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The face of the Church in Canada

The now famous former Bishop of Antigonish, Nova Scotia, was released on bail to faces charges of possession of child pornography. Look at the picture of the bishop surrounded by his lawyers: isn't he the perfect poster boy for the Church in Canada?

As you read the CBC report above, a reader notices, "note the difference between the settlement and the arrest dates (5 days) and the total absence of the word 'sin' in all the statements".


  1. Anonymous3:40 PM

    Isn't this symptomatic of what the Holy Father asked forgiveness for, i.e. the 'filth' in the Church during Good Friday services several years ago??? And yet the Luciferian hubris of NewChurch rolls on. After all, this man wasn't guilty of 'sin,' but only of an attraction to 'alternative expressions of human sexuality.' (eye roll)

  2. Castor3:53 PM

    Hopefully, everyone condemns child pornography, so much more if a Bishop is involved.

    HOWEVER, I would be careful with this one. The Bishop in question is not a bad man. It would be too convenient for many if the pornography had been planted on him.

    Let's not be quick to judge a Catholic Bishop who has not even been found guilt by a non-Christian civil court.

    I also noticed that there was no mention of any kind of prayer for him his diocesan confreres.

  3. Effes4:25 PM

    "...note the differece between the settlement and the arrest dates (5 days) and the total absence of the word 'sin' in all the statements".

    Some people think it's okay to be a paedophile or a pederast. For example, there is an organisation called NAMBLA - the North American Man-Boy Love Association. They advocate liberalising the age of consent and point to ancient Greece, Rome, China, Africa and other civilisations throughout history where adult-child relationships were a rite of passage. Similar organisations exist all over the world.

  4. Anonymous4:46 PM

    an interesting final sentence :

    "Lahey is a graduate of the Saint Paul University seminary in Ottawa, the Gregorian University in Rome and Cambridge University in England."

    I'd like to have the years when he was a student.


  5. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Here in Canada we have heard the following:
    1. The Bishop resigned suddenly days before being caught with porn at the airport
    2. The resignation was quickly accepted by the Vatican
    3. This Bishop presided over sex abuse cases in his diocese.
    4. Victim(s) or at least one victim has said publicly that he saw this Bishop with child porn decades ago - and nothing was done about it by the Church.
    5. A local priest spokesman for the diocese handled the news well in the sense of not judging the Bishop until all the evidence is in. He expressed genuine sorrow and shock.

    Canadian Cathoic

  6. Anonymous5:26 PM

    Dear Castor,

    While the virtue of not judging hastily is certainly praiseworthy, the Bishop has not denied the allegations and willingly resigned immediately citing a need for "personal renewal". I'm not sure that bodes well for a Saint being falsely accused. On the flip side, I would also caution hasty "reverse" judgment such as "The bishop ... is not a bad man".

    Define bad, please. If he is indeed a pederast, adjectives like evil do indeed come to mind.

    Readers ought to note that Bishop Lahey was a Pope John Paul 2 appointment.

    Also note how the Archbishop in charge now, Archbp. Mancini is crying out about how terrible this is for the diocese, for Catholics, but again nary a word about the Child Victims involved.

    If anyone know Archbp. Mancini please forward them these suggestions from this Canadian Roman Catholic on how to address this calamity:

    - Declare a year of penance in the Archdiocese, and request fellow Maritime bishops do the same in theirs - this will include fasting and abstinence on all Fridays, reciting the St Michael's prayer after every Mass in the archdiocese, and almsgiving to the victims of these crimes committed by the clergy in the archdiocese

    - Insist as a condition to being a Catholic in good standing in the Archdiocese the signing of the HLI petition to the Holy Father to reinstate the recitation of the St Michael prayer after each Mass, worldwide

    - Every priest, religious and bishop in the archdiocese will have 20% of their annual salaries going to a fund specifically geared to care for the victims of these crimes, on top of whatever the Archdiocese as a corporate entity has agreed to fork out.

    - Pronounce a public condemnation of pederasty and immediately announce new and tough measures to screen out pederasts, paedophiles, homosexuals and other sexual deviants from seminaries and religious orders in the diocese EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

    - Enforce a zero tolerance policy - defrock any priest, religious or bishop associated with any of the aforementioned crimes

    - Enforce a policy that anyone receiving Holy Communion go to confession the day before or refrain from receiving Holy Communion, and furthermore, that Communion will only be received on the tongue

    - Launch an archdiocesan order - this can be run by the laity until such time that the archdiocese has filtered out all its perverts - dedicated to a war against child porn and child kidnapping

    I'm sure you all can think of other time proven methods to help the Archbishop move his "wounded parishioners" into genuine "renewal".

