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Ecce nunc tempus acceptabile!
Ecce nunc dies salutis!

It is most fitting that the Station for the first Sunday in the most solemn season of the year is at the Mater et Caput omnium Ecclesiarum, the Cathedral of the Holy Roman Church, the Basilica of the Most Holy Savior in the Lateran, better known by the secondary patronage under Saints John the Baptist and John the Evangelist. In the primitive days of the Roman Church, before four ferias were added by Saint Gregory the Great (or some other Pontiff in the following decades) to complete 40 days of fasting, the Station at the Lateran, the old palatial basilica on the ancient estate of the Lateran family handed to Saint Sylvester, signaled the beginning of Lent (from the Secret of the Mass: "sacrificium quadragesimalis initii", of the beginning of the Lenten sacrifice).

It is always refreshing for Catholics to see the Traditional Mass celebrated once again in this Mother and Head of all Churches. In early Eastertide, the Traditional Mass will be celebrated at least twice in the Lateran: on April 16 (Thursday), 10 AM, by Father Stefano Maria Manelli, Superior of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, celebrating the 800th anniversary of the Rule of Saint Francis (the Rule of 1209); and, on the anniversary of the City of Rome, April 21 (Tuesday), 10 AM, by His Eminence Cardinal Cañizares Llovera, Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments.

Source: AGI News Agency.


  1. Anonymous8:31 PM

    Maybe we are being prepped for the UA's celebration by the Holy Father. Think about it. Important, Higher and Higher Clergy members are celebrating the ancient liturgy, more often and in Rome, now the Lateran Cathedral..Next Stop..The Vatican...It would be beautiful and real evidence of continuity that the Holy Pope says exists between now and the past...

  2. This can only be considered good news in light of all the commotion and furor we've seen recently. Let's hope it's a good omen for the Holy Father and the Church.

  3. Messa in Latino also reports that Archbishop Burke, Prefect of Apostolic Signatura, will celebrate a Pontifical Mass in the Traditional Roman Rite for the Ordination of five friars of the Franciscans of the Immaculate on March 25, in the old Convent Church of San Francesco, in Tarquinia (near Rome). [Thank you for the reminder, Herr Bürger!]

  4. Anonymous9:07 PM

    That's big that the prefect for the Cong. for Divine Worship is celebrating the EF. Hopefully it's a sign of more things to come!

  5. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Wow. I am a Tertiary Franciscan and this is music to my ears. Let the progressives take notice!

  6. Anonymous10:26 PM

    Fr. Z' site adds this to the mix:
    Mercoledì 25 MARZO 2009 alle ore 10.00
    Chiesa di S. Francesco in Tarquinia
    S. Messa Pontificale secondo la forma straordinaria
    celebrata da S.E. Mgr. William Burke
    in occasione dell’Ordinazione Sacerdotale di 5 Frati Francescani dell’Immacolata.

  7. Anonymous10:56 PM

    Wow! I am a good friend of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. This makes me so happy!

  8. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Also a Franciscan Tertiary and very happy to read of these developments in Italy and the Order's involvement with them.

    Ave Maria!

  9. Anonymous10:47 AM

    Great news about these Masses, particularly those of the new Prefect of the CDW and Archbishop Burke.

    The latter goes some way, I guess, to redressing the balance of the snub made to Archbishop Burke by the soon-to-be-retired cardinal at Westminster, who refused to let him celebrate at Westminster Cathedral.

    Pray that the Holy Father has the courage to appoint a good replacement for the cardinal - though the signs are not good.

  10. Anonymous4:42 AM

    Latest news from Der Spiegel:

    Fellay refuses to expel Williamson. I have commentary for this but we need a new subject posting.



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