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The Holy Father Benedict XVI and Chancellor Mrs. Angela Merkel, in a telephone conversation requested by the same Madam Chancellor, had the opportunity of exchanging their mutual points of view in an atmosphere of great respect.

In it, both made references once again to the declarations made, respectively, by the Holy Father in the General Audience of Wednesday, January 28, and by the Madam Chancellor last Thursday.

The spokesman of the Federal Government, Mr Wilhelm, and Father Lombardi, Director of the Press Office, remarked: "It was a cordial and constructive conversation, marked by the common and profound adherence to the always valid warning of the Shoah for mankind."


  1. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Isn't it a shame that such a world-wide catastrophe was made of the comments of a misinformed or willfully ingorant man.

    It showed the bigotry of the Jews (expressed by more than 10 rabbis or other officials of Jewish organizations) towards Catholics -and this is probably their honest and real feelings towards Catholics-- and a likeminded attitude of several governmental leaders like Merkel.

    Pope Benedict XVI had supreme dignity thru it all, and the composure to state quite definitively his positions regarding the Holocaust from his throne during his general audience.

    If anything, the requirements for the SSPX and Bishop Williamson regarding the Holocaust laid down so harshly by the Vatican Secretariat of State made the situation more confrontational rather than less so. It was like a shark (the Vatican Secretariat of State), smelling blood and going in for the kill (of the SSPX). Highhanded and disrespectful towards the SSPX to say the least.

    The Catholic bishops conferences and some individual bishops, who chose to side with the Jews with ringing declarations of outrage over the Holocaust and denouncing the SSPX rather than stand side by side with the Pope, should all be fired.

  2. Anonymous3:56 PM

    I dont see any link to my own blog which is entitled FR MILDEW and can be accessed directly from the other traditionaalist priests you list. I was one of the first in the field to get a celebret from the Rome Office and we have a regular Old Rite Mass at Ham. I am known to the priests at Wimbledon.

  3. Anonymous3:58 PM

    I certainly hope that she offered a sincere, profound, and humble apology to His Holiness and admitted her fault.

  4. The separation of Church and State is a sacrosant principle that Benedict XVI must uphold. We cannot go back to the times before Saint Pius X when secular powers interfered in the internal matters of the Church. The separation between Church and State was defended by the II Vatican Council. All cardinals, including Joseph Ratzinger, who toke part in the last conclave swore to defend the independence of the Catholic Church. The declaration by Angela Merkel, was an attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the Catholic Church. No secular politician has any right to tell the Pope what he must do as Supreme Chief of the Catholic Church.

  5. Now that we kissed and made up, can we please go back to ignoring German idiots, and focus on the smart one in Rome?

  6. Anonymous5:30 PM

    So what does this mean?

  7. Dear Father Clifton,

    We will certainly link to your blog. Please, e-mail me at newcatholic AT gmail DOT com


  8. Anonymous6:00 PM

    "The separation between Church and State was defended by the II Vatican Council. All cardinals, including Joseph Ratzinger, who toke part in the last conclave swore to defend the independence of the Catholic Church."

    of course. But it seems that on the other side the mainly dissident church in germany is across the board flagitiously aligned with the political establishment. Mrs Merkel just acted as the megaphone of this german anomaly.

  9. Anonymous7:40 PM

    The notion of separation of Church and State is a fraud and is contrary to previous pronouncements made by the Holy See.

    This notion was condemned by Pius XI in his Syllabus of December 8, 1864.

    Also Gregory XVI condemned the proposition: "For it is certain that concord is greatly feared by lovers of this most shameless liberty..." Mirari vos Aug 15, 1832.

    I will be the first to admit that the Church has benefited in some places by this novelty, but it doesn't change the fact that it is really quite contrary to the mind of the Church. Just another distortion by Vatican II.

  10. Anonymous7:46 PM

    You can't separate church and state any more than you can separate spirit and body. As any reasoning mind will quickly conclude, there are many overlapping issues, such as the spiritual benefits of chaplains in the (government) military. Better to deal with the legalities of the overlap than to try to defend something as dumb as pretending there isn't one. So, to the extent VCII defended it, well, there's another modernist error we're stuck with.

  11. Humboldt,

    I suggest you read St Pius X and Pope Pius the XI and what they taught-that all nations should submit themselves to Christ the King and that the idea of the separation of Church and State is a grave error that Catholics must oppose, not uphold! Toleration under actual circumstances of the day can only be conceded, not upheld as an ideal, which the Vatican today says is preferable. What the previous popes taught is binding under the ordinary Magesterium of the Church and cannot be changed by any future council or pope.


  12. Anonymous8:55 PM

    Mr. David Werling,

    As someone who lives in Germany and who has been follwing the antics of the anti-Catholic media, liberal hierarchs and socialist politicians, all I can say is...

    Yes! finally what I've been wanting to say for days. Thank you...oh yes, thank you...

  13. Dear Jusztinián,

    "Flagitiously". That's fantastic. Thank you for expanding my vocabulary.

    It might be a bit harsh. But then, the statements of the German bishops, for example as reported on Cathcon, seem to deserve a harsh description.

