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Philippine diocese promotes the TLM

The Diocese of Baguio in the northern Philippines, on its own initiative, has published a leaflet introducing the Catholic faithful to the Traditional Latin Mass. Please click on the above pictures to read.

The leaflet was written by Fr. Andrew Cosalan, the Vicar General of the Diocese, who is also the initiator and celebrant of the two every-Sunday TLMs in the Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral of Baguio. (I met Fr. Cosalan last year, he is a very orthodox priest who truly loves the Church and who is a supporter of Catholic apologetics and of Summorum Pontificum)

The leaflet is not perfect, and some things in it need correction, but overall it is much more positive than most of the diocesan material on the Traditional Latin Mass that I have read. It will hopefully go a long way towards introducing the Filipino Catholic faithful to their liturgical and theological patrimony. Baguio is one of the very few dioceses in the world, and the only one in the Philippines, to have gone out of its way to publish an introductory leaflet on the TLM for the benefit of the local faithful.

Thank you, Bishop Carlito Cenzon! And thank you, Fr. Cosalan!

H/t for images: Pro Deo et Patria


  1. Br. Mary10:53 AM

    Oh great, ANOTHER post about the Philippines. This blog just gets better and better!

    Pro reform-of-the-reform posts, traditionalist opinion censorship, and an endless barrage of non-news about the Philippines.

    Truly wonderful. This blog should be renamed 'Rorate Random' with the tagline 'Non-News from the Philippines, other tidbits and some pro Latin New Mass stuff p.s. no stinky trads allowed.'

  2. banjan211:24 AM

    Can you send me the file of the Baguio guidelines to my email: banjan2 at gmail dot com

    The quality of the image is not so clear. I want to send it out in the mailing list because it seems that the guidelines were well written.

    thank you in advance.

  3. "Pro reform-of-the-reform posts"

    And since when did this blog condemn the ROTR?

    "traditionalist opinion censorship"

    Please look at the comboxes

    "and an endless barrage of non-news about the Philippines..."

    Funny that no one says the same thing when we post news from the US, Italy, France, the Eastern Catholic world, etc. Keep in mind also that one role of this blog is to report on things not normally reported elsewhere; do you want us to simply repeat what dozens of other major blogs already report?

    "Truly wonderful. This blog should be renamed 'Rorate Random'"

    In a sense, a blog has to be quite random. This isn't an organized online journal or news agency.

    "with the tagline 'Non-News from the Philippines"

    ... which is home to 71 million Catholics

    "other tidbits"

    I guess the documents here that you won't find in other English-speaking websites are mere tidbits

    "and some pro Latin New Mass stuff"

    This blog has never condemned the Latin Novus Ordo, even as it has consistently been in favor of a return to the Traditional Latin Mass.

    "p.s. no stinky trads allowed.'"

    No people whose views and expressions are caricatures of genuine love for the sacred traditions of the Church, are allowed... just to make that clear.

  4. Stephen Sheilds1:25 PM


    My diocese have photocopied sheets for the old Mass! Mrs. Hinderbottom from the diocese knitting club typed them up on her typewriter and Mr. Grimble of the diocesan bingo club copied them.

    I know I know, exciting and MAMMOTH as this story is, please try to contain yourselves people! I am submitting a copy of the groundbreaking sheet to "New Catholic" as we speak. THIS IS BIG!

  5. Oh great, ANOTHER comment from someone who can't stand it when a contributor to Rorate Caeli dares to report on something he doesn't like or agree with.

  6. Br. is people like you who give traditionalists a bad name. Think it over brother.

  7. The Fruit of the Spirit is Love. Those who feel that they are faithful to Church tradition should prove by words and action that the Spirit of Charity is the one operative in their lives.

  8. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Br. Mary,

    You are crass and ignorant. The Philippines has the third largest Catholic population in the world and the growth of the Extraordinary Form there is vastly more important than the United Kingdom or Ireland, for example.

  9. Be as it may, the leaflet IS instructive: for the common lay who would need, take interest
    in, and appreciate an "introduction to Traditional Latin Mass". The efforts of Bishop Cenzon and Fr. Cosalan is certainly to be lauded for the initiative in bringing down novel, authentic Church developments to the level of the ordinary church-going flock where it is needed the most. Similar efforts of clergy around the world, ministering to the flock as part and parcel of the universal church, is highly appreciated for that matter - the geographical aspect being secondary as a point of interest.

  10. Thanks for the info. As an occasional Baguio sojourner, it's truly good to know I wouldn't have to miss TLM up there.

    BTW, may I share the images at my blog? Thanks again, and God bless you.

  11. Indignus

    Go ahead and post the images!

  12. Will go to Baguio for our annual Charismatic Conference. But will attend the Tridentine Mass there is the Cathedral this Sunday. God bless.

    Instavrare Omnia In Christo


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