Rorate Caeli


Siquidem nihil gloriosius,
For nothing more glorious,
nihil nobilius,
nothing nobler,
nihil profecto honorificentius cogitari potest,
nothing surely more honorable can be imagined
quam sanctam, catholicam, apostolicam Romanamque Ecclesiam participare,
than to belong to the
Holy, Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church,
qua unius tam venerandi Corporis membra efficimur,
in which we become members of One Body
as venerable as it is unique;
ab uno dirigimur tam excelso Capite;
are guided by one supreme Head;
ab uno perfundimur Divino Spiritu;
are filled with one Divine Spirit;
una denique doctrina unoque Angelico Pane hoc in terreno exsilio enutrimur,
are nourished during our earthly exile
by one doctrine and one Angelic Bread,
eo usque dum tandem aliquando una sempiternaque in caelis beatitate fruamur.
until at last we enter into the one, unending blessedness of
Pius XII
Mystici Corporis Christi
Recess for a few days
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Joao said...

Great pic.

Great post.

Author deserves a vacation.

Margaret said...


¡Viva Cristo Rey! Margaret

LeonG said...

Thank God for The Holy Father of my childhood. His words are a perfect precis of the Faith taