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"I am for love"

Cardinal Barbarin

In yet another assault on the Pope before a French church, approximately sixty members of homosexual organizations rallied at the steps of the Fourviere Basilica in Lyon this morning to "denounce the irresponsibility of Pope Benedict XVI regarding AIDS."
While the faithful filed into the church for Sunday Mass offered by their archbishop, Philippe Cardinal Barbarin, protestors representing Lesbian and Gay Pride, the Gay and Lesbian Forum, and AIDS Rhône unfurled a banner reading “The condom is life - The Church prohibits it” while chanting, “No to the callote (zucchetto), long live the capote (condom)”.
Meanwhile, in front of the Basilica, about sixty Catholic parents and children, gathered in support of the Holy Father, wearing stickers that read “Hands off my Pope”.
"There is a painful lack of understanding" complained Cardinal Barbarin. "The issue of condoms is a taboo subject and we must create conditions for a dialogue in mutual respect.” He continued, "We must listen to all of the cries because they come from the heart, but that does not create the conditions for dialogue."
When asked whether he advocated "the capote" or "abstinence", the Cardinal replied: "I am for Love."
After the Mass, His Eminence invited a delegation of seven protestors to the archdiocese for a "respectful dialogue", "in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere" according to a source close to the archdiocese.
Details gleaned from La Croix


  1. As I have said before back in the 1970's I don't know how many couples refered to some of their children as "condom-babies" other words the condom BROKE and they had their "whoops" babies. How have they become so full-proof now so to save human beings from horrible diseases?


    Save the planet.
    Save the whale.
    Save the cans
    Don't inhale.

    Save the changes.
    Save your screen.
    Blend the genders
    Pukish green.

    Save the documents
    Save the file.
    Save yourself
    For fashion, style.

    Save the animals,
    Fur and skin
    But save your soul...
    Now that's a SIN!

  2. Anonymous4:26 AM

    He is "for love"?

    What the hell does that mean??

  3. Anonymous4:36 AM

    I think the Archbishop is wrong: not all cries dome from the heart, some come from lower regions...

    Since Our Lord set the Church against the Gates of Hell, She must of course oppose all such outcries...

  4. Anonymous5:06 AM

    Sex to them is more important than God and his law. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again.

  5. Anonymous11:02 AM

    Barbarin is a traitor to the Church and the Pope.

    No surprise.

  6. Anonymous11:03 AM

    Isn't he the typical JP II type bishop or Cardinal?

  7. a "respectful dialogue", "in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere"

    Perhaps the good cardinal could spend some time in a gulag and taste the hatred of pagans for the Catholic church. The Church is hated by the world. The Church wants to convert the world, the world wishes to wipe out the Church.
    The neo-Catholic want to make a synthesis with the world and come to a compromise through dialogue.
    This is impossible.
    This cardinal is a disgrace, he should instead uphold church teaching.

  8. Anonymous1:30 PM

    Were the Cardinal for Love, he would be for Truth, for they are embodied in the one and same God.

    The Cardinal is not for Truth
    The Cardinal is not for Love
    The Cardinal is not for God

    Pray for him.


  9. Read & view here good news to counter this assault on the Holy Father:

  10. "...dialogue..." and "..Love..." coming from the tradition-hating French bishop prefers the continued destruction of remnant-neo-catholicism in France. It has to be asked whether he is capable of answering a straight question? However, when one understands neo-modernism from the interior disposition of the liberal french episcopate one can answer for them. They want endless asphyxiating dialogue which will continue to muddy the waters of truth still further; stifle The Roman Catholic Faith and prevaricate.

    It has to be declared that these bishops are just not Roman Catholic but de facto schismatics who dislike the pope and who want to run their french church in their manner. This has been so since the post-FWW period. As numbers of neo-catholics dwindle to zero in France, Barbarin has no answer to that thorny little problem either.

  11. Anonymous3:28 PM


  12. Anonymous7:55 PM

    He is for love! Or, free love
    Love does not come "free from responsibilities", the bishop of Lyon should be the first to teach that "in a cordial and relaxed atmosphere" or not.
    How France can be relieved from this big wave of rationalism, materialism and any other "ism", if the bishops are "for love"?
    That is why we have so many parishes in France closing.

    We are all for love, dear bishop, but not the kind of love you say.


  13. Paul said see some good news at:
    However I was rejected with the words 'You are Forbidden'

    That is very 'cold.'

    Michael F Brennan
    St Petersburg FL

  14. Anonymous10:28 PM

    Benedict XVI doesn't have the will to do it, but Barbarin and his ilk like Schoenborn, Leandro (in Portugal), and all the liberals in any See should be sacked, as well as a full housecleaning of the Vatican Curia. Out with the by now extremely aged Paul VI gang, as well as that of JP II.

  15. Ma Tucker11:40 PM

    I know nothing about this man's form but I can't truly see much wrong with what he says here. He is not quoted as saying I am for love, but for Love. I can't imagine a better policy than gathering in the gltbayzabc and whatever else serial revolter for a dialogue that might result in a few conversions. These perversions feed off revolt. The medicine must go to the other extreme. Assuming of course he's a faithful Catholic and capable of delivering the medicine.

  16. Anonymous1:38 AM

    A little over two years ago, I remember praying the rosary in front of the cathedral of Lyon, where the Cardinal was celebrating Mass. He "escaped" our quiet group through a side door and then we heard later on he had been "shocked" to see that we were praying on our knees (go figure...). Ah but if we had been homosexuals, we would have had a chance to be heard...
    I see Cardinal Barbarin is heavily criticized on the combox. However I think he is making progress, I do want to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  17. Et tui amoris in eis ignem accende. Msgr. Barbarin is for love - what an impeccable response to so much hatred.

    The post omitted a third category of protesters, most of whom are anonymous...Saint Joan of Arc, pray for all these uninformed bloggers who dare to insult the Clergy.

    Long live Benedict XVI!
    Long live the Primate of the Gauls!


  18. Lindsay9:04 PM

    I'm with Caritas.

    Isn't "I'm for Love" actually the perfect answer? It says he's beyond reducing the debate to those two sides, abstinence vs. condoms. He's for authentic love.

    I don't know anything at all about his back story, but it seems people's prior opinions of him are tainting their interpretation of his response. If this came from someone like Archbishop Chaput--who I could totally see saying exactly the same thing in an extremely pastoral way--would we be so quick to judge?

  19. Son of Trypho10:23 PM

    There is actually a way for Benedict to handle a few of these difficult prelates without being too draconian - reassign them to other locations - eg. send them to Tehran, or Harare for instance. Would be interesting to see what would happen.


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