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The Society of Scholastics -- online courses about to start

A reader has alerted us to the online courses about to be offered by the International Society of Scholastics, which describes itself as follows:

We are an intellectual association committed to restoring the philosophic doctrines, didactic principles, and scientific synthesis of the great masters of the classical universities, the Scholastics. We hold Thomas of Aquin to be the paradigm of Scholastic scholars and we apply ourselves to renewing the great scientific tradition forged by his Commentators throughout the centuries.
With a strong emphasis on Logic, the division and subordination of the sciences, and strict methodology, we defend our attention to detail with the axiom: 'A small error in principle is a large error in conclusion.'
The society was founded in 2005 by students studying at the pontifical universities in Rome. Its Board of Advisors is comprised of Msgr. Brunero Gherardini, who has sometimes been called the last of the great theologians of the pre-Conciliar Roman School, and Msgr. Rudolf Michael Schmitz ICRSS, of the Pontifical Academy of Theology. All members are required to uphold the primacy of St. Thomas Aquinas, to adhere to the 24 Theses proposed by Fr. Guido Mattiusi SJ and endorsed by the Holy See in 1914 as embodying authentic Thomism, and to be faithful to the consensus of that Thomistic tradition whose most recent representatives were Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, Santiago Ramirez and Joseph Gredt.
The website of the Society hosts Sapientis, an online course of studies based entirely on the principles of Aristotelian Thomism. The course will cover Scholastic logic, physics, psychology, ethics and metaphysics. The website also has the Lorenzelli Digital Library, a very rich resource for scholastic material in Latin and English.