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Argentina expels Bishop Williamson

The most respected Argentinian daily, La Nación, reports:
The Interior Minister [of the Argentine Republic], Florencio Randazzo, announced that the National Migrations Agency "warned Richard Nelson Williamson to abandon the country within a peremptory ten-day period, under pain of having his expulsion decreed".
The order and the respective threat of expulsion are based on a technicality: the Agency affirms that Williamson has "misinformed" the true reason for his presence in Argentina, since he declares to be "an administrative employee" of the Civil Association "La Tradición", when "in fact his true activity was that of priest and director of the Lefebvrist Seminary that the Fraternity of Saint Pius X has in the city of Moreno".

There is only one safe nation for Bishop Williamson now: the United States of America.


  1. Under the European Extradition Convention, the authorities in Germany can request the British Home Office to extradite Bishop Williamson and the British are legally obliged to do so. This has been done fairly recently with holocaust-denier Gerald Toben.

  2. Anonymous10:54 PM

    Stupid; it makes a martyr of him.

  3. Anonymous11:00 PM

    I note that the decree will allow W. to remain in the country until 1st March. Bishop Fellay has given him until 28th February, the very day before this, to recant. Coincidence? The timing is uncanny. Clearly, pressure is being brought to bear. He will have just enough time to finish his 'historical studies', pack his bags, and cross into Uruguay by boat, from which I guess he'll fly to the U.S.A. But will President Barry Soetero (B.S. for short), let him have a visa? From pillar to post he will run--just like St. Paul?


  4. Anonymous11:02 PM

    There is only one safe nation for Bishop Williamson now: the United States of America.

    Probably true. Even though it create even more of a firestorm, it would be interesting if +Williamson was given a position in the Vatican.

  5. Anonymous11:07 PM

    Perhaps George Weigel can stop bashing the pope's diplomacy with the SSPX to condemn Argentina for this outrage.

  6. Anonymous11:09 PM

    On Brian Day's comments:

    Hmm. Imagine Williamson and Cardinal Law running into each other in the Vatican, both there under papal protection. Interesting juxtaposition. However, I suggest that, while a Pope will protect a prelate who has covered up for deviant priest-predators, he won't protect a Holocaust denier. Am I right?


  7. He'd be welcome in my home anytime because he is a catholic bishop and is being persecuted for his personal views. I don't share his views on many things but he doesn't deserve the treatment he is getting.

    Catholics need to realize that it is those who don't want unity in the church that are behind such treatment. You see, a unified church under the mantle of Peter would be a definite threat to their secular empires.

  8. Anonymous11:18 PM

    There is only one safe nation for Bishop Williamson now: the United States of America.

    Not true. He could go to Iran :).

    And who knows he'll become a true martyr and convert that country (and the rest of Midlle East for that matter).

  9. Anonymous11:40 PM

    John L, Bishop Williamson already is a martyr, and this is even more proof to add to the copious evidence we had before !

    I hope that His Lordship is sent to the seminary in Winona. He should be safe there, for a while.

    Pax Christi,


  10. Anonymous11:41 PM

    How does the SSPX run their chapels and seminaries?

    MAYBE the La Reja seminary is INDEED run under a "Civil Association [named] "La Tradición"... and since Bishop Williamson is teaching/administering it he INDEED IS "an administrative employee" of said association!

    So we'll see what his lawyers will say.

    I never liked much bishop Williamson but NOW I am more and more sympathetic to him and wish him well!!!

  11. Anonymous11:44 PM


    The days when somebody had to go to the USSR, or Asian and African countries to be martyred are over. Soon enough, people can be martyred without leaving home, whether it be Europe or the Americas.

    Pax Christi,


  12. Anonymous11:51 PM

    The same Argentina that purportedly harbored over 200 known Nazi war criminals for decades.

  13. C'mona my house...m - i - a house!

  14. Anonymous12:17 AM

    Mr. Perkins,

    I don't know if your question (Am I right?) was directed at me or to the readership of this blog.