  14. Anonymous12:08 AM

    What I can't understand is why Mrs. Merkel is commenting on the remarks of an Englishman. It might be different were Bishop Williamson German. He is not, and she should shut her Jerry mouth. If any political leader is to raise this with the Pope, it should be the P.M. of the U.K., not the Chancellor of Germany. If Germans wish to engage in a national guiltathon (to parallel the Jewish whinethon), that's their business but they can shut their bloody mouths over the misconduct of *our* people. I lost four great uncles in the last War, all in the R.A.F. and R.C.A.F. I don't appreciate having some German politician comment on the words of a British subject. It is none of her bloody business.


  15. Anonymous12:40 AM

    Have any of you considered that the separation of Church and State is being pursued as a policy because almost every government in the world is opposed to Catholic teaching? None of them will submit to the Church. Please live in reality and not a Catholic Ivory Tower.

  16. "What I can't understand is why Mrs. Merkel is commenting on the remarks of an Englishman."

    Pure internal politics. Germany is in election year and Merkel is playing politics with the German pope. After all only a German would have tolerated to be manipulated this way, JPI would have never let himself be manipulated by German politicians.

    As for the separation of church and state, the popes have always defended the independence of the Holy See in naming bishops, and I think that Saint Pius X confronted the Frenchs in this matter.

  17. Anonymous1:31 AM

    Anonymous of 9/2/09 at 00.40am,

    joe is living in reality when he states that separation of Church and State is a grave error condmened by the infallible magisterium of the Church. Therefore, it can never be pursued or favoured by any Pope lest that Pope be guilty of grave error.

    Our Lord does not alter His teaching to suit the times. It may be rejected by the world today, but that does not make it right, nor does it entitle anyone, Popes included, to challenge what has been divinely revealed through the magisterium.

    The Church teaches that Our Lord Jesus Christ is the King of kings and the Lord of lords. The world today rejects this truth. Catholics do not.

  18. Interesting that while the church is not supposed to interfere in affairs of state this is not reciprocated by the latter towards the former. This is socialist democratism at its most lurid. The Church made an enormous blunder in opening itself to the world in the 1960s conciliar process. This is one of the rotten fruits. Very soon the EU will be voting on behalf of The Vatican as to what policies it is allowed to pursue. Our Bilderberg "friends" are coming very close to this now.

  19. Anonymous2:09 AM

    In response to Anonymous...

    Have any of you considered that the separation of Church and State is being pursued as a policy because almost every government in the world is opposed to Catholic teaching? None of them will submit to the Church. Please live in reality and not a Catholic Ivory Tower...

    NO MAN CAN SERVE TWO MASTERS! The policy is being pursued because the modern Church's philosophy is flawed. It has proven again and again that there is a rupture with the Magesterium prior to Vatican II. They desperately need the fig leaf of tradition to hide their shame!

    Now it's back to my Catholic Ivory Tower...

  20. Anonymous3:15 AM

    This is like frosting a cake--it's got to cool before anything good sticks. Merkel has a point- +W's comments were made in Germany as I recall. It IS against the law in Germany. Even if you are a Bishop.

    Church and State is a bit hard to separate-The door swings both directions here. If, as the Church, you wish to be able to comment on issues before government(s) you must be willing to listen when those same governments wish to comment on Church issues. that said, nither one is bound to do as the other may wish.

    I hope all paries are wise enough to allow the cake to cool a bit for the benefit of all.

  21. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Anonymous above me (get a nick, lazy).

    Two wrongs don't make a right. Just because a particular erroneous principle will benefited the Church that doesn't mean it's right for her to embrace it.

  22. Anonymous5:55 AM

    Why supreme outrage only over Jewish victims of WWII?

    What about even worse disasters, in which gentiles suffered (i.e., Ukrainian and Russian Christians - and often at the hands of Jews themselves)?

  23. Anonymous5:56 AM

    "The separation of Church and State is a sacrosant principle that Benedict XVI must uphold."

    IT is not. It's Satanic.

  24. Anonymous6:00 AM


    Does anyone know:

    Did the Merkel family have connexions with the Stasi??

  25. Anonymous5:05 PM

    There is an authentic separation of Church and State--the two orbits described by Leo XIII--one governs the spiritual and the other the temporal (the spiritual has an indirect authority over the temporal--but not civil jurisdiction). That is the separation being violated by Merkel.

    The Church and State should work together in truth and mutual concord, but the fact is that when the state refuses to and is hostile to the faith, the Church should not be "unequally yoked."

  26. Anonymous7:16 AM

    It is very sad to observe how merciless and iniquitous these days the witch hunt against +Richard Williamson is. yesterday the neocon abbot of Heiligenkreuz (near Vienna), Henckel von Donnersmarck, who intelectually never could keep abreast with Bishop Richard Williamson in direct confrontation called him in a leftist and anticatholic newspaper a "terrorist".

  27. Anonymous9:16 AM

    I have heard a rumour that the S.S.P.X will have to change its name and will be given a 'personal' apostolic administration, presumably a Campos writ large. The source of the rumour did not tell me if the structure would be universal; presumably, it would have to be international.

    Can anyone here comment on this?



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