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Requiescant in pace

Three seminarians of the International Seminary of Saint Pius X, in Écône, Valais, Switzerland (the main Seminary of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X - FSSPX / SSPX), died in an avalanche this Wednesday in Nendaz, not far from the Seminary. Their names and additional information will be made public shortly.

Please, pray for them and for their families.


Anonymous said...

All the forces of the devil are at work against the Society. We must pray for them indeed.

In regard to Bishop Williamson, yet again, while I agree that he should not hold appointments in the Church owing to his imprudent behaviour, I also reiterate that he has every right to hold whatever views are honest to him on matters of historical record.

The news for today is that he has been charged in Argentina and, if arrested, could face up to three years in prison. This sort of thing has to stop. We needn't agree with any one of W.'s views on the Holocaust to assert and insist that he has a natural right to hold such views. This is an outrage.

I've heard that he is now pursued by the law in Germany and possibly in France, and that the entire Society has been barred from Sweden.

It's time stop and ask ourselves why we fought two World Wars. Did we not fight for freedom? These so-called hate laws in Germany, Argentina and Canada are Nazi laws. The people who passed them into law are the people who properly belong in prison cells.


Dan Hunter said...

Eternal Rest grant unto them O Lord and let Perpetual Light Shine upon them may their souls and all the souls of the faithful departed, through the the mercy of God rest in peace.

Antonio said...

May they rest in peace in the Presence of the Almighty.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the l'abbes: Requiem aeteram dona eis, Domine.

Regarding +W: This is becoming a case in which the Holy Father ought to intervene on behalf of +W. Perhaps give him sanctuary within the Vatican City State

prosper melchisedech said...


There is a reason that prudence is considered a virtue, and the current episode may serve to highlight it.

The laws on Holocaust denial are a result of episodes in European history that the vast majority of Europeans do not want to see repeated. Unlke the U.S.A., few European nations have embraced the Enlightenment doctrine of "freedom of speech", and so they generally have no problem with regulating speech for what they regard as the furtherance of the common good. To call such laws "Nazi laws" is simply silly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting the information- Maybe these seminarians died in some way a white martyrdom for the unity of the church and to overcome these various scandals. Prayers will be offered for them and the society
along with Pope Benedict and Card Castrillon.

AS to Bishop Williamson- I am also shocked and saddened by the news of him and the society being threatened and think that it is a great injustice showing a terrible oppressive violent mentality much worse than whatever faulty opinions that Bishop Williamson expressed. Perhaps the better word to use is that these countries have become more similar to totalitarian police states rather than facists, but there does seem to be a type of facism there when someone who is clearly non-violent holding to out-dated views on a historical event is threatened with prison and expulsion. And then to ban the whole society from a country on the basis of a particular bishop's wrong historical opinion is completely against basic human rights. It seems a backlash against the Society because Sweeden does not want to be influenced by traditional religious views which can further be threatening to their type of licentious immoral atheistic and totalitarian state.

The opposition for the battle for the truth of the gospel and a basic ethical international society where there is openness to truth is worse than imagined.

Anonymous said...

+UIOGD The devil is obviously angered. He is unleashing his wrath in many different instances toward the Society. God bless these families and we will pray for the souls of these three young men. Something must be right when the world and hell are in such a tizzy. His Excellency, Bishop Williamson remains in our prayers. Viva Cristo Rey! Margaret

Anonymous said...

No, Prosper, it's not silly. To pass laws regulating what one can say on matters of historical record is what is silly, asinine, and absurd, tyrannical--and dangerous. And don't try to take us to the opposite extreme and say that this is a matter of 'enlightenment' values. I'm not advocating an absolute freedom of expression; I'm advocating freedom of expression on matters of historical record. There is a world of difference between the two.

To tell people that they are forbidden to express the view that five or two or nine million died instead of six, or to tell people that they are forbidden to contend that they were killed by hanging or gunshots instead of gas--that is what is absurd. It's like saying that one is forbidden by law to question the occurrence of the French Revolution in 1789. To deny the French Revolution might be bizarre but to contend that such a denial should be illegal makes one a Nazi.

That's what these German politicians are at the core: they are Nazis. Mrs. Merkel, in particular, is psychologically a Nazi.

And by the way, don't you dare suggest that I'm an American. I'm a Canadian. So I'm not defending the laws or customs of American foreigners. I lose four great uncles in the last War, all in the R.A.F. and R.C.A.F. They sure as hell didn't die fighting for anything remotely American. They did fight for something called freedom. And when someone tells you that you cannot express your opinion on a matter of history, freedom is finished. When some group of rabbis gets to determine what is and isn't true, you have nothing left in your country worth defending.


umblepie said...

Eternal rest give unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them,may they rest in peace. Amen. Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, pray for them and for their families.

Anonymous said...

A woman's right to choose is sacrosanct. In fact, the legalisation of abortion is necessary to save women's lives. It's been proved. Therefore, even to advocate the outlawing of abortion is an act which threatens women. So we must pass laws to prevent people from expressing opposition to abortion.

Now, many here will say, But that's absurd. It has not and will not happen. Wrong. It is the very argument used all over Canada on university campuses. It is now only a matter of time before it will be adopted in Canadian law as well.

First, you can't say what you think about the numbers killed in the War. Then you can't say what you think about abortion. Do I see a pattern emerging here?

And, no, Prosper, this is not about rejecting or embracing the Enlightenment; nor is it something confined to Europe. Bishop Williamson faces charges in Argentina. Last time I checked, Argentina was in South America. It hasn't floated out to see and stuck on France.


Anonymous said...


Jordanes said...

I suggest that discussion of matters pertaining to Bishop Williamson be avoided in this commentbox. Let us pray for the seminarians, their families, and their friends.

Anonymous said...

On the last message:

Au contraire. I am not attacking Bishop Williamson but defending his right to his opinion. On the matter of imprudence, he has made his apology and we, as Catholics, are bound to accept it. That is why I try to avoid even mentioning that matter (well, as much as is practicable).

My point here is that one can disagree with Bishop Williamson's opinon in regard to the Holocaust and yet defend his right to his own honest opinion. I am assuming that he has been honest about his opinion, not dishonest.

So what's the connexion to the three seminarians who have died? Well, I don't see much as coincidence. What we are seeing here is a ferocious attack on the Society. I suspect that its origin lies outside this world.