Rorate Caeli

Editorial note: Pro-death from day one

The reversal of the "Mexico City Policy" will be among the first measures of the future President of the United States. This was fully expected, of course, and it will mean that American taxpayers' money will be used to fund abortions worldwide, as well as to promote abortion throughout the world, particularly in Catholic nations in Latin America.

It is true that the power of the President of the United States is actually more limited than it seems. Yet, while judicial appointments are complex decisions and involve individuals who are ultimately beyond the control of any politician, the reversal of the Mexico City Policy is a clear example of an act of raw presidential power.

Public funding will be restored. Taxpayers' revenue will be spent. Babies will be killed around the world with the help of funding provided by all American taxpayers. Elections do have consequences.

"Quia adulteratæ sunt,
et sanguis in manibus earum,
et cum idolis suis fornicatæ sunt:
insuper et filios suos quos genuerunt mihi,
obtulerunt eis ad devorandum.
" (Ezechiel xxiii, 37)