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Traditional Ordinations in the Latium countryside

J.P.Sonnen, of Orbis Catholicus, was in Tarquinia as five members of the Franciscans of the Immaculate were ordained to the priesthood by Archbishop Burke in a Traditional ceremony in the beautiful ancient church of Saint Francis (sets of pictures: 1 - 2 -3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9).


  1. I vote for Archbishop Burke to be the new Archbishop of Saint Louis.

    And, then, in good time, Pope.

  2. Anonymous11:50 PM

    We need him in Spokane.

    We also need one of these young FFI priests. However, the powers that be would probably run him out of town.

  3. Anonymous2:15 AM

    "Frs. Costa da Silva, Fernandes Gomes, Sulit, De Iuliis and Polis."

    It would be interesting to know their country of origin; mostly Latins, it seems.

    God bless them!

  4. Anonymous3:13 AM

    I am very impressed. Years ago, the TLM was not at all tolerated by many religious orders, the FFI included.

    Their loyalty to the pope is showing.

    By the way, some of the ordinands are from the Philippines.

  5. Anonymous4:07 AM

    Burke for Pope !!! A man we wiill need for a long time.

  6. MA. : Fr. Silva and Fr. Gomes are brazilian.

  7. Seems to me that Archbishop Burke deserves a "red hat" wouldn't you say? Maybe he'll get one in the next consistory.

  8. Anonymous7:21 PM

    A.Burke will get the red hat next time they have the ceremony. It comes with the job. He would make a great Pope.

  9. I think that the FFI probably had not wanted men joining who were particularly interested in the TLM because of the "politics" concerning the issue overall and also because there can be difficulties of ordaining a man who wants to say the TLM on a regular basis if in the community for which he wants to be ordained will be one in which being able to say the TLM is unlikely. Keep in mind the founder of this community had as spiritual director for a number of years Padre Pio, who was not exactly enthusiastic about liturgical change. This community also has always been reverent in its use of the New Liturgy. So I doubt they were ever (as a whole) hostile to the TLM, but I can imagine that pre-Summorum Pontificum they were not particularly interested in having strongly traditionalist members.

  10. I vote for Archbishop Burke to be the new Archbishop of Saint Louis.

    You mean you want the new Archbishop to be the old one.

  11. James

    The founder of the FFI always had an affinity for the traditional mass and would regularly deplore some of the liturgical changes of the new mass such as communion in the hand. While he never openly criticised the new liturgy (and why should he have to), his actions now speak loud in what he wants the FFI to adopt.

    Certainly the FFI over here in the UK have been supportive of the traditional mass and can be seen at large scale masses up and down the country. Now with the liberation of the traditional liturgy, they can breathe more freely and return to the liturgical tradition that all Franciscan saints knew and loved.

  12. Anonymous11:20 AM

    "Burke for Pope !!!"

    Uh... I believe we already have a man sitting in the Chair of St. Peter.

  13. In light of the following I take back my compliments regarding Archbishop Burke:
    Archbishop Burke regrets Randall Terry’s ‘misuse’ of interview

    “… I was never informed that the videotape would be used as part of a campaign of severe criticism of certain fellow bishops regarding the application of Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law.”

    “If I had known what the true purpose of the interview was, I would never have agreed to participate in it.”

    “I am deeply sorry for the confusion and hurt which the wrong use of the videotape has caused to anyone, particularly, to my brother bishops,” the statement concludes.

    I'm sorry, Your Excellency, but most of us who call ourselves Traditional Catholics believe in the dictum: "Let your Yes mean Yes and your No mean NO" and this applies in whatever position you find yourself in.

  14. Personally I used to think Archbishop Burke would make a great new bishop for the Diocese of Oakland, but luckily we got someone just as good.

    Maybe timman's right, maybe we'll just have to suffice with him being the next Pope.

  15. Jordanes, yes, indeedy. We in St. Louis are quite content for him to time-share between here and Rome. Will someone please suggest this to the Pope?

    And, Paul Haley, don't be so quick to retract that praise. His Grace did not retract any of the content of his interview.

  16. Anonymous3:55 PM

    Great News that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have gone totally Gregorian Rite. I believe the Franciscans are the only religious order that doesnt have an age limit for vocations. So you old timers that want TRADITION and missed out on a vocation years ago a call is still waiting!!!

  17. Anonymous3:55 PM

    The FI remains in any diocese under the charity of the local ordinary. Certainly their orthodoxy has earned them the distinction of being kicked out of more than one diocese. As far as the TLM went before the motu proprio, it depended much on the local bishop. The Order, being true Franciscan, is obedient.

  18. Anonymous6:34 PM

    "Let your Yes mean Yes and your No mean NO"

    Hey Paul, I too think Randal was disingenuous and the Bishop corrected him without changing his opinions. He never retracted his statements, it was more of a rebuke to Randal.


  19. Hugo Pinto Abreu said...

    "Fr. Silva and Fr. Gomes are brazilian."

    Aplaudos para os brasileiros! :-)

  20. "Great News that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate have gone totally Gregorian Rite.

    Not yet. For now they are biritual, and here in the Philippines they still celebrate more Novus Ordo than TLM.

    All in good time. Let us pray that they will eventually go exclusively TLM.

  21. Woody Jones2:52 PM

    Fr. Polis is American, I believe. I, for one, would dearly love to have the FI come to Houston, and I have written to them to that effect. However, the case of the FSSP may be instructive, as I understand that they offered to take over a moribund parish here a couple of years ago but were told by the Cardinal that they would instead have to found a new one (presumably a personal parish for the 1962 books). As I have heard nothing more about this, I presume this means that the FSSP considered that it was/is not a propitious time for them to come here.

    There is basically no Franciscan presence in Houston any more, so in that sense the FI would be perfect, but because of all the reasons we like them on this blog, it seems unlikely that the PTB in Houston will favor them.


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