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“This Pope is becoming a real problem”

Former Prime Minister of France speaks his mind to France Culture about Benedict XVI

Former Prime Minister Alain Juppé (UMP), interviewed Wednesday by France Culture concerning the words of Benedict XVI denouncing condoms, said that "this pope is becoming a real problem" because he is living “in a situation of total autism."

The current mayor of Bordeaux who says he is Catholic "because I was born into it" and because "I am committed to Christian values" assured that, “This pope is becoming a real problem." He cited the reinstatement of Bishops "one of which is the apostle - dare I say – of negationism." Juppé also commented on the excommunication in Brazil and the question of condoms.

In Brazil, "that a nine year old girl who was raped, whose life is in danger, should be – if not herself, then at least her parents and the doctor who helped her abort – excommunicated; that is an extraordinary lack of Christian charity" continued the former head of government.

"To go say in Africa that condoms increase the danger of AIDS is, first of all an untruth and it is inacceptable for the African people and for everyone else," he continued. "There is a real problem, I feel a profound sense of uneasiness all around me" said Mr. Juppe, who has "the impression" that the pope "lives in a situation of total autism.”



  1. "that is an extraordinary lack of Christian charity"!?!?!?!?

    Why don't you just show some "Christian Charity" to the unborn?

  2. Anonymous4:06 PM

    Look: who cares about what Juppé has to say about the Pope?
    In December 2004 Juppé was convicted of mishandling public funds, which, in U.S. terms, amounts to a felony if I am not mistaken.

  3. I am delighted to see the Pope receiving the kind of media savagery that indicates that the job of Peter is indeed being done, and it is my fervent prayer that after the recent terrible and damaging interlude of appeasement of Christ's enemies both inside and outside the Church, the Pope will now stand absolutely firm and let the world come to understand that the Church is indeed a sign of contradiction.

    Bravo, Holy Father.

    Give 'em heaven.

  4. Anonymous4:10 PM


    This man is not Catholic.

    Who gives a rats fat arse what his nonsensical opinions are?

    Its like a garbage collector expressing his disaproval on a brain surgeons trepanning techniques.

    So what?

  5. Anonymous4:15 PM

    A real son of the French Revolution... big blow-hard!

  6. Sir,
    This pope is not a real problem, but the pope is always telling TRUTH, this is the problem for the fraud , convicted persons. Truth always bitterness.
    Alex Benziger.G

  7. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Juppé and company could start a comedy troupe. They are the apostoles of reversionism: true is false and false is true.

    Condoms are imperfect and leak. So, compared to abstinence, they do indeed increase the likelihood of AIDS. It is only a world of deterministic autoatons that people can't control themselves. People who have free will can.

    In the Brazilin case, anyone with a brain in his head can see that the principle of double effect did not apply. You can't justify murder on the grounds that it was necessary to prevent the unintended death of someone else.

    I'd like to say that this troupe is becoming a problem but the truth is that it has always been a problem and we can hope that it is now about to become irrelevant.


  8. This Pope is having to make very hard decisions. He must be receiving a ton of grace from up above. We really should be praying and making sacrifices for the HF. I wouldn't want his job.

  9. It matters, because this amounts to a threat.

  10. David Werling:

    It seems to me that this piffling little grifter is unlikely to be the channel chosen to deliver the kind of threat which, undoubtedly, was in fact delivered to the Holy Father via l'affaire Williamson.

    The NWO will tolerate the Pope opposing condoms.

    The NWO may not tolerate the Pope reiterating Catholic dogma that the Jews must convert in order to receive salvation.

    The battle that counts is on the latter, not the former, point of dogma.

  11. Anonymous5:02 PM

    With this type of thinking it will not be too long before France is majority Muslim. These French liberals are contracepting themselves out of existence. They are the voice of death and sterility.

  12. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Ever since the Williamson fiasco, the enemies of the Church have smelled blood in the water.

    This type of open criticism - and dissent - will, I fear mark the remaining years (which, hopefully, will be many) of Benedict XVI's pontificate. The objective is to trivialize him and cripple his ability to lead the Church.

    Now more than ever, he needs our prayers.


  13. Anonymous5:10 PM

    Leave it to the French to make such an outright threat, though I am sure many others throughout the world who are not pleased with the Holy Father think in his line. France will see it's own blood shed for it's apostasy in the Faith and it's outright attacks against the seat of Peter even from their Bishops. We must Pray for the Holy Father, for his safety and perseverance. Viva Cristo Rey, Margaret

  14. Anonymous5:12 PM

    What a shame to be from France and to read these words... At least Juppe is the former PM. Let's see if the present PM - a Catholic who goes to Mass, I believe he goes to Mass- will dare to speak out... let see...
    Mon Jesus, misericorde!

