this technology will ever succeed - all is unethical and morally unacceptable. We cannot even imagine what 'progress' could be expected in 10 years and in what direction by atheist scientist with corrupted morals. No God, no sin, selfishness, and extreme pride, just little gods in scientific labs .

Anonymous said...

The United States has continued to lead the World in the Sins that Cry Out to Heaven for Vengeance Category. May Gods' Justice be selective and swift.

Anonymous said...

Glad that the Bishops will be sitting on their rear ends doing nothing in a few weeks! Perhaps we can look forward to more ambiguous verbiage that the "seamless garment" crowd will twist to prove that President Obama actually is indeed the second coming!

Jordanes said...

God have mercy on us, and especially on those Catholics who spread the disinformation about Obama being "pro-life." They have much to answer for.

Jay said...

According to polls, Catholics who voted pro Obama are mostly lapsed, not attending Mass or attending very seldom. They are very mislead by deceitful promises.

1RomanCatholic said...

Of course elections have consequences, that is why it is a very sad thing to know that Catholics who voted Democratic are the ones who got Obama into office!
Very very sad commentary on American Catholics (and bishops, if you ask me).

Prayers, adoration, rosaries, and Masses of reparation and pleading for the pro-life movement must continue and even stronger...and also be taken on by fellow Catholics everywhere, being one family in Christ. :(((

COSMOS said...


Do you really think America is leading "Russia and China in sins that cry out to heaven?"

We are certainly not leading Europe in the sodomy department. While our nation is not a welfare state, it does lead the world in charitable giving; widows and orphas are better off here then most places. We let in, and embrace, as many immigrants as anywhere else. And while we may not be as pro-"labor" as some other nations, we are certainly not leading the way in worker exploitation.

Our wars (whether just or unjust) are- for whatever reason- conducted with real attention to avoiding civilian casualities in line with ethcical principles. This is a fact.

Everything does not fit in a balck-or-white good-or-bad template.

America is a mixed bag, and remarkably restrained and decent for the world's leading power.

rev'd up said...

Sorry to say, the Papacy is largely responsible for this epidemic of death. If the Popes had been infallibly guiding their bark back in the 50's and 60's here in the USofA Catholics would have out populated all other religions and taken over the political landscape. But Paul vi chose instead to say one thing (Humanae Vitae) and do another (not punish dissenters). A huge mistake; the encyclical intentionally had no teeth. Now there is hell to pay.

Phillip said...

What is really scary to think about are the well educated, practicing, mass-attending Catholics who voted for him. At my school, most of the teachers blatantly showed their support for Obama. This included everyone on the theology staff, the religion teachers. The head of the department, a man who is soundly orthodox with various degrees, and a good friend, voted for Obama, despite my protests and arguments for the last months. Even my grandmothers, one born in the Philippines, the other in Mexico, voted for him. And these two women go to mass every day and pray for hours everyday. I just can't believe how so many fall for the lies.

irulats said...

phillip: "...At my school, most of the teachers blatantly showed their support for Obama. This included everyone on the theology staff, the religion teachers. The head of the department, a man who is soundly orthodox with various degrees, and a good friend, voted for Obama..."

You bring to mind the words of The Master, "Woe to you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites; because you are like to whited sepulchres, which outwardly appear to men beautiful, but within are full of dead men's bones, and of all filthiness. So you also outwardly indeed appear to men just; but inwardly you are full of hypocrisy and iniquity."

As for your grandmothers, take comfort at these words of His, "Woe to the world because of scandals. For it must needs be that scandals come: but nevertheless woe to that man by whom the scandal cometh."

Francesco said...

I weep for this country. If the Republicans hadn't been so corrupt, the pro-life movement could have thrived and finally ended Roe v. Wade. One more judge was all we needed, and we came so close.

Instead, we will now see the most pro-death agenda ever developed enacted. How can we pay our taxes when we know our money will help finance unspeakable atrocities?

Almighty God, have mercy upon us.

Catholics, we have much work to do.

Anonymous said...

My thought is more that the USA is not mentioned in any prophecies, so I take the Fatima message to heart that we will be one of the nations annihilated.

When the rest of the old Catholic world looks at the progessive US as the model, in some ways I do look at the USA as being the enabler in sins that cry to heaven. Do you ever hear of homosexual chinese or russians?

Jay said...

anonymus at 20:14 said:Do you ever hear of homosexual chinese or russians?
Daer anonymus, in what world do you live in? Sod's are everywhere, no matter Russia or China.