    May God have mercy on Antigonish!
    May God have mercy on NOva Scotia!
    May God have mercy on Canada!
    May God have mercy on these little victims!
    And may God have mercy on wolves in sheep's clothing, it will have been better for them had they never been born.

    In JMJ,

    Toronto, Canada

  7. Anonymous,

    I would be happy if the Church would simply point to all these scandals and re-emphasize the need for everyone to be vigilant for sexual purity amidst our sliding culture, and to affirm that sexual activity outside of marriage is sin for everyone at all times, period. Instead, Weakland publishes his book and the response from the hierarchy is rather... silent. Until there is ongoing and clear teaching on sex to counter modern doctrines of rights and personal fulfillment, this will go on and on. What would be truly relevant right now would be one big encyclical on sexual sin. Would not that be something!

  8. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Not only a perfect "poster boy" for the Roman Catholic Church in Canada, but unfortunatly the perfect poster boy for the Roman Catholic Church of VATICAN II.


  9. Anonymous8:48 PM

    "It would be too convenient for many if the pornography had been planted on him. "

    How naive a comment is this! Way too trusting of these "Springtime of Vatican II" priests and bishops!!

    Look at the guy's face! He's destroyed because he was caught redhanded. Innocent? NOT!!

    For this 1 case in Canada, I can count 15 others about other bishops who did the same thin within the last 35 years. And remember the infamous scandal involving the late un-great Joseph Cardinal Bernardin accused early on (1994) of this kind of stuff (sexual abuse of young men), which he denied. Remember Rembert Weakland? And some bishops in Africa. And afew in Latin America the same type of thing?

    Please don't stretch this stuff into this :
    "It would be too convenient for many if the pornography had been planted on him. "
    In order to be planted on him, and perpetrator would have had to know the bishops' password to get into his laptop to scan/download the porno. Not likely.

    He's guilty. Case closed !!

  10. Anonymous8:50 PM

    'Readers ought to note that Bishop Lahey was a Pope John Paul 2 appointment."


    John Paul II & Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re strike again!!

  11. Anonymous10:43 PM

    Bashing JP2 over this only shows the ignorance of the bashers.

    As if JP2 knew this man was a child porn lover?

    As all men do, JP2 had his faults, but the relentless bashing just seems bitter.

  12. Anonymous11:11 PM

    Look, I've criticised this Pope and condemned that Archbishop Miller of Vancouver and Cardinal Grocholewski for signing that evil seminary document. It was authored by Satan in Hell and our Pope should not have signed it under any circumstances. There should be zero tolerance in the priesthood or seminary for anyone who has any homerastic tendencies, even slight ones. Period. I do not say this to condemn some of those people: some of them are wonderful people. That's not the point.

    For one thing, it is completely unfair to the sinners involved to put them in an all-male environment where they will be constantly tempted. A fortiori, it is unfair to children because priests are put in positions of trust. It is outright evil to construct any distinction between 'deep-seated' homerastic tendencies and 'shallow-seated' tendences (not to mention that 'seated' was an unfortunate expression on the part of the translators of that Satanic document).

    On the other side, Bishop Lahey has not been found guilty in a court of law and we don't know the facts. I, for one, don't trust Canada Customs. No Canadian does. We need to give the man a fair trial and not jump to conclusions in particular cases. As for his reaction, if he is innocent, he is probably too troubled to respond at this point.

    Someone here suggested that the pornography was planted on him. While that seems to be unlikely, it is not impossible. We have to keep in mind that the enemies of the Church are working for the guy with the horns. So let's pray for Bishop Lahey and pray that the truth will become known.

    Peter Karl T. Perkins
    Victoria, B.C., Canada

  13. viator641:17 AM

    Would it be possible for the moderators of this blog to require at minimum a screen name for all who post in this forum?

    Just wondering?

    Important issue are discussed here and I would suggest that if we post here we should at least be willing to be identified in some manner. Even if it is only by means of a screen name.

  14. You are right, of course, Mr. Perkins. Let us pray for justice.

    Nevertheless, he is the face of the hierarchy in Canada (and around the world) because the charges seem so plausible...