  15. Anonymous5:18 PM

    He's right about one thing, but not in the way he intended. The Holy Father IS a problem, for liberals like him. Their days are numbered, and that's a problem for them indeed.

  16. Anonymous5:28 PM

    the liberals are fetishists,and that is why they are so fanatically interested in condoms.

  17. Anonymous5:29 PM

    The former Prime Minister, Mr. Juppé, thinks he is “..committed to Christian Values.” My, my, my, how deluded he is. Murder of the unborn in the womb is not a Christian Value. Expressing his opinions that the Pope, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church, the Vicar of Christ, is “..becoming a real problem” and living “in a situation of total autism” are not comments worthy of a Christian Catholic, albeit one who “was born into it.” To be sure, Mr. Juppé will be shown the error of his assessments when he stands in the presence of Jesus at his general judgment. God willing, he’ll see the light before then. In any case, may God have mercy on his soul.

    J. C. Tzos

  18. Anonymous5:59 PM

    Please correct me if I'm wrong. This Pope is becoming a real problem" because he teaching "Truth". He has not watered down our Faith, he is standing strong and preaching what the Catholic Faith believes in and what has been handed down to us from Christ. I hate to put blame on John Paul II, I was always taught "De Mortuis, nil nisi Bonum!" But John Paul II was too busy being that global pontif and not taking care of the problems with what was going on in the Church world wide. All of the abuses from 1978 piled up and now Pope Benedict XVI has to clean up alot of the mess that John Paul II made.
    Let us pray asking our Blessed Mother to guide, protect and give him strength to figth this battle between Good and evil. The greatest weapon we can use is the rosary...especially the Traditional Mysteries: Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious.

  19. Not only is he arrogant, but also uninformed and stupid.

    I never heard of this guy before, but if he was the PM of France, that explains a great deal about why France is the basket-case it is today.

  20. Anonymous6:08 PM

    This just in: French politician says something stupid, ungrateful and pugnacious.

    Film at 11.

  21. I love how leftists, the compassionate ones, have no problem in making fun of the handicapped-- the autism reference is typical.

    And we know what the left wants to do with people with disabilities, eh?

  22. La belle France has given birth to many fine intellectuals and defenders of the Faith. Unfortunately, Juppé is not one of them. It seems in recent years that France has more than its share of dimwits.

  23. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Condoms always have and continue to fuel AIDS. Everyone who has bothered to look at the evidence can plainly see this. I for one fail to believe that this FACT is unknown to the great masters of this world. When study after study illustrates this and still this policy is pursued then there is only one logical conclusion that one can draw. Somewhere, at the highest level it has been agreed that Africa must die. The Pope would not be the Pope if he did'nt have a problem with that.

    Indeed when Brian Gardiner a UK polititian makes a statement in the house of commons that population control has already been embraced by 3rd world countries, what else can one conclude.

  24. Anonymous6:21 PM

    It's amazing that the more the Pope speaks clearly about the teachings of the Church, the louder Satan and his agents growl.

  25. Anonymous6:57 PM


  26. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Condoms are imperfect and leak. So, compared to abstinence, they do indeed increase the likelihood of AIDS. It is only a world of deterministic autoatons that people can't control themselves. People who have free will can.
    Well said, Anonymous. I've always detected a certain racism among those who want to flood Africa with condoms. Apparently, "those people" lack the faculties to control themselves the way you and I can, so there's no sense in trying to teach them?

  27. Anonymous7:44 PM

    We must remember a liberial is a liberial frist. weither christian or jew.

  28. Daniel Cohn-Bendit (President of the European Greens) also said that the Pope was guilty of 'amost premeditated murder'. Talk about a drama queen!

  29. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Ma Tucker is right.

    It was learned in Africa several years ago that condoms with AIDS only give about 50-60% protection. In other words, it does help give a false sense of security and spreads AIDS more widely.

  30. Anonymous8:36 PM

    Vai se tratar educadamente com um sujeito desse? Mandá-lo a merda é a minha obrigação.

  31. Anonymous8:50 PM

    This is the heritage of Lustiger:
    In 1988, Jean-Marie Lustiger, archbishop of Paris, indicated that a man or a woman carrying the Aids virus ahd the absolute duty " if abstinence was above their strength" should "use the means proposed to them to prevent them from passing on death to others."
    ( everybody in France knew he meant condoms!)

    In 1996, the bishop conference added "may competent doctors affirm that a condom of good quality is currently the only method of prevention. In that respect it is necessary." AIDS: Society in Question," a 235-page report.
    ""The use of condoms is understandable in the case where sexual activity is already part of the person's behavior and there is a need to avoid a grave risk," the report said. "
    This is the state of my country!

