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The Pontifical Masses of Bishop Rifan in NYC

The blog of the Society of St. Hugh of Cluny now has pictures of Bishop Fernando Areas Rifan's Solemn Pontifical Mass on the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus last June 19, in St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church. This Mass -- previously announced in Rorate and many other websites -- was reputed to be the first Solemn Pontifical Mass in New York City since Alfons Cardinal Stickler's memorable Mass in St. Patrick's Cathedral in 1996.
Bishop Rifan also offered Low Pontifical Mass for the Feast of St. Ephrem the Syrian (June 18, 2009) in Holy Innocents Church in Manhattan.


New Catholic said...


Thank you, C.A.P.! And thank you, "Dom Fernando"!

Anonymous said...

Just imagine a worldwide apostolic administration which is in other ways identical to that of Bishop Rifan. Imagine having our own shepherd, one who understands his own sheep and shares their charism. A dream? The people in one small corner of Brazil have it. There is now a precedent. Let it be expanded!


Anonymous said...

I was there and it was an inspirational Mass..Many parishes should use this as a model for their liturgical services, even in the Ordinary Form. The music was fantastic and the Credo sung in Latin by the Congregation was superb. What a pround moment for NY'ers. And Bishop Rifan's homily was wonderful...One thing he said which will stick in my mind forever is "As Catholics, we are THE religion of Love"...How we all could learn from that.

Gideon Ertner said...


No. The traditional Mass, along with all the traditional rituals and devotions, belongs by birthright to all Latin Catholics. We who cling to this have no use for a particular Church for ourselves or our Priests; indeed one might say it would be selfish to keep our treasures within the confines of the Traditionalist movement.

If Traditionalism is good and true, its purpose must be to permeate the whole Latin Catholic world and re-introduce to it all those wonderful things which were done away with by those who wanted to change the Church, and to strengthen the family life and catechesis of all the faithful. It must take over the Church from within and provide it with holy and orthodox Ordinaries, Cardinals, and eventually Popes.

I cannot see this happening if a separate structure is set up for us. It may make things easier for you and me, but it will betray the rest of the Church. It will serve as a little black box to where the NuChurch Bishops can happily refer the issue of tradition and, believing they have made the 'conservationists' happy, go about their business further developing their novel and unhealthy ideas of 'being Church'.

Iakovos said...

It has occurred to me again, that what seems so complicated and difficult vis a vis Rome and the SSPX, can be, with men of good will and a catholic heart, swept away in a moment just as Bishop Rifan chose -- here, as elsewhere since His Grace's decision, we see nothing but good and a further spread and legitimacy of the Latin church's venerable liturgy as a result.

Anonymous said...

Is there another way that our treasured Latin Mass and liturgy can be implemented and protected? Nuchurch wants to destroy it and would have if it wasn't for the FSSPX and others. Today the TLM has the blessing of the SP. Wonderful, but Nuchurch doesn't want it. Can we trust Rome?

Re: + Rifan, does he not concelebrate? Does he not attack the FSSPX? How good a man is he?

I pray for God's protection for the TLM and liturgy and it's priests.

Anon Anon

Gideon Ertner said...

"Can we trust Rome?"

That's funny, that's the same qustion I asked myself back when I was a Protestant.

I'm glad I didn't run into your sort then, or I would never have dared become Catholic.

Kevin said...

I was there too. The though that stays with me after watching Bishop Rifan for three days.. "Now THAT'S a Bishop".

Anonymous said...

When you dared to become Catholic did you go to the NO? Many in the NO are protestant heretics. That is why I left and now attend the TLM with the FSSP. Popalators and neo cons are not necessarily good Catholics. The birth right of all Latin Catholics needs protection. Your idea of reintroduction to the whole Church won't go far unless there is a champion within. Who is that champion? What better alternative is there to what PKTP proposes? That is why I asked my questions. The FSSPX have valid concerns.

Thanks for your remarks. God bless you.

Anon Anon.