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Reaching the logical end:
The Liberal Sedevacantist

Catholics with some knowledge of Traditionalist quirks have heard of "non una cum" priests, that is, priests who, for whatever reason (usually due to a Sedevacantist position), skip the mention of the reigning Pontiff in the beginning of the Canon ("...una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro N." - "...together with your servant, our Pope N.").

Well, a famous "Progressive" old priest in France, Fr. Gérard Bessière, is so shocked with the Papal removal of the excommunications of the Bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) that he has publicly confessed in the pages of weekly Témoignage Chrétien that he has "excommunicated the Pope". And he jokes about it.

I have excommunicated Benedict XVI

It is huge, it is true, disproportionate to my insignificant self! But it is good that I declare it, I cannot hide it from friends: I have excommunicated Benedict XVI. As soon as he lifted the excommunication of the Integrist bishops...!

You do not take me seriously? It is true, nonetheless. What happened? In the end of January, when Rome bolstered these four schismatic miters, without taking into consideration their rejection of the renewal of the last Council, of the recognition of religious liberty, of ecumenism, of opening up to the world, and so forth, I have ceased naming the bishop of Rome in the eucharistic prayer.


  1. Then it's a good thing barely anyone ever assists at his illicit, materially schismatic Masses. . . .

  2. Anonymous6:12 PM

    How sad.

  3. Anonymous6:24 PM

    This man is neither Catholic nor a priest.

    And, sadly, nothing will happen to him.

  4. Anonymous6:27 PM

    This information should be sent to the Holy Father as soon as possible.

    Better to inform His Holiness about this act of schism before the Curia gets caught with its tails out when they decide to make this priest a bishop.
    This makes what Bishop Williamson said seem like telling a naughty limerick.

    Does anyone have the Holy Fathers e-mail address?
    Thank you

  5. The inmates are in charge of the asylum. Seriously, though, we should pray for this priest and all those like him who continue to view the world with Progressive glasses.

  6. Anonymous6:29 PM

    However ridiculous this might be, you cannot compare this with sedevacantists who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the recent popes [i.e., the see is vacant].

    In the case before us, the priest is omitting the name of the Holy Father from the Eucharistic Prayer. This is certainly a grave liturgical abuse, but it is not quite the same thing as refusing to acknowledge the validity of any pope since the Second Vatican Council.

  7. Anonymous6:35 PM

    They are getting caught more and more in their ambiguous and equivocal language. I hope that the Pope sees his comment.

  8. Anonymous6:36 PM

    Pathetic old man. May God have mercy on his deeply troubled soul.

  9. True, they should not be compared. Sedevacantists, as insane as they appear, at least are honest, and act upon their convictions. They would never disrespect and insult so intensely a Pope they recognized as true.

    This is not a "liturgical abuse", but a grievous declaration, made even worse by the fact that it was made public, in order to cause scandal and dismay.

    "Progressive" priests have reached this level of abuse because their scandalous acts are dismissed lightly, as "academic theories", "aesthetic deficiencies", or "liturgical abuses", as they go about destroying the Catholic Church.

  10. Bishops in various hierarchies who would go down the same road.

    I believe that Catholics should be in the streets making Rosary prosessions and carrying signs supporting the Holy Father. We need to make sure that the local churches can see people materially supporting the Pope. God Save Benedict XVI.

  11. Anonymous7:04 PM

    I'll bet the old gentleman hides his own Easter eggs too.

  12. Pride- it's always been one of the worst sins, if not the worst of sins.

  13. Anonymous7:34 PM

    What nursing home is he celebrating Mass at?

  14. Anonymous8:16 PM

    More than half of the priests in the diocese of Chur (Coire) in Switzerland did the same when Bp Haas was their regular bishop.

    Then you heard the same talking about "ecclesiology of communion" !
    We will hardly figure out the extent of corruption these rotten apple clerics have spread all along.
    The lack of vigilance from bishops is also to be blamed when such scandalous people are kept in charge of faithful.

    It also shows that the crisis of the Church is there, much deeper than most neo-cons agree to tell, after the long pontificate of John Paul II whose "restauration" has been only a limited and frail success.


  15. Yes, as much emphasis as is put to the doctrinal (and political) unity of the Lefebvrists, should be given to the liberal dissidents who have much greater problems in professing and living out the true Catholic Faith. Why be harsh on one side and do nothing on the other?

    I pray to God that He would protect our Holy Father from all the attacks of the Devil. But please, let us also pray that the Bishops would fulfill their duty and not ignore what is happening on the "left" side. It is time that some justice should be seen in the Church.

  16. Anonymous8:50 PM

    Anonymous #3, who are you to judge this old fools priesthood. You may certainly disagree, certainly find fault in his position, certainly refrain from any Mass he celebrates but you may certainly NOT judge him and his licit and valid ordination. How typical and pathetic when you resort to such arguments, please elevate your discussion to something resembling a rational and intellectual one.