    And that is so heartbreaking...


  15. Anonymous1:22 AM

    I just want to say that while I agree with pretty much everything here, it should also be noted that the man was born in 1940 and went to all the right places. Blaming this on Vatican II is naive and demonstrates ignorance. So many of these men were born in pre-Vatican II days, went to Gregorian masses throughout their youngest, formative years. Something terrible happened to the Church in the 20th century, and it is not all about VII. The Church was sick before, and created a bunch of sick priests and bishops. Yes, he was ordained in '63, which is telling. I am not denying the obvious finger-pointing to VII. I am just syaing that it was bad before VII, and if we do not deal with that problem, we will not know where to go when the moment for restoration comes.

  16. Can anyone provide real data about the diocese of Antigonish?

    Do they have vocations? When was the last time there was an ordination?

    What is the overall health of the diocese (apart from the recent events)?

  17. Albrecht von Brandenburg3:12 AM

    Who knows, he may be a product of the failed, disastrous "angel priests" Tridentine clerical assembly line.

    What's most troubling is that the traditionalists, in their reactions to the present-day abuses, uncritically reinstate the previous ones (i.e., SSPX's establishment of a minor seminary in Australia).

    The cycle will just continue until people wake up to themselves.

  18. Albrecht von Brandenburg,

    Thank God someone has said something sensible. The new clericalism that lovers of tradition too often endorse (influenced by nostalgia) reinstates a 'homosocial' formation policy for priests that, unfortunately, is bound to prove a magnet for those given to same-sex attraction. Anyone who thinks that clergy formed to say the traditional liturgy, and institutions founded to form clergy attached to the traditional liturgy, are exempt from this fact are fooling themselves and are bound to have their heart broken.

    I don't know what the solution is. But I do know that the homosexual environment in seminaries of all kinds is strangling the Church and houses of formation of orders etc given to beautiful liturgy are unfortunately not free from this. Such an environment is inherently creepy to men who identify themselves as being of heterosexual orientation. I can't blame young men for balking at the prospect of sharing sustained lodgings with obviously repressed or openly homosexual men. And the scandals will continue, because such environments lead people into temptation. A cursory read of the Ryan Report ( shows what that sort of febrile environment leads to, and led to, well before the time of Vatican II.

  19. Anonymous6:54 AM

    If our Holy Father did in fact refer to filth within the Church, he was 100% correct. This is just one more stomach turning, embarrassing story. If this is true, we can only hope for the repentance of this bishop and the others found to be involved in similiar depravity, but they must also be immediately removed from their office if guilt is established. St. John Chrysostom once said the floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.

  20. Once more...


    It is absolutely futile any pope invoking forgiveness for the filth in The Church anonymous unless he himself disciplines the culprits and he desists from cover-ups. One of the most abusive processes for some churchmen is that of securing impunity from prosecution. This is where the problem lies - they have too much to hide.

    As the institution that stands for truth and the search for a complete understanding of this priceless pearl, the modern church has certainly superabundant sins for which to beg forgiveness. It has severely compromised its public credibility. This is one very poignant reason why Ireland, among other once great proud Roman Catholic countries have lost the faith.

    There is an immense sense of betrayal. Indeed, the one felt by Italian politicians when they once attempted to halt the legislative tide towards divorce in another once unequivocally Roman Catholic country. This weekend we may well witness the Irish agreeing in a referendum to the Lisbon Treaty and, between the lines, abortion and sodomite marriages. The polls suggest a 10% majority in favour. It is doubtful if the recent damning church report on clerical abuse of women and children has helped the catholic cause very much.

    It is time to cut the modernist claptrap and deal with real issues in the proper manner - openly and honestly as befits any Christian establishment.

    How can their be justice when those who represent the true source of justice behave as scribes and pharisees.

  21. The basic problem for those who do not make the connection with the post VII era and this behaviour is that since the late 1960s this has been tolerated and gone unpunished. Further, radical solutions, for abusive clergy for example, were abandoned in the 1960s at the behest of Pope Paul VI (RIP) amidst Freudio-Jungian psychodynamic euphoria. The new seminary approaches also went soft on sexual behaviour and perversion. This is well-documented. As seminaries have emptied out and closed by the score they have their own stories to relate.

    It also certain so-called catholic & bishops priests have been openly encouraging homosexuality and cohabitation throughout the post-conciliar era,as they have done abortion and artificial birth-control.