  32. Anonymous9:23 PM

    Years ago thiskind of delusion (thinking himself a Catholic) would have led him to a mental ward ,today the insane are running cities. GOD HELP US!!!!!

  33. Anonymous9:43 PM

    Someone in Africa backing the Pope's comments?

  34. Long live catholic tradition and Long live Pope Benedict XVI.

  35. Anonymous12:30 AM

    Lets see...

    Since being elected this Pope has :-

    1. Manadged to inflame Muslim passions in a arcane speech that did'nt even inspire a single Christian..

    2. Pardoned an unreformed neo-nazi holocaust denier (still a crime in Germany punishable by 5 years in jail).

    3. When confronted by the PR consequences of this act he danced on the head of a pin - justifying this bizare act as the Bishop had 'returned to the fold' or some other such rubbish. Why exactly he didnt immediately excommunicate the Bishop again is unclear, but apparently obedience to rome is more important that 6,000,000 dead jews, oh well..

    Note: What exactly DID the Pope do during the war, its still not clear...but its becoming increasingly obvious where his true loyalties lie..

    4. Excommunicated a Brazlian doctor and her mother for the abortion of an 9 year old rape victem - a pregnancy that would have likely proved fatal. If this was ever a chance to 'turn the other cheek' to abortion - this was it, but not excommunication for saving a child..
    go figure...

    5. Manadged to single handedly condemn millions of Africians to death from AIDS. Not even a statement that about the sanctity of marriage and chastity being the ideal, etc - but no..its 'Comdoms kill!'
    Not even Bush managed to screw up sexual health so badly..

    I don't understand how condeminng millions of 3rd world christians to death furthers God's will, but hay - you've got the inside track...

    PS I'd take the rap for Jupe's embezzlement against the above sheet, ANY day of the week..!

  36. Anonymous1:20 AM

    Bottom line.......Benedict is not the problem at all....It is his disobedient and unfaithful Bishops who help foster the unrest in the media by constantly opposing him. I wish he truly had the power to clean house. Support and image comes from within and the rot in the Church is not sitting in the papal apartments but in the local hierarchies all over the world.

  37. Anonymous1:33 AM

    anon 00:30,

    Are you even Catholic? Such crass ignorance!

    Man... how dumb.

    You said: "Why exactly he didnt immediately excommunicate the Bishop..[for a historical view].."

    Duhh, because he had no grounds for excommunicating the bishop.


    "Excommunicated a Brazlian doctor and her mother for the abortion of.."

    Get real!

    And Our Holy Father " single handedly condemn [ed] millions of Africians (sic)to death from AIDS.."

    I have a question for you. How did our Pope infect these people with AIDS so that they will be condemned to die?

    Man....your post is so ridiculous, it's almost funny.

  38. Anonymous2:21 AM


    I'm loathe to engage your post but I feel inclined in charity to respond;

    1. The Pope's lecture at Regensburg was a theological opinion and discussion by one of the world's leading theologians. The fact that a 14th C quote from a Byzantine Emperor concerning Islam discussed within the context of the talk inflamed Islamic sensibilities is in itself an indication of the intolerance exhibited by those who protested, at the minimum at the intellectual level. There is nothing wrong with engaging in legitimate discourse which is confronting if it is grounded in legitimate discourse.

    2. The lifting of the excommunication against Williamson was related to an ecclesiastical matter and had nothing to do with his personal (incorrect) views. He is also not a neo-Nazi, but I'd be curious to see your proof of his membership in such an organisation. He is a Holocaust negationist which is contemptible.

    3. The Pope cannot excommunicate someone for their non-theological views or on this topic. He has however advised that Williamson will not be able to function his office in the Church without recanting his views which is perfectly reasonable.

    As a Jew myself, I find it offensive that you yourself draw upon the victims in a crass attempt to make an unfair attack on the Pope on this. There is no doubt that he handled this issue poorly, and he has admitted this.

    As to your inference concerning his involvement in WW2 and his personal view - the inference is odious and unjust considering that Benedict has unequivocally come out and stated his condemnation of the Nazis etc. Have you any proof to suggest that he has views other than or that he committed crimes in the war?

    4. The excommunication issue is complicated due to the circumstances. The Church holds a position concerning abortion and those involved in it. As I understand it, these people performed an abortion and were automatically excommunicated. I refrain from further comment because I do not know if there was risk involved because I was not the treating physician, something I rather doubt that you were also.
    Incidentally, in the end they will stand before the Divinity and answer for their actions. When we pass on we will know their fate and each others.

    5. You have misrepresented what the Pope has said about condoms/AIDS in Africa and indeed have indulged in the (probably racist) idea that Africans can take no responsibility for their own sexual activity which has spread HIV/AIDS in that continent.