  17. Anonymous9:00 PM

    "Roma locuta, causa finita", a statement so ignored by the extremists on the far left and the far right. More than anything else in this whole flap over the Bishop Williamson affair and the Pius X Society is another wicked salvo from Satan himself, the master of division, who wants more than anything else to attack and counter Our Lord's final prayer for unity that He made so nobly and definitively to His Heavenly Father for unity in His Church, just before He ascended into heaven.
    Benedict XVI will survive the tidal wave of division and once more he is handling this whole fiasco most deftly, in spite of it all. He is a true apostle of unity and we can only pray that His Excellency Bishop Williamson and the rest of the Society will not be confounded by this recent covert attack to destroy this great day of joy for the Catholic faith with the full recognition by Benedict XVI of the Pius X Society and the four excommunicated bishops.
    One of the most dreadful of sins amongst the clergy is clerical envy and it is truly afoot in this flap over the Pius X Society and His Holiness' palm of peace. The sins of the elder son and not the prodigal in the famous parable told by Our Lord come to bear here with so many, many in the Church simply turning up their nose at the return of a healed brother. Here we ought to examine the odious remarks from the enormous wing of the liberal Catholic Church sycophants, self-absorbed politcos, and ignorant Catholics in the pews who become holier-than-thou seekers of virtue and perfection if ever they come upon traditional Catholics, clergy or laity, of any sort whom they can trash for some piccadillo. Inevitably, 'they strain the gnat only to swallow the camel' as Our Lord warned the pharisees who claimed to be defenders of virtue when in reality they are the reverse.
    Let us not forget that all liberals in the Church have had a virtual field day for the last forty years-- unchecked, unrestrained, and unchallenged-- creating such a divisive environment in the church after Vatican II that has driven millions and millions of Catholics out of the Chruch and to perdition. Why? Because they are so everlastingly divisive like their Master, Satan, who seeks above all to destroy souls, ravage the Church, its theology, its hierarchy, its litrugy, and now, even, its Supreme Pontiff and Vicar of Christ on earth, Pope Benedict XVI!!!
    Let us pray that Benedict XVI remains adamant in his battle for the total and complete restoration of Orthodoxy in all things in the Church along with the definitive anathematizing and excommunication of the real judas in this controversy, liberal catholicism!!!


    j hughes dunphy

  18. Anonymous9:31 PM

    Well there you have it. The clergy is populated by men like his priest. He should be booted out but well that sort of true reform is wll overdue.
    As for Bishop Williamson he has been known for years as being a boit "out there"...he is eccentric and unstable. There are many bishops like that! What of Weakland of Milwalkee.

  19. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Prideful, silly....and so sad. We must pray for such deluded souls. Thie is just a weak, Modernist echo of the first non serviam echoing since the Fall of Lucifer from the Realms of Glory.

  20. Anonymous10:26 PM

    I assume our intolerance is contagious...I think he would be better off outside the Church for purification.
    Let's pray for him. One of these days, with our prayers, he might also say: "My God and my Lord!"

  21. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Aren't these modernist types supposed to be tolerant?

  22. Anonymous12:23 AM

    So, if you announce that you "excommunicated" (as if he could do that) the Pope, and ceased naming him in your Masses, I gess that amounts to an act of formal schism.

    Which means, per Canon Law, that this priest is now excommunicated latae sententiae. Given his public stance, it is imperative that the penalty incurred be formally and publicly declared.

    What will his ordinary do about it? What will the Holy See do? The Pope must be informed of this. Indeed, isn't it everyone's duty to see to it that this scandalous schism be duly notified to the competent authorities?

  23. To: Dan Hunter

    The Holy Father's mailing address:

    His Holiness
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Apostolic Palace
    00120 VATICAN CITY

    There is also an email address, but I don’t know how well it is monitored.

  24. Anonymous5:30 AM

    What a pathetic old joker.

  25. The way many NO bishops and priests comport themselves today they behave as though there is no pope anyway. He is merely articulating a reality.

  26. Anonymous3:11 PM

    Someone please print out the official letter and mail it to the Holy Father.

    When you do so, please let us know in this combox that it has been done.

  27. Anonymous4:44 PM

    Right on, Leon G. - my exact thoughts when I read this yesterday.

  28. The campus priest at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in Troy, NY, used a Eucharistic Prayer of his own composition last time I was there which included "Benedict the Bishop of Rome, so-and-so our Bishop".

    That, among other things, convinced me of two things: 1) God had protected me during my time at that university (even with my being a non-practicing Catholic), and 2) there was no way I could receive Holy Communion there.

  29. Poor old deluded man! Neither Catholic nor priest - I pray God will forgive him for this!

  30. Anonymous3:20 PM

    To Leon G, who said: "The way many NO bishops and priests comport themselves today they behave as though there is no pope anyway. He is merely articulating a reality."

    I find it quite amusing that you link so-called Novus Ordo clergy to the 'lack of Pope' behaviour. Is not the whole Sede Vacantist position occupied by those who celebrate the EF? Isn't the whole SSPX situation caused by that society thinking they knew better than the Pope, and acting as if there was no Pope.

    Be careful with your words, and when you have an idea of what is going on in the Church, then feel free to contribute. Until then, keep it zipped, lest you cause more division within the body of Christ.


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