Rorate Caeli


It really has never been the purpose of this blog to post all kinds of Catholic news - but only those items that are of interest to Catholics who are friendly to Tradition and that are underreported or misrepresented elsewhere.

And there is not much that can be done when the usual sources of news for Catholics friendly to Tradition are silent, or when news dispatches coming from the Vatican itself are nearly irrelevant. For instance, the fact that the Pope intends to celebrate the New Mass ad orientem once again is not newsworthy now as it was when he first did it (and when it might have seemed as a permanent or frequent new orientation).  Yesterday's Christmas address to the Curia, which was far from being an earth-shattering road map, is not nearly as newsworthy as his 2005 address seemed to be at the time. 

On the other hand, Pope Benedict's Apostolic Letter on Bl. Duns Scotus was given greater relevance here than mostly elsewhere because it seems to us to indicate the Pope's willingness to reinterpret Scotus, praising his work only insofar as it is compatible with the doctrine of the Church and under the authority the Successors of Peter. The battle for the reinterpretation of Scotus is a deep centuries-old philosophical struggle which had been already given profound consideration by the Pope in his Regensburg Address - and he is fighting on the side of Tradition, as is to be expected from Peter.

It does not seem to us that we have to justify why certain items are not posted - they are not posted when they do not seem important enough (which does not mean that every single news item eventually posted is relevant). As always, we welcome suggestions and links, and news items in all languages, and official documents - they will be posted if they are considered truly newsworthy (just send them to newcatholic AT gmail DOT com).