    As for me, I do think that HH would take +Williamson under his protection if he was left out in the cold as it were. Doing so would present a couple of opportunities.
    1) Give +Williamson access to the Vatican archives in which to research the holocaust. The Vatican could claim that it was part of the "rehabilitation" process.
    2) Represent (or at least be a participant) the SSPX at the doctrinal talks.

    At this point, it is an interesting hypothetical. Thoughts from anyone else?

  15. I have to say that the Bishop has noone to blame but himself for this. He was quite prepared to shoot his mouth off on matters not central to his ministry, even if ambushed.

    He has shown an extraordinary lack of prudence and now he, and everyone else - all the way from the humble layfolk attached to the extraordinary form (without ever an attachment to the SSPX) to the Holy Father, will suffer the consequences of his stupidity.

  16. Anonymous12:25 AM

    To bring some common sense : if Bp Williamson is a "martyr" (what a shame for those who use this word like a joke, can you think a second of the TRUE martyrs ?), it is of his own stupidity. Sorry to be blunt.

    The best location would be a far-fetched monastery where he can read and above all, do some penance.
    To have him back in the USA would certainly be a disater for everybody and could set the USA in fire after Europe.
    Not forgetting the risk of splitting the US district of the SSPX.
    I can only hope Bp Williamson will soon realize the cul-de-sac he put himself alone and do what his superior is asking him to do, his superior and the pope and the whole Church, and nearly the whole world.


  17. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Are you comparing Williamson to St Paul? Seriously?

  18. Brian Day,
    it would be interesting if +Williamson was given a position in the Vatican.

    What's the weather like on your planet? I hope it's better than it is here.

    Under the mercy,

  19. Anonymous12:48 AM

    The really wicked part of me thinks:

    'Williamson for Bishop of the Falklands!'

  20. Anonymous12:53 AM

    We'll gladly take him!!!

  21. You got that right, Long-Skirts, come to my house too...ever are you welcome, Bishop Williamson...this gets crazier by the minute and this world is mad.

  22. Anonymous1:13 AM

    Seems to me it would be quite the corporal work of mercy to offer Bp. Williamson refuge within the U.S. publicity be darned.

    I, too, have differences with some of Williamson's posititions, but I'd rather have him living in my guest house than any number of modernist NO Bishops.

    My our good Lord bless Bp. Williamson and may he find some measure of peace in this life.


  23. This persecution of + Williamson is indeed wicked.

  24. Anonymous1:24 AM

    "As traditional Catholics, we have no reason to downplay Hitler's crimes or in any way to describe the Nazi regime as any less horrible than it was," Fr. Gaudron said

    ...the Shoah is something very satanic. You do not just say stupid stuff, about the Shoah, to play it down when you are a bishop...

    Of course there were others like Stalin, Pol Pot... But do not touch the Shoah... Jesus - 2nd person of the Trinity - and Mary were jews...

    If Bishop Williamson does not renounce what he said on the Shoah, I will never go to a SSPX Mass in my life...

    If he gets away without renouncing what he said on the Shoah... Sure, the whole of Society Pius X will be in it too because they could tolerate such a position...

  25. Anonymous1:31 AM

    This is not good no matter what eventually happens

  26. Msgr. Williamson has gone to the Philippines several times, and since the controversy over his remarks is completely unknown here, I think that the SSPX seminary in the central Philippines could be a safe haven for him.

  27. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Bishop Williamson is an SSPX warrior chosen by the Holy Archbishop, so he can handle anything. But I'm sure Bishop Fellay will arrange him a secluded haven somewhere, like in a monastery in New Mexico, which would kill two birds - refuge and silence - with one stone.

    But more importantly, observe the cunning of Satan in his effort to delay the untying of the VCII knot of glossolalia. He knows weaknesses, that one. The Holy Father and the Vatican seem so sensitive to this type of criticism that it is possible they will delay everything until this issue quiets down. I hope not, because by then we may have to deal with yet another papa.

