Rorate Caeli

The Holy Infant of Prague and the beauty of Childhood

Dear Cardinals,
Your Excellencies,
Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Dear Children,

I greet all of you warmly and I want you to know what joy it gives me to visit this Church, dedicated to Our Lady of Victory, where the faithful venerate the statue of the Infant Jesus, known throughout the world as the "Holy Infant of Prague". I thank Archbishop Jan Graubner, President of the Episcopal Conference, for his words of welcome spoken on behalf of all the Bishops. I offer respectful greetings to the Mayor and to the other civil and religious authorities present at this gathering. I greet you, dear families, who have come in such large numbers to be here with me.

The image of the Child Jesus calls to mind the mystery of the Incarnation, of the all-powerful God who became man and who lived for thirty years in the lowly family of Nazareth, entrusted by Providence to the watchful care of Mary and Joseph. My thoughts turn to your own families and to all the families in the world, in their joys and difficulties. Our reflections should lead us to prayer, as we call upon the Child Jesus for the gift of unity and harmony for all families. We think especially of young families who have to work so hard to offer their children security and a decent future. We pray for families in difficulty, struggling with illness and suffering, for those in crisis, divided or torn apart by strife or infidelity. We entrust them all to the Holy Infant of Prague, knowing how important their stability and harmony is for the true progress of society and for the future of humanity.

The figure of the Child Jesus, the tender infant, brings home to us God’s closeness and his love. We come to understand how precious we are in his eyes, because it is through him that we in our turn have become children of God. Every human being is a child of God and therefore our brother or sister, to be welcomed and respected. May our society grasp this truth! Every human person would then be appreciated not for what he has, but for who he is, since in the face of every human being, without distinction of race or culture, God’s image shines forth.
This is especially true of children. In the Holy Infant of Prague we contemplate the beauty of childhood and the fondness that Jesus Christ has always shown for little ones, as we read in the Gospel (cf. Mk 10:13-16). Yet how many children are neither loved, nor welcomed nor respected! How many of them suffer violence and every kind of exploitation by the unscrupulous! May children always be accorded the respect and attention that are due to them: they are the future and the hope of humanity!

Dear children, I now want to say a special word to you and to your families. You have come here in large numbers to meet me, and for this I thank you most warmly. You are greatly loved by the Child Jesus, and you should return his love by following his example: be obedient, good and kind. Learn to be, like him, a source of joy to your parents. Be true friends of Jesus, and always turn to him in trust. Pray to him for yourselves, for your parents, relations, teachers and friends, and pray also for me. Thank you once again for your welcome. I bless you from my heart and I invoke upon all of you the protection of the Holy Infant Jesus, his Immaculate Mother and Saint Joseph.
Benedict XVI
September 26, 2009


  1. Were I to be caught in a disaster of Biblical proportions, I would count myself fortunate to have a good Christian such as Mr.Carlos Antonio Palad stuck in it with me.

    We will storm Heaven on his behalf.

    Viva Cristo Rey!


  2. Great news the Pope visited and prayed at the side altar where the miraculous statue of the Infant of Prague is venerated in the Carmelite Church in Prague for centuries.

  3. Jay, not only prayed, but he gave a new, beautiful crown to Little Jesus...
    By the way, the carmelite church of Our Lady of Victory has its name because of the battle at Bila Hora near Praha 1620, where catholics defeated protestants - the most important battle in Czech history. The generals were not sure if to attack, but the general of carmelite order ask them to do so and promised Our Lady`s help.
    If I remember well, the church in Roma, Sta Maria delle Vittoria, has also its name because of this battle.

  4. John McFarland10:58 PM

    Everyone is in a limited sense a child of God.

    But only those who are born again of water and the Holy Ghost are children of God and heirs of heaven, and can enter into the kingdom of Heaven.

    Everyone is made in God's image.

    But only those who are born again of water and the Holy Ghost are made in God's image and likeness.

    Why does the Holy Father only talk of the sonship and imaging that cannot save?

  5. There are three things that never are satisfied, and the fourth never saith: It is enough. Hell, and the mouth of the womb, and the earth which is not satisfied with water: and Eoin mhic Partholan never saith when he readeth the words of Benedict: It is enough.

  6. John McFarland1:52 AM


    As Jesus says to Martha, there is one thing needful.

    It follows that the Vicar of Christ should speak often of the one thing needful. He should certainly speak of it when he is speaking of the Fatherhood of God. He should certainly speak of it when he is speaking of man's being in God's image.

    But he does not; or at any rate, very, very rarely. But what lacks the one thing needful is, inevitably, not enough.

  7. John McFarland1:54 AM


    On a less weighty matter:

    If you are going to use archaic Irish to identify me, I'd suggest that you use the patronymic as a real patronymic: Eoin mhic Eoin (if I have the inflection of my father's Eoin right). If needed, you might add my grandfather and great grandfather, Stephen and Stephen.

  8. Your surname is Scots, and as signifying that you are a member of the Parlanaich, "mhic Parlain" or "mhic Partholan" (son of Bartholomew, who was a cadet of the family of the ancient Earls of Lennox) are suitable re-Gaelicisations of your surname.

  9. But he does not; or at any rate, very, very rarely. But what lacks the one thing needful is, inevitably, not enough.

    Even if he'd said something to satisfy this objection of yours, you'd find some other fault (whether real or imagined) to complain about.

  10. The Holy Father is speaking in a truly Roman Catholic manner.

    Peter has spoken through His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI.

    Most Novus Ordo and 'Traditional Catholics' will not understand these words spoken by the Holy Father to the children.

    As our Lord stated "My sheep know me and I know my sheep", the Holy Father is speaking to his sheep. The know-it-alls and the know knothings can dissect and interpret and wax wise from here to doomsday, and still not understand the message.

    It is a bomb dropped in the Freemason and Kabballa Lodges and those places where the enemies of Christ meet together.

    The Pope is demonstrating that he does not need the Holocaust Jews or the Freemason Lodge to put words in his mouth.

    May Nuestra Senora Santa Maria de Guadalupe keep him in the fold of her mantle.



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