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Justice for SSPX in Stuttgart

Germany: Complaint against the Fraternity Saint Pius X declared inadmissible
DICI August 10, 2009
About one hundred faithful responded to the call of the Fraternity Saint Pius X to protest in Stuttgart on August 1st, in conjunction with the Christopher Street Day (CSD), a Gay Pride event held in Berlin from July 20 to 27.

The protest took place without incident. The organizers of the CSD had filed a complaint because, in its newsletter, the district of Germany of the FSSPX had condemned the fact that during this parade "human beings behaved wildly and demonstrated obscenly and perversely in the streets.” It also makes reference to the Third Reich, saying that "just as under that regime there were courageous Catholics who were opposed, so also should there be courageous Catholics today to oppose this madness that is the Christopher Street Day.”

In consideration of the complaint lodged by officials of the CSD, the Stuttgart court concluded that it was an expression of opinion which was not a call to violence or arbitrary measures. (Sources: Apic / KNA)


  1. Deo gratias! One wonders if, in the future, we Americans will be dealt with by our judicial system in such an equitable manner should we have the courage to make a public display of our Catholic principles.

  2. Anonymous5:02 PM

    Next time the neo-Nazi judges may not be so lenient. Just the fact that the sodomites can sue you for condemning them means that persecutions are simply a matter of time.

  3. Oliver9:37 AM

    If Catholic organisations rely on the 'good offices' of civil authority to decide what is decent or not, they are in for a rude awakening. Ultimately, Catholics will have to decide whether to go along with whatever the state decides or start practising the faith with vigour. Most I fear will opt for the former.

  4. The question is: "Will there be Justice for the SSPX and many independents professing loyalty to the Vicar of Christ in the ecclesiastical courts of Rome?" It is an open question and one that must be resolved soon for the good of the Church.

  5. Where the SSPX is concerned they had better look to Almighty God for justice than to imagine they will receive that precious commodity from liberal modernist Rome. Being friendly with a neo-pagan world has its price as we have been able to attest in the last 45 years.

  6. One of the things a modernist cannot stand is being accused of being unjust or prejudiced for or against one side or the other. But their scorn of the SSPX is well-known and their refusal to even acknowledge the possibility that the SSPX and many independents are right gives them away.

    Just ask a modernist one question and see what the answer is - that question being: "Just what is it that catholics, such as the SSPX and many independents, must accept under pains of Hell that is not what the Church has always held, taught and professed to be true?" The answer, I submit, will be the old canard - accept Vatican II and the magisterium of the conciliar popes. But, of course, there can be nothing in Vatican II or the post conciliar magisterium that conflicts with what the church has always held, taught and professed to be true.

    Pressed even further, they will say well, it's all in the interpretation of what the church has always held to be true as applied to the "living magisterium" of life in these current times, that must be seen and accepted. Balderdash and poppycock! We know a BS session when we hear it.

  7. "..accept Vatican II and the magisterium of the conciliar popes"

    Most current neo-catholics have never heard of the concept "magesterium" and have absolutely no notion of what it represents. They blindly riposte "obey the pope" and then support the use of artificial birth control; listen endlessly to rock music; go to any film at the cinema; watch anything on the TV; take the wafer on Sunday without any Confession and many dress like everyone else pierce their bodies and have tatooes. I have colleagues who behave just like this. To imagine most modern liberal-minded neo-catholics even contemplate such weighty matters imputes them with too much of that necessary intelligence. There is not even a pre-conciliar church in their narrow self-indulgent minds. Where I am in SE Asia I have not met one neo-catholic who can reason why the modern liberal church is such a mess. They just have no idea at all. Many do not see any problems. This is why the situation is worse than most believe.

    Try broaching the events of the councils in the 1960s and none of them know what happened there. The absolute ignorance is catastrophic but a clear indicator of the demise of novus ordoism.


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