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Creer en Mexico, the best Mexican blog on Traditional matters, reports on the Solemn Latin Mass celebrated yesterday in the majestic Cathedral of Mexico City (Altar of the Kings), by Father Jonathan Romanoski, FSSP.


  1. Anonymous2:11 PM

    Absolutely awesome! I wish I could have been there!

  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    I understand that the F.S.S.P. is now offering Traditional Latin Masses in Mexico City on the every-Sunday basis, served from Guadalajara, where it has an apostolate.

    There are other every-Sunday Masses now in the Archdiocese of Monterrey and the Diocese of Cuernavaca. And there was nothing at all in Mexico until about two years ago.


  3. Anonymous12:03 AM

    "And there was nothing at all in Mexico until about two years ago."

    There was nothing "approved", but the SSPX has had a presence there for some time.

    I had hoped that the IBP would also found an apostolate there under Fr. Navas.

    It is a marvel to see such advances in Mexico in LESS than two years.

    God bless Padre "Romo" and all the other priests who brought this historic event to fruition.

  4. Anonymous12:10 AM

    Peter, as of today the Mexico city Sunday masses are not a reality yet but I think there are good perspectives for next year.

    As far as Guadalajara the FSSP apostolate is strong and growing as time passes and more people from our city are aware of the existence of a regular TLM offered by good and holy priests in regular canonical situation and with the benevolent encouragement and help of his Excellency Cardinal Sandoval.

    Currently we have 2 daily masses and 4 on Sunday (2 missas cantatas). Please help us pray for the growth of tradition and the FSSP in Mexico and Latin America.

  5. Anonymous12:55 AM

    Awesome Cathedral.

    All very nice, but it's really only 1/100,000th of what is possible , because there is no need to seek or get the permission of any bishop anymore to celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass anywhere.

    Why priests or other people bother to petition permission from bishops is beyond me. It isn't necessary anymore. They can be bypassed according to the Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum".

    It's a waste of time and energy to ask bishops because more often than not, their answer will ne a resounding "NO".

    So go ahaead and celebrate the Tridentine Latin Mass anywhere and everywhere without bishops.
    If the Pope's behind you, whish he is....then the Bishops don't count.

  6. Anonymous12:58 AM

    If I was a priest, and I wanted to start celebrating the Tridentine Latin Mass in my parish, and I knew for certain that the Pope says "Yes", but the local bishop says "NO!!!", I would go ahead and celebrate it anyway whenever I wanted...because I would follow the Pope and the Motu Proprio, and not the bishop and his set of objections, etc.

  7. Anonymous3:52 AM

    And if the bishop called you into his office and told you to stop, would you refuse? Then you would be at war with your legitimate superior, a war that you would lose in the main. Now, why did you choose to become a diocesan priest? I just don't think most priests want to throw away their relationship with their bishop over the issue of the mass. The Vatican is going to have to provide more than a fig leaf for protection of those who are fed up with normal life in 99% of our dioceses. Sure, you can waive the paper in front of your bishop that says you have rights, but you better have a SSPX's number handy, because if you think you are going to win that one in the long run, better reread the life of Cardinal Mindszenty.

  8. I was there, was amazing.

  9. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Anyone know if there are likely to be any EF Masses in Mexico City during the period 12-19 January, when many vistors will be there for the 6th World Meeting of the Family. If so, any ideas of where and when?

  10. Anonymous4:32 AM

    "Anyone know if there are likely to be any EF Masses in Mexico City..."

    I was told that there will only be private Masses in the area, but not at the conference itself.

    Is there some reader here who plans on attending?

  11. Anonymous11:28 AM

    Anonymous (04.32) - I'll be at the Conference and would like to attend EF Masses if I'm able to - but I'd need to know where and when such private Masses will be celebrated.

  12. Anonymous3:49 PM


    Can you give me an e-mail address? I will contact you.

    Anon 04.32

  13. Anonymous4:40 PM

    Anon 04.32 (03/01/09 15.49)



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