Rorate Caeli

Reaching the logical end:
The Liberal Sedevacantist

Catholics with some knowledge of Traditionalist quirks have heard of "non una cum" priests, that is, priests who, for whatever reason (usually due to a Sedevacantist position), skip the mention of the reigning Pontiff in the beginning of the Canon ("...una cum famulo tuo Papa nostro N." - "...together with your servant, our Pope N.").

Well, a famous "Progressive" old priest in France, Fr. Gérard Bessière, is so shocked with the Papal removal of the excommunications of the Bishops of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX) that he has publicly confessed in the pages of weekly Témoignage Chrétien that he has "excommunicated the Pope". And he jokes about it.

I have excommunicated Benedict XVI

It is huge, it is true, disproportionate to my insignificant self! But it is good that I declare it, I cannot hide it from friends: I have excommunicated Benedict XVI. As soon as he lifted the excommunication of the Integrist bishops...!

You do not take me seriously? It is true, nonetheless. What happened? In the end of January, when Rome bolstered these four schismatic miters, without taking into consideration their rejection of the renewal of the last Council, of the recognition of religious liberty, of ecumenism, of opening up to the world, and so forth, I have ceased naming the bishop of Rome in the eucharistic prayer.