    No era has any monopoly on sin in the church but what is not understood is the tolerant, liberal climate of this epoch which infests the church and all of its establishments. Notions of sine and the grades of its seriousness and the consequent damage it inflicts on society are almost forgotten as no one is to blame (except that is capitalist ideology). This has given way to an exponential rise in sexual perversion amongst the clergy and hierarchy. No one can deny this as the wealth of evidence available suggests this is a reality. Personal testimony corroborates the same. This is an issue that The Church authorities really refuse to tackle from the root and to eradicate. This is so because people in high places with plenty to hide are being protected. There is tacit silence and an unwillingness to act. It would also necessitate a reactivation of some of those "old-fashioned" Roman Catholic norms and values that liberal post-conciliar ideologues try to convince us had no relevance to the authentic search for meaning and significance.

    It looks very much as though they did after all. Tolerance is the liberal excuse for doing & saying nothing about anything.

  22. Robert8:57 AM

    There should be zero tolerance in the priesthood or seminary for anyone who has any homerastic tendencies, even slight ones. Period.

    Just about every male has had some thoughts or impulses that might be described as not entirely heterosexual. Usually this occurs around adolescence and the early twenties. Boys particularly susceptible to this sort of thing are those who have had little experience with the opposite sex, and these are precisely the types that usually show an interest in the priesthood. To bar them from ordination would be the final nail in the coffin of the priesthood as we know it.

    Also, do you know much about the screening process the occurs in seminaries? It's incredibly uncomfortable. Wired up, questioned and asked to look at various images, even the most seemingly straight as an arrow man can begin to question himself. I speak here as one who has known many men who have tried their vocation and experienced just this.

  23. Totally agree Albrecht, I didn't know the SSPX had a minor seminary anywhere. Surely they would have cottoned on that minor seminaries where OK back in the days before universal education for children. These things should have been put on a hit list for closure back in the 1870's.

  24. According to "Catholic Culture" he has been sent to the Trappist Monastery of Our Lady of Calvary:

  25. CBC news:

    "Police in Newfoundland and Labrador say they are looking into allegations that Bishop Raymond Lahey possessed child pornography more than 20 years ago.

    The investigation comes following comments by some men — who were abused by Christian Brothers in St. John's Mount Cashel orphanage decades ago — who say they told police they saw child pornography in the home of Lahey in the 1980s.

    "I think the [Royal Newfoundland Constabulary] dropped the ball on it big time," Billy Earle, of St. John's, told CBC News Thursday. "Senior officers on the job right now dropped the ball on this big time."

  26. Albrecht von Brandenburg11:02 AM

    The problem is that this "angel priest" ideal is, for the normal, healthy candidate for the priesthood inherently unobtainable.

    The counter-reformation, thanks to the lack of realism entertained by St Charles Borromeo, the originator or seminaries, together with the exaggerations of various French spiritual writers in the following century or two, is responsible for this.

    Anyone with any common sense/a reasonable appreciation of human nature, could have reasonably foreseen that St Charles' beloved seminary project was not only bound to fail, but bound to breed monsters - not just, or even primarily men suffering from sexual problems, but rather, from a whole host of emotional/personality issues due to trying immerse men bound for the diocesan priesthood - and who therefore, in the very nature of things do not have a monastic vocation, into a monastic environment for at least six years. Problems were bound to occur.

  27. Albrecht von Brandenburg12:38 PM

    Oh, and I should add, St Charles was undertaking a visitation of his province, when, upon dining with one of his suffragan bishops, noted that a small ensemble was providing music. He protested on the ground that a bishop should experience NO SENSUAL PLEASURE AT ALL.

    It does not seem wise that the church should adhere to the training system he established.

  28. Robert asserted: Just about every male has had some thoughts or impulses that might be described as not entirely heterosexual.

    That seems highly unlikely.

    Anyone with any common sense/a reasonable appreciation of human nature, could have reasonably foreseen that St Charles' beloved seminary project was not only bound to fail, but bound to breed monsters

    I find it hard to believe that there hasn't been a single pope, bishop, or priest in the past nearly five centuries with any common sense or reasonable appreciation of human nature. Blaming the ordination of perverts chiefly on a "system" makes no sense. Let's not forget why the Church established formal schools to prepare men deemed to have a priestly vocation for ordination: because it was all to common for priests in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance to be uneducated and immoral.

