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Do you approve?

The French daily Le Figaro is running an online poll asking "Do you approve of Benedict XVI's decision to lift the excommunications of the fundamentalist (sic) bishops?" The question is accompanied by the following bias-provoking editorial remark:

"On Saturday the pope lifted the excommunication of four bishops who had been so burdened since 1988. Among them, Bishop Richard Williamson, who has been noted as a denier: He has questioned the existence of gas chambers in Nazi concentration camps."

If you approve of the Pope's action you may go here and vote “oui”.


Anonymous said...

We don't need a hierarchy or a Magisterium any more. We have morons from journalism school--that place where failed academics go--to tell us what to think.

Let's just ignore them. When you see dog leavings on the path, you walk around them.


Anonymous said...

What morons!

LeonG said...

Objectively speaking, this is not a fair question since it contains three distinct considerations linking the essential issue of lifting the excommunications by the pope and whether we approve or not; intermeshed with the overloaded bias of the French term "integristes" and confused with the entirely separate issue of Bishop Williamson's recent drivel about numbers involved in The Holocaust.

A typical journalistic survey confusing several matters at once to ensure they have obtained a majority against this by leading the question to its expected answer - "NO!"

An objective and unbiased question would be "Do you approve or not of the lifting of the excommunications of the 4 bishops of the SSPX, by the Pope?"

Ohlalalala! French masonic bigotry at its best. They hate ecclesiastical tradition in the lodges.

Anonymous said...

Rome has spoken! Now get lost.

Anonymous said...

"non" is winning, but it's close.

Anonymous said...

What of Archbishop Lefebvre? He is before (and, I confidently hope, a part of) a higher Court now but would it not have been more appropriate to remove this mark from his memory?

Brendan said...

I can't figure out how to vote.

Carlos said...

Although the French term "intégriste" has indeed a heavy negative load in leftist speech, it is a beautiful term in the etymological sense, and I am proud to be called "intégriste". It means someone who believes in the *integral* Faith, in the whole Faith, as opposed to someone who picks and chooses (the meaning of "heretic"). I would not translate it as "fundamentalist", who would be someone who neglects everything but an essential core.
And I also could not find a way to vote. :(

Anonymous said...

intégrist was used originally when referring to fundamentalist(islamist)muslims before it was hurled Latin-mass attending french catholics...funny that.