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Report: The Pope remains decided to settle the matter soon

As Brian Mershon reported in The Remnant, other sources had confirmed that some act of stable reintegration of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX / SSPX), perhaps a temporary measure, could have taken place tomorrow, Candlemas. The media uproar of the past week, clearly directed not against the SSPX, but against the Pope himself, has delayed the matter for a while - but Giacomo Galeazzi, Vatican reporter for Italian daily La Stampa, says the Pope remains decided to settle the matter soon.


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But the Pope [says]: "Soon, full communion"

Discussions are on with the Lefebvrists [sic]: the Council is the true obstacle


"The date is near. " The X-hour for reintegrating the entire Lefebvrist galaxy inside the Church should have been tomorrow, Feast of the Purification of Mary.

The controversy on the relationship with Judaism has slowed down the race against time in the Sacred Palaces, but, despite "the internal resistance and the external attacks", the strategy, in the Vatican [Oltretevere: across the Tiber] is that of proceeding in firm steps towards full communion.

While criticisms for the removal of the excommunications from the four Lefebvrist bishops (among whom the negationist Richard Williamson) extend from the German Parliament to the Great Rabbinate of France, in the Vatican there is feverish work for the "full regularization of the Fraternity of Saint Pius X". Benedict XVI wants for as soon as possible the return to the Church of the 500 ultra-Traditionalist priests suspended "a divinis" and of their 60 thousand [sic] faithful scattered in the 159 priories and 725 religious centers throughout the world.

In the "anti-schism plan", the feast of the Purification of Mary (February 2) had been informally indicated as the "key date", but the reestablishment of full communion and the removal of the suspension "a divinis" could require a "supplementary clarification" between the Holy See and the stronghold of Ecône, particularly on the Declaration "Nostra Aetate", dedicated by the Council to the dialogue with the Jews, the Muslims, and other faiths. The "full recognition" of Vatican II remains the knot to be untied by Papal mediator [Cardinal] Darío Castrillón Hoyos.

A week ago, just as the decree in their favor had been published, the head of the Lefebvrists, [Bishop] Bernard Fellay, had confirmed the "reservations" on the Council.

The speeding up of the timetable of rehabilitation and the definition of the juridical status of the "Saint Pius X" in the Church (probably as a Personal Prelature in the model of Opus Dei) would help the Holy See to defuse the explosive mix of "residual disagreements" with the followers of Lefebvre and the Progressive feeling contrary to the reconciliation.
A few days from the "act of fatherly mercy", Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos has assured the Pontiff that he had obtained from the schismatic Bishops the effort to "accomplish the necessary steps towards full communion", recognizing not only the authority of the Pope, but also the Council.
The final step for entering in communion with the Church of Rome could be faster than what the worldwide sensation around the incident might imply. There is, in the Secretariat of State, an explicit intent to not leave the matter open for too long to avoid compromising the relations with Judaism, even more delicate in view of the journey of Benedict XVI to the Holy Land. ...

Galeazzi also mentions the eventual reconciliation with the Traditional Anglican Communion, but without adding any new information - and this matter remains unclear at this moment.
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