  29. It does not seem wise that the church should adhere to the training system he established.

    From all evidence available, the Church in Canada and the U.S. is not adhering to the training system pioneered by St. Charles Borromeo.

    What is the source citation for your anecdote about St. Charles?

  30. The Diocese of Antigonish was famous for evicting and prosecuting Catholics attempting to kneel for communion a few decades ago. The woman involved went on to become Member of Parliament...

    It even went to the Supreme Court of Canada.

    There's been a lot wrong in Antigonish for a long time.

  31. According to another website, his Exellency was caught before. Admittedly the artical is not very clear.

  32. Anonymous5:37 PM

    Personal to Leon G,
    Your comments from 8:01 and 8:28 Sat. AM are both outstanding. I concur completely. I was the anonymous post just before your 8:01 post.

  33. Anonymous5:53 PM

    Vatican sets record straight on sexual abuse

  34. Anonymous6:21 PM

    " Det. Dan Melchiorre, the lead investigator on the case and a member of the Ottawa Police High Tech Crimes Unit, says Lahey was not known to the Ottawa Police, or a target of its ongoing, anti-child porn program, before his arrival at the airport. Rather, he says Lahey “triggered” the interest of airport security agents who then conducted a secondary search of his computer.

    Melchiorre won’t say what those specific triggers were. He says authorities seized Lahey’s laptop, which allegedly contained images of child pornography — plus a number of thumb drives, which are small, portable plug-in devices that store digital pictures and information."


    Maybe his desktop picture was not the infant child one would expect from a Bishop? No dispespect to Our Lord and may he have mercy on our abused children.


  35. I've never read as much baloney about seminary formation being responsible for pederasty and sexual immorality as I have on this thread. The moral decline in our culture, including seminaries, is a result of the failure of men and women to follow God's commandments, coupled with the influence of Satan, who sees the opportunity to wreak his havoc upon the human race. (...prowling about the world seeking the ruin of souls).

    It is the "I", "Me" school of psychology which refuses any absolute standards of morality in favor of their own concepts of what is right or wrong. It is the Garden of Eden all over again and the temptation to eat of the forbidden fruit is everywhere being promoted as "doing one's thing" or, of "getting in touch with oneself".

    Seminaries are not the problem; people are the problem and not following God's law is as old as Satan himself. Please, folks, get real. As long as we tolerate evil among us it will continue to grow and infect all of us who call ourselves Catholic.

  36. Anonymous7:32 PM

    In the end, I feel these evils are actually what is cleansing the Church and galvanizing Catholics who take the faith seriously. The new seminarians know all too well that there is no public prestige in being a priest anymore, and many who were compelled by such things thankfully no longer become priests. The new stock of young seminarians are more holy, more loyal and more traditional than their immediate predecessors. They know full well they will endure suffering and ridicule for choosing this path. It takes a certain kind of discipline to walk headlong into battle against what is only an intensifying war against the Faith. The scourging of the will is not the way of homosexuals and pedophiles. They are bereft of discipline and desire the flashiness, prestige, and adulation that made them look to the Church as an all boys club to satisfy their hunger. People who become priests today are better stock than that. These crisis have created their own natural filter for the good of the church. I look forward to older generation retiring and all the ills they have brought upon the faithful.

  37. This man crucified orthodox Catholics when he was Bishop of St. George's in Newfoundland, In addition, a group of Catholics were working like dogs to establish a Catholic school in Corner Brook. He put every stumbling block he could in their way then took credit for what they had done when they succeeded. When I heard what had occurred I was not surprised. The Catholic Church in Newfoundaland is an ecclesiastical desert. God help us because the laity are completely either clueless or complicit.

  38. Anonymous8:59 PM

    "It should also be noted that the man was born in 1940 and went to all the right places. Blaming this on Vatican II is naive and demonstrates ignorance."

    Sorry, but it has everything to do with Vatican II. The Council opened in 1962 and closed in 1965. That was the 'heady' time during which the liberals took over the Church. Bishop Lahey was only 23 at the time of his ordination and would have been very impressionable during the late 1960s, which was the time of a complete social revolution in the Western World and some other places too--and the time of implementation of Vatican II. He was there as a young priest when the 'exciting' changes were all made. They threw out TrueChurch and replaced it with the Freemasonic Church of the New World Order. At the time when abortion and sodomy were legalised in Canada (1969), he was not yet 30 years old. He was a young man during the period when the laws against pornography were gradually removed.

