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Update: Alain Juppé lies in his own bed

Last month Rorate Cæli reported on the vitriolic assessment of Benedict XVI made by France’s former Prime Minister, Alain Juppé. This morning the current mayor of Bordeaux, who complained less than three weeks ago that "this pope is becoming a real problem" because he is living “in a situation of total autism”, was greeted with the full impact of his words by some of his constituents who are none too happy about their mayors support for the construction of an enormous mosque (capacity: 2000) to be built in the ancient quarter of La Bastide.

Bloc Identitaire is a political movement which supports the promotion and defense of regional identities.

A militant protest organized by Bloc Identitaire Aquitaine unfolded at 11 am today in Bordeaux at Cours Victor-Hugo with the theme:
"Juppé insults Benedict XVI but supports the Grand Mosque. This mayor is becoming a real problem"
... that is what was written on a huge 20 by 3 meter banner unfurled from the roof of the Victor Hugo parking garage upon the arrival of the mayor (photo). Confronted by Thibault du Réau about the construction of the Grande Mosquée de La Bastide Alain Juppé has finally acknowledged that it has provoked opposition of many of the people of Bordeaux! Approximately thirty Bloc Identitaire activists chanted:
"Alain, it’s not autism, the problem is Islam!"

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Jane said...


And the Pope's supporters formed a human chain on the Parvis of Notre Dame, Paris, with banners reading:
Benoit, Benoit, on a Confiance a Toi' I was particularly touched that they chose to "tutoyer". The Pope is loved as well as supported and prayed for.

Meanwhile, I gather the march is en route ot Chartres.

And a Benedictine Monastery near Agen that has so many vocations it's having to build a new abbbey.

There's a ray of hope for the 'Eldest Daughter' yet!

Jane, from her Oasis in Charente.

Ottaviani said...

God Bless these protesters. Enemies of the church must be criticized and shown for what they are as much as possible.

LeonG said...

The french bishops are also a significant element of the problem.

Braadwijk said...

The Europeans still have some sensus Catholicus about them. The pessimists on this blog give them far too little credit.