Rorate Caeli

Amidst the waves

"May the Lord give you spiritual and intellectual inspiration, and also physical strength, to thus be able to take the right decisions and to find the proper words, and to remain brave and steady on the waves which, according to a secret Divine will, surround the Church, and you with her. Oremus pro invicem." [Can. Georg Ratzinger, 2006]


  1. Happy Birthday Papa Benedetto! Ad Multos Annos!

  2. Amen. The holy father said it himself when he pleaded: "Pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves." Surely, anyone who is thinking clearly knows that this is true. Popes are after all men, subject to the same frailties and inclinations as anyone. But this pope has done two extraordinary things: he freed up the traditional mass and he lifted the excommunications. I, myself, believe that he could not have done this without inspiration from above with the Holy Spirit guiding his actions. So, let us pray that this inspiration continues as he navigates the treacherous waters that lie ahead.

  3. Benedicta1:29 PM

    If our Holy Father said what he said in 2006, I believe he was already the Vicar of Christ. No longer a Cardinal as you seem to indicate.
    Keep up the good work, Rorate Caeli.

  4. Anonymous1:34 PM

    Happy Birthday Holy Father!
    God grant you strength and wisdom,

  5. That was a message from the Holy Father's brother in 2006, not from the Holy Father himself...

  6. Bnedicta:

    Canon Georg Ratzinger.

    Many happy returns, most beloved Holy Father.

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Holy Father! May you happily reign for many-many years. Ad multos annos!

  8. Mi querido y amado papa Benedicto XVI, que hermoso conocer un poquito de su historia tan personal y tan querida para su alma..
    nunca nada será por casualidad. pues, todo es providencial...
    Y usted, mi querido papa fue llamado para algo especial..
    tan especial que me ha devuelto la vida y la alegría de mi primer amor. la alegría de mi juventud..
    desde aquel momento ya mi señor sabia que através de usted muchos encontraríamos la razón de nuestra existencia ser hijos muy amados del padre celestial y vivir como células vivas dentro del mismo cuerpo místico de Cristo..
    tenemos vida aunque muchas veces nos quieran quitar la vida.
    todo lo poseemos aunque no tenemos nada.. somos todo por que somos imagen y semejanza de un Dios creador dueño absoluto de todo lo creado..
    y usted mi querido papa le a dado sentido a mi vida y esperanza a mi desesperanza, ahora la espera tiene sentido, ahora la lucha y el esfuerzo tiene sentido, ahora conozco a un testigo que ama y es la luz que ilumina el mundo , un mundo sin Dios y sin amor..
    esa luz es la luz que usted refleja
    esa luz que irradia la belleza de Cristo, la mirada de Cristo y Amor de Cristo..
    felicidades santo Padre..
    y gracias por ser instrumento de paz y amor para el mundo entero..
    su hija

  9. Anonymous6:15 PM

    Ad Multos Annos Santita!


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