    It is certainly true that there were abuse cases before the Second Vatican Council. That is only to say that such things have always happened in all callings and professions. The question is whether or not a wild increase in this sort of thing can be linked to the Age of Aquarius Revolution (1966-1971 by my reckoning) and Vatican II in particular. The answer is affirmative.


  39. Anonymous9:07 PM

    There is no right to be a priest. It is a calling, yes, but the Church has the prerogative to restrict membership. At one time, men having withered hands (for consecration) were not allowed in.

    The solution is simple. Polygraph and psychological testing should be used to root out those candidates having homerastic tendencies, and there should be a strict policy of excluding who demonstrates such tendencies in seminary. Such tests are far from perfect but perfection is not a reasonable goal. What is needed is a drastic reduction in the number of these people in the priesthood.

    As for the problem of fostering such tendencies in an all-male environment, the answer is the Benedictine one: have all the seminarians sleep together in dormitories and have two or three take turns watching.


  40. Anonymous9:24 PM


    Your reply to Robert is dead on. Robert is referring to a new lie now being introduced in our culture. The idea is that nearly all men have had some homerastic attractions at some time in their lives. Those who have no recollection of this have had them unconsciously or in their sleep. It is all confirmed by examining chimpanzees, &c., &c. It is part of the liberal bull being promoted by the far left. It is designed to remove distaste for sodomy by implicating everyone in it in some way. Most men have no recollection of such impulses but the idea is that they come to question themselves. Once doubt sets it, the idea can be 'plausible' to nearly anyone. There are people (well, liberals, anyway) today who have no recollections of any such tendencies but nevertheless firmly believe that they have them.

    The goal in this movement is eventually to brand entirely heterastic men as being rare exceptions, like white crows or four-leaf clovers or, indeed, like the tiny number of true asexuals (people having no sexual attractions at all).

    It all fits in with liberal theory about the nature of reality. Reality is not objective but is a product of the mind. Therefore, it can be changed, even by dimwits (i.e. journalists: the two are synonyms).

    One of the promoters of the idea that all men are 'a little gay' is the comedian Bill Murray. His character mentions it in a film about some underwater adventure (in about 2007). I can't remember the title but I've heard that this was not the character speaking as much as the actor himself.


  41. ben joyce11:13 PM

    What is the reason for this explosion in pedophilia cases amoung Catholic Clergy?

    I am convinced that the root cause is that the Church allowed the Heresy of Liberalism to take root post WWII and subsequently was "institutionalized" by the Vatican II.

    Briefly, the heresy of liberalism is the erroneous thinking that one religion is as good as another. One can be saved in any religion. Loose teaching leads to loose behavior. The Church is being given its chastisment.

    Fr. Leornard Feeney warned that if the Church did not defend the Dogma of "Outside the Church there is no Salvation" than the Church will fall apart. He was correct.

    Essentially the modern Church teaches that "you can get away with it". This is liberalism. You can get away with multiple heresies, divorce, and birth control such as in the Protestant religions and they can go to heaven. If the Protestants can get away with that, maybe Catholics can get away with alot too? Maybe bishops can get away with raping alter boys.

    Fr. Feeney's doctine was never officially condemned. The notorious letter to Archbishop Cushing (protocol 122/49)was never placed in the acta and therefore is not binding on your conscience. This letter also contains theological error. Fr. Brian Harrison of Latin Mass Mag. states that that letter is at best theologically ambiguous.

    The Church will NEVER recover until the Dogma of EENS is upheld as it is stated in the Dogmatic proclaimations.

    Making excuses for non catholics ends up backfiring and soon your seminaries filled up with homosexuals.

  42. Anonymous11:32 PM

    More on (moron) this business of nearly all (except for some defective) men being a little queer. Yes, if you've never had at least one homo dream at least in your sleep, you are a defect or a wild exception, like an albino, a four-leaf clover, or a white crow. So the nonsense goes. Where did this idea come from? A bunch of activists sat around a table and dreamed it up, that's where. If they convince most people that there are no firm lines in matters of sexual orientation, then the distaste for inversion will disappear. That's what they're after.