    But I suspect that between the FSSP's novenas and those tons of Rosaries that I just know you SSPX faithful are bombarding Heaven with, this issue will either quiet down soon or the talks will progress anyway. Oh, for just a fraction of those "invalid" precious gems for my own soul.

  28. Anonymous2:29 AM

    We should all support Bishop Williamson against the corrupt Vatican II Zionist Church.

  29. Anonymous2:36 AM

    He's not a martyr. His view on the Holocaust is a transparent falsehood designed to whitewash a vicious pagan regime. His sympathy with that regime shows that he is disloyal to the faith. Just because his disloyalty is of a kind that is unusual these days (although common in Hitler's Germany), and is opposed by people who accept the more common forms of disloyalty, does not excuse it.

  30. Obama's America a safe place?

    I don't think so...

    Back in 2004 Germar Rudolf -a german doctor who was accused of negationism- was deported in handcuffs by the INS.

    I think the best place to go for him is Peru.

    The weather is nice and he could begin a truly catholic crusade in order to restore Catholic Liturgy and Traditions in my poor and God-forsaken land.

    Maybe he could go to the Vatican also...

    (Just a note: I have to communicate with Mr. P.K.T.P regarding traditional Masses in Latin America. Please, Mr. P.K.T.P write to my address

  31. Anonymous4:04 AM

    Aren't Catholics supposed to bear witness unto the truth???

  32. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Outrageous. Let's recognize that the real motivation has to do with Williamson's holocaust gaffe. I can't think of a situation more unjust thatn being expelled from a country because one is unpopular or adheres to strange historical theories.

  33. Anonymous4:49 AM

    Incredible! Or is it?

    Our planet has become a small boat. All those suggesting a "safe" place are deluded. And the person who points to Iran is filled with revenge, blinded by his own bias.

    But here is a man, who dares to shout aloud that the emperor has no clothes.

    The truth no one wants to face is shocking but only to those who want to create and not seek neither accept nor recognize truth.

    Bishop Williamson's courage has begun ripping the mask off this ugly and self-deceived world. The ensuing consequences will be enourmous.

    Let's face it. The cowards are running for cover: No one in the public forum proved or faced the question Bishop Williamson dared to posit.
    No one has half of the courage of this bishop to address the truth, the evidence Bishop Williamson questions, not one single individual in the public forum addresses his challenge. Not one person.
    In the court of justice and truth only evidence is admitted. But our world, as Pope John Paul said in his Fides et Ratio:
    Truth no longer matters to the man of today. Now Bishop Williamson is bearing witness to truth, challenging the entire human family, and no one in puplic dares to face him, but resorts to hatred and violent, unreasoned asides.
    All damninig reactions are false, misleading, dead-end traps the public is lead into by mere, ad hominem anathemas. Kyrie eleison...
    Bishop Williamson is already a martyr, an outcast. He will inspire many, whose voice and courage are still to mature!
    "The truth shall make you free!"

  34. Anonymous5:27 AM

    Catholic Observer,

    Toben was not extradited, although he spent (I believe) a month or so in an English slammer. So with a little luck, it won't come to that.

    There's also the fear of making a martyr. David Irving was sprung early in Austria because of this fear.

    I don't know US immigration law; but I would guess that the US would be well within its rights not to let him in. If that's right, he could probably only get in if he were treated badly enough that he could make out a case for political asylum; and I doubt that his simply being stranded in the UK would be enough. Multiple extraditions to multiple countries following the Toben playbook might do it, but my guess is that it won't come to that.

    The Philippines or other Third World countries? That would depend in the first instance of their willingness to resist pressure from organized Jewry, because pressure there would surely be.

    In my own view, Bishop Williamson is a martyr to his view that traditionalists must know not only the faith, but also that to a considerable degree, our enemies rule by means of a tissue of lies. If that is right, then panicked capitulation on these matters, on grounds that they are not matters of faith, is at a minimum putting traditionalism at a tremendous disadvantage -- not to mention turning the notion of the social kingship of Christ into a once-a-year going through the motions, just like back in the Fifties.