  39. Anonymous2:22 AM

    Anon #3 is what is commonly referred to on other Internet forums as a 'troll,' i.e. someone only peripherally concerned with the topic at hand making inflammatory remarks hoping to anger other posters.

    Nice go back to your hole.

  40. Anonymous3:19 AM

    Somewhere there is a bridge missing its troll!

  41. Son of Trypho wrote, "As a Jew myself. . . ." I was under the impression that you were a Catholic, but it seems I was wrong. Catholicism and Judaism are not reconcilable (ask St. Paul and the many other pre-VII Jewish converts to the True Faith). The two identities are not like two countries that (foolishly) permit dual citizenship and the holding of two passports at once.

  42. Anonymous4:08 AM


    You have misinterpreted Paul. He called himself a Jew, and was always a Jew, even as a Christian. His problem of which he spoke in Scripture was with Gentiles who had already accepted faith in Christ who then attempted to put themselves under Jewish law, as well. His rebuke of them was that they seemed to think the Gospel was not enough, which it is. But one can certainly be a Jew by lineage, remain a Jew and still be a Jewish Catholic. They are not irreconcilable at all.

  43. Apart from the very important disapproval by The Church of these methods, condoms do not help in the campaign against AIDS. They encourage promiscuity since people rely on them without understanding their limitations; they can break and they leak. The more we pander to sexual immorality the greater the global amount of irresponsible behaviour there is. Juppe and his ilk are the problem because they are in the business of buying and selling votes in the popular democracy gambit.

  44. You can count on this kind of "considered" diagnosis from people who think their vision of reality is the only legitimate one, to increase in frequency.

    God forbid that anyone suggest that the best cure for AIDS in Africa is self-control. Strange that the Holy Father seems to be the only one among the European leaders that credits them with the ability to manufacture any. Nothing's changed...Juppe's just as overtly RACIST as the rest of them.

    God save Pope Benedict XVI; Our Lady of Victories, intercede for him.

  45. Anonymous6:09 AM

    Michael Hallman

    Thanks for clearing that up. :)

  46. Anonymous6:36 AM

    Son of Trypho:

    No problem. If someone ever wants to call you out for recognizing that you are a Jew who is also a Catholic, just send them to Acts 21:39 and Acts 22:3, and you can show them that you are repeating word for word what St. Paul said: "I am a Jew."

  47. Anonymous7:26 AM

    I read the story of a nun who was raped and bore the baby. SURPRISED. I was born to a single mother want o kill me too!
    Caring MORON

  48. Anonymous8:00 AM

    I am currently living in France. I can tell you that it is difficult to tell who the committed Catholics here are and who are not. Many Catholics here believe that abortion is wrong but every woman should have the right to choose.This is the result of poor teaching and not really knowing their faith and also the influence of secularism here in France. The French church here has been silenced in a sense and efforts are made to thwart the church There are many good priest here but I have yet to hear a sermon on abortion. There are many fearful people here who are afraid to speak the truth.
    The comments by Mr. Huppe indicates a who has become a "patisserie Catholic" who feels tht he can pick and choose what he can and cannot believe. You either believe the truths of the Catholic faith or you do not.Mr. Juppe is not a theologian and to critcise a pope in the manner in which he did signifies his ignorance and arrogance that often characterises politicians here.Mr. Juppe obviuosly should read his bible more especially the phrase which say "one should take the log out of his own eye before he takes the speck out of the pope's.
    The attitude of the French goes back to the French revolution where over four hundred nuns and priests were guillotined.The marginalization of the church began then and continues today. The influence of Free Masonry is prevalent today and was then.
    30% of French population are Moslem and increasing. The most radical will be a problem in the future and there will be chatisements.
    One must also remember that France is a place of many Marian apparitions and it is a Marian country. Mary has not forgotten her children and she constantly points to her son and stresses the importance of prayer and fasting for the country of France. We must remember as Christians that "we do not fight against flesh and blodd but against powers and principalities and forces of darkness. The attacks against the church are getting more fierce because the truth is being told. Darness hates the truth and the attacks will continue and become even greater. The Catholic Church has always stood for truth and "The truth shall set you free" becaue we have true truth and that is Jesus Christ is is the author of all truth. "He is the way the truth and the life." If you doubt this truely surrender your life to him and ask him this day to show you his truth and he will.
    Finally pray pray pray. Padre Pio said the "rosary is the weapon" and our Blessed Mother awaits for us to come to her so that she can make intercession for us.Prepare your hearts because we will be experiencing more persecution and so will the church for our beliefs.
    But remeber this that in the end "THE LAMB WINS!It is always been said that the blood of the martyrs brings conversion.So be encourage my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ the enemy will try to distroy the Church but remember what Jesus said to Peter "Upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it" WE WIN!