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Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral, Diocese of Baguio, Philippines


1) The Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral of the Diocese of Baguio, northern Philippines, now has a regular Mass according to the Missal of 1962. It is offered every Sunday, 7:30 AM, in the cathedral’s baptistery. Should the numbers of attendees grow the Mass will be moved to a larger location. This makes Baguio Cathedral the only cathedral in all of Asia to have a regular Mass according to the 1962 Missal. (UPDATE: There is a second TLM every Sunday, at about 3:30 P.M., also in the baptistery.)
It is my understanding that this Mass was instituted at the initiative of the Bishop of Baguio, Carlito Cenzon CICM, and his Vicar General Msgr. Andrew Cosalan, who is also its regular celebrant.
Baguio, nestled amidst pines in the Cordillera mountains and located about 250 km north of Manila, is the summer capital of the Philippines. In addition to the every-Sunday TLM in Baguio cathedral, there is a monthly Sunday Mass in La Trinidad, a town located north of Baguio City, under the auspices of the SSPX.

2) In the Archdiocese of Cebu, the FFI's Church of Mary Coredemptrix (San Jose, Talamban, Cebu) now has the TLM thrice a week, every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30 A.M. This is in addition to the every-Sunday TLM's offered in two monasteries (one Discalced Augustinian, another belonging to a local monastic congregation) within the same archdiocese.

Unlike Cardinal Rosales of Manila, the Cardinal-Archbishop of Cebu, Ricardo Vidal, has wholeheartedly embraced Summorum Pontificum, and has himself offered Low Mass according to the 1962 Missal on occasion. Pictures of the Mass can be found here. (H/t to our friend from Ecce ego, quia vocasti me)


I hope to be able to update last year's listing of TLM's under diocesan auspices in the Philippines very soon. The reason for my difficulty in completing the updating is this: the Church in the Philippines lags far behind the Church in Western and even some other Asian countries when it comes to using the Internet. I often have more difficulty confirming or extracting information from Philippine provinces (or even from my very own diocese!) and from the scattered traditionalist faithful in the Philippines, than from contacts and sources in the USA or Europe. Furthermore, some of the priests and faithful attached to the 1962 Missal are still wary of misunderstandings from the local clergy, and are reluctant to publicize their Masses and other activities.


The Singaporean Traditionalist blog Extraordinary from Singapore is reporting that there will be a Missa Cantata according to the 1962 Missal on Trinity Sunday, June 7, 2009, 4:00 - 5:30 P.M. at St. Patrick's School Chapel. There is currently no regular TLM under diocesan auspices in Singapore; let us pray and hope that the traditional faithful in the city-state will soon taste the full benefits of Summorum Pontificum.

(ADDENDUM: It should be noted that there is an SSPX priory in Singapore, with two Masses every Sunday and daily Mass for the rest of the week.)


  1. Do you have approximate figures of those attending?

  2. Anonymous1:07 PM

    Excellent news Mr Palad!!!

    Thank you so much for your perserverence in the Truth in the great Phillipine Islands.

    May God be praised and adored forever!!!

  3. Just for the record, SSPX has 18 Latin Mass centres throughout the Philippines and in Quezon City, New Manila there are two Holy Masses everyday, including one sung. In Singapore the Priory has two on Sunday and one every day of the week including Saturday.

  4. Here are some photos of the FFI's church in Talamban, Cebu, from the Celebrant's Flickr account.

    The FFI is just an incredible order. If only the late Jaime Cardinal Sin had been more hospitable to them; we could certainly use them here in Manila!

  5. Yes - the TLM this coming Sunday at the St. Patrick's School Chapel will be in the extraordinary form.

    Only activities of the Extraordinary Form is published on our blog.

    To have an idea of how well attended our Masses are whenever we have them -

    We regret that our recent photos could not be uploaded for fear of persecution from our local clergy.


    Thanks for the regular updates on TLM developments in the Philippines Carlos. Great work!

    I have posted this on my blog and directed a link. I am a regular follower of your blog. Keep up the good work for the restoration of the sacred in the Church.

  7. Anonymous2:25 PM

    And now, communion by the mouth is being disallowed in the Archdiocese of Manila using the flu as an excuse. O ye of little faith!

  8. The recordings made of the Trinity Sunday Mass in Singapore is available on


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