  35. Msgr. Williamson made this mess for himself by using his unsolicited comments to attempt to throw a spanner into the works of the reconcilliation. He has no one to blame but himself. He was prideful to interfere, and I predict it will bring him nothing but grief. The society and the church will go on without him.

  36. Anonymous5:59 AM

    Hate to nitpick, but Bishop Williamson isn't a martyr yet. He's still alive. I hate to see that word used frivolously, considering all the men and women who have actually spilled their blood for the Faith.

  37. Anonymous6:56 AM

    I'd send him to the moon.

  38. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I'm no fan of Bishop Williamson but I think that this is a bit much. We're moving into the realm of 'killing a fly with a cannon ball instead of a flyswatter.'

    I suppose because the interview was given in Switzerland he cannot simply go to Econe, live at the seminary and keep his big mouth shut and face out of the spotlight.

    The Philippines might not be a bad idea.

  39. Anonymous9:34 AM

    Charity seems to stop {it seems to me} at the feet of Bishop Williamson for a surprising number of posters to this site. I do not agree with him about the holocaust but am much more interested in how he treats people including Jews. I do believe he would give his life to God if forced to kiss the Talmud or even the Koran. Our late pope commited a serious error in kissing the Koran. Well it seems to those who should have rebuked him that he was trying to do a good thing. Ergo he got a pass. This was a religios matter not a secular one. I think it important for the entire world to be reminded of this precisely at this time.

    A.M. LaPietra

  40. Anonymous11:21 AM

    John B.....

    Steady on old boy. If he can handle anything, he'll be picking up snakes next, for goodness sakes.
    He should sit tight and let the Argies deport him. Then wherever he ends up, it wont be his will.
    Also, it lets the Argies deal with where it is possible to send him. Failing that he should grasp the nettle and buy a one way ticket to Berlin. Then lets see Angela give him a fair trial....!!!!

  41. Why not try here in the Philippines? People here rarely see Jews, and most of them are only heard of from the Bible. Freedom of speech is likewise respected here, and the only thing that really matters here is not so much of a religious perception, rather the local political situation of the country. Only traditionalists and some other bishops know the deal with Bishop Williamson. Filipinos have a more bigger fish to fry than anti-semitism.

  42. Anonymous12:03 PM

    "I'd send him to the moon."

    Maybe he can convert Alice.

  43. Anonymous12:20 PM

    "I'd send him to the moon."

    Surely there must be somewhere further away that he can be sent.

    SSPX suporter

  44. I can predict, that the more hysterical politicians of Socialist Party and other Latin American anti-clerical parties of Argentina, and the more the CDU and Angela Merkels of this world keep demonizing Bishop Williamson, the more people will be becoming true 'Holocaust deniers'. I am not sure that was not bishop Williamson's intention, but I think nationalist group are growing due to this scandal. I do not see how 'Holocaust revisionism' and revisionist historians are somehow the greatest "enemies of humanity" like they are portrayed by the mass media, Israel, liberal Catholics and federal German state authorities. I think persecution of thought crimes by international groups and lobbies, remembers me of '1984' of George Orwell.

    The United States, Mexico, Russia, Estonia, Norway, Ireland and the United Kingdom (UK) do not (yet) punish Thought Crimes like the ones of Bp. Williamson.

    Alas, Mons. Williamson should not be a martyr for some case of what he considers a correction of exaggerated and invented history of World War II, but he should only want to be a martyr for Christ the King.

    As neither Holocaust revisionism nor Holocaust Denial are dogma of the Holy Roman Catholic Church, Mons. Williamson should abstain from comments.

    The word 'holocaustum' means 'burnt sacrifice', which is why no Catholic should use it. We should be using the proper word Shoah (Hebrew: Catastrophe) for the crimes against the Jewish people by National-Socialism.