    Another part of this theory is that men who are trapped in all-male environments will develop an inverted sexuality (except that the promoters of this idea call this 'normal', of course). They will mention the Royal Navy and prisons. The R.N. was the service of the upper classes to some extent. Recruits from the old schools typically served some time there. They were beaten on the bare bum in those public schools (called 'private' in U.S. usage) and, in those who were sexually immature, this caused some blood to rush to the wrong part of the anatomy and thereby created some unfortunate associations in the minds of said boys (not to mention their masters). At University (once all-male) and in the Navy, this was then played out. After that, most of them went on to get married and have normal lives. The problem was caused by the beatings in the public schools, however, not the all-male environments. Beatings on the bare buttocks has very dangerous effects. In my school, they beat us on the hands with a ruler and there was no problem at all.

    In the case of prison, of course there will always be a certin number of pigs. Frankly, you must ask yourself (without thinking of particular persons) what sorts of people would be there in the first place, on average. Some of those people will put sexual release before decency because they have no decency. They believe that they cannot control their urges because the media has been saying so for decades. In an earlier time, a taboo against sodomy would normally prevent this, just as a taboo against murder normally prevents that. The problem is solved by making sodomy a taboo again, like murder.

    All-male environments, then, contribute to the problem but are not sufficient. Other factors are more decisive.


  43. Anonymous11:51 PM

    Addendum on Sexuality Re-adjustment:

    The next step is for the liberals to declare not only that homerasty is 'normal' but that, without it, children develop dangerous psychological and social tendencies, including a dislike of sexual inverts themselves. Have you ever wondered what is really behind the anti-bullying movement? Think again.

    The 'cure' is 'sensitivity training', which means that children must be exposed to homerasty and encouraged to 'experiment' with it in order to develop a normal sexual identity and discover their true orientation. I don't think I need to write more. Everyone here knows what will follow this. Sex ed prepared the way.

    Homeschooling is looking better and better. If it continues to look so attractive, why, the Government will just have to abolish it to 'protect children'. Hard cases will be drummed up by the media to justify this, like the case of the backwoods half-wit who beats his child every day, etcetera.

    My advice? Get armed and get as many passports as you can. You may be needing them.


  44. 'Seminaries are not the problem"

    Nonsense! Where the modern neo-catholic presbyterate is concerned, they are. This is why the NO presbyters are declining absolutely in number and so many seminaries have closed. Modernist monasteries have followed suit. The ones I knew as a young catholic are either closed down or aging rapidly with dwindling membership. Only one has continued to flourish because it would not compromise its traditions. First, there are books available documenting why they are a very significant problem. Second, I have been in some of them and experienced first hand some of their non-Catholic absurdities.

  45. "The idea is that nearly all men have had some homerastic attractions at some time in their lives."

    This genre of reasoning arose with psychodynamic approaches. Some of its techniques were employed after the Vatican Councils in training presbyters in some seminaries. Freud, Jung and their like have haunted such lieus throughout the post-conciliar period. It has been used in parishes too by inexperienced and ignorant lay people in some catechetical methods also. For example, I know of many cases where an Anglican Freudian psychotherapist, a cleric, was giving NO presbyters, monks & laity psychological counselling using Freudian techniques. Lay psychoanalysts do & have been doing the same regularly.

    It makes me wonder sometimes how many catholics today have really experienced the chaos & utter dysfunctionality that reigns in the neo-catholic church. You can quote all the Vatican documents you like and refer to all the post-conciliar papal encyclicals and statements too, the social reality is that bishop, presbyter and lay person interpret or ignore these as they wish. The language therein gives them the license to do so, at some ambiguous semantic point. They have also been well-instructed that The Church prior to 1969 was judgmental, condemnatory, medieval and totally out of touch with modern man. That "springtime" in the church emerged after 1969. The last pontiff excelled at this propagating this simulacra.

    It has to be added that Father Ratzinger was part of this process too and on the side of the so-called "reformers". He claims he has not changed since then but the others have : whatever that means. This is how phenomenological the church has become in its language - use of language is a very powerful tool in a mediatised universe. Ambiguity and the subjectivised inner-conscious have been mobilised by the modernists thus furthering nebulous terminology and the concomitant lack of clarity.

    Consequently, the authoritative interpretation of the Holy Scriptures and the Sacred Traditions of The Roman Catholic Church - among those pre-conciliar "bastions" to be razed by the "reformers" - have been hijacked and mutilated.