  45. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I agree with many who have said that I've got some real issues with WIlliamson...but since when did Argentina get so sensitive about jewish sensibilities? Isn't Argentina where the vast majority of Nazis went after the war and, if they are alive, are still living?

  46. Argentina had 10,000s of German and other Axis Forces nations' evacuees, refugees incl. political fugitives (only some of whom indicted for war crimes) after 1945. Bishop Alois Hudal (Vatican official) worked with Croatian clergy, the CIA and Argentine state security in saving as many German officers and scientists for the Juan Péron government.

    Quite an irony, this procedure. It is clear that Socialists (Marxist followers) are now ruling more than back then.

  47. Anonymous1:34 PM

    If the Argentinians do expel Bishop Williamson him, how will he travel..?? by Plane..?? by Ship..?? How will these devices be Global Positioning Satellite per chance.
    How did we get those satellites up there in the first place. I don't suppose that the rockets of NASA built by Werner von Braun would have anything to do with it..?? The same Werner von Braun who used slave labour from the concentration camps...irony of ironies, and all is the Jewish scriptures nearly say.

  48. Anonymous1:39 PM

    "His view on the Holocaust is a transparent falsehood designed to whitewash a vicious pagan regime".

    John L, I for one have never made any investgation of the matter I just accept that 6 millon jews were killed because that what they tell me. If I did investigate the matter it is possible that my conclusions could be incorrect.

    Isn't is possible that he is just wrong? To question the figures or the method of murder doesn't change the gravity of the act. I don't think that it is reasonable to suggest that he is a Nazi sympathiser.

  49. Anonymous2:05 PM

    "There is only one safe nation for Bishop Williamson now: the United States of America."

    Or the Vatican.

  50. Anonymous2:19 PM

    A good show form the Argentina Foreign Ministry.

    I only wonder why the Israeli Secret Servive hasn't attempted to 'persuade' Williamson to return to Israel and suffer imprisonment !

    Williamson recently said that he was investigating the whole affair - and I only wonder why he didn't investigate it more so before he openned his mouth ?


  51. Anonymous2:28 PM

    In my own view, Bishop Williamson is a martyr to his view that traditionalists must know not only the faith, but also that to a considerable degree, our enemies rule by means of a tissue of lies.

    That's just silly. Defending a conspiracy theory is no basis for martyrdom.

    I think that Bishop Williamson should seek refuge in India, where the Society's vibrant apostolate would benefit from his care. It is a fitting solution, not least because it would pay tribute to the missionary zeal of the Society's founder.

  52. Anonymous2:43 PM

    His situation reminds me of the Kaiser's after WWI. Let's hope he can quietly join a monastery somewhere.

  53. Anonymous3:35 PM

    anon 8:58,

    Ignorance does not necessarily make a fool.

    For the person who objected to calling +Williamson a martyr because he is still alive: Have you ever heard of a dry martyr? Yes, Virgina, there is such a thing.

    The treatment the bishop is receiving is an indicator of how much the world hates faithful Catholics. If he had kept quite, I assure you, there would have been another excuse for
    persecution, if not of him, than of someone else.

    We are all in this together, and I don't have any bad feelings towards the bishop for "bringing it on". I recently read the life of Blessed Jose L. S. del Rio. What precipitated his martyrdom was that he killed three fighting cocks which were being housed in a church near where he was being held prisoner. This enraged the owner who from then on worked to have the child killed. Perhaps, if he had not done that, Jose might have been released. After all, he was only a child of 14. But then, we would not
    have a martyr for the church, just a nice boy who didn't want to be imprudent.

    It is a mark of fearful souls to be too concerned with "imprudence". Sure, prudence is a virtue, but in these times, prudence is often used as an excuse to avoid suffering.

  54. Anonymous4:02 PM

    What Bishop Williamson said doesn't deserve for him to be expelled from a country, or unwelcome in others.

    I am sure he could go to any country in the world to live.

    Saying that he wouldn't be safe anywhere but the USA is a gross exaggeration.