    Thus, those who consider themselves "catholic" can claim (even without any objective evidence) we are all homosexuals under our skin and try to tell us that when Our Blessed Lord tells us not to judge others it really means we should tolerate any form of behaviour because we do not have the "human right" to warn others about their conduct. Love in The Bible means homosexual "love" also! Anal sex in marriage is fine too!

    Public demeanour & perceptions in the postmodern church befit this state of mayhem, from the top of the hierarchy down to the lay masses.

  46. Note to Robert: It will be far more edifying to enlighten me on the source citation and context for your anecdote about St. Charles Borromeo than for you to proffer insinuations that your interlocutors who disagree with you could be latent homosexuals.

  47. Albrecht von Brandenburg12:21 AM

    Re anecdote concerning St Charles, see:

    a link is given to the text, but it is unfortunately not available

  48. John McFarland2:10 AM

    The only significant issue regarding sodomy in the hierarachy and presbyterate is whether sodomites effectively run the Church, or merely have veto power over what happens.

    The usual estimate of sodomite clergy is 25-40%. No one much would be surprised if it were over 50%.

    Consider the symbolism of the appointment of Cardinal Bernard Law, former Archbishop of Boston, as archpriest of Saint Mary Major, for his good and faithful service in keeping the lid on Boston as long and as much as he could -- and in order to protect him from subpoenas in molestation cases back in the States.

    So I really don't understand the point of talking about one man's getting caught, other than as an occasion to pray for him and the rest of them, and to recall that getting caught is a sign of God's mercy.

    Nor can I see the point of talking more generally about sodomy in the Church. A century and a half ago, St. Anthony Mary Claret said that the only solution to a seminary infected by sodomy was to close it down and then burn it down. Until we have a Pope prepared to approach the issue in that spirit, nothing will change, and nothing we say or do will make the slightest bit of difference.

  49. Thanks for the link to the Life of St. Charles Borromeo containing the anecdote. It appears to be the kind of laudable self-mortification that is commonplace among the Saints, but which, sadly, seems to be extremely rare among bishops and priests of our day. It is no wonder that the Church saw the wisdom in the training system St. Charles established.

  50. Albrecht von Brandenburg7:48 AM


    You actually think in this, St Charles was right!!!

    I'm speechless.

    It's no wonder Vatican II happened - and I'm a traditionalist. I can well appreciate how, under the influence of such manichean spirituality, the clerical life had become a humanly intolerable burden - yet you seem just to want to impose crushing loads on the shoulders of the clergy!

  51. Your speechlessness is a blessing to our readers. Enough of your calumnies against St. Charles, Albrecht. Please cease as well your denigration of heroic self-mortification. Your attempt to draw a connection between St. Charles holiness, which you believe to have been unhealthy and unbalanced (and hence unholy), and the modern seminary system is erroneous as well as offensive to the faithful. We know all too well of very serious problems in the seminaries, but it's blazingly obvious that excessive practice of self-mortification is not one of them.

  52. Seminaries are the problem only in the sense that they house the people who perform these atrocious acts. It is the people who are the problem and our society's toleration of their unspeakable crimes is the reason why closing seminaries is not the answer. Bouncing the perpetrators out on their backsides is the answer and that includes their facilitators in the episcopate.

    The natural and moral law is being violated but Justice turns a blind eye. Those responsible for these outrageous crimes should be locked up for the rest of their natural lives, not honored as a minority group based on their sexual preferences, overtly played upon the innocent. Sodom and Gomorrah all over again but God will not be mocked.

  53. The face of the church in Rome is as negative. News was out the other day of the Master of ceremonies at St Peter's was involved in a red light district high speed car chase with people injured. Fr Cesare Burgazzi appears to be in deep trouble.

    What more can be expected from this disgusting establishment with its dysfunctional liberal prebyterate. They scandalise us everday and there is never a word of sorrow from them - only silence or obfuscation.

    The Americas are not alone.

  54. St. Charles had a Manichaean or a Jansenist spirituality and suffered from the deadly sin of pride?

    No, he didn't.

  55. "Lahey the Unmentionable"

  56. The face of the church in Rome is as negative. News was out the other day of the Master of ceremonies at St Peter's was involved in a red light district high speed car chase with people injured. Fr Cesare Burgazzi appears to be in deep trouble.

    Yes, he's in deep trouble -- but it must be clarified that the high speed chase and crash was three years ago. His case has finally come up in court, which is why it is being reported again. The current reports give the false impression that the chase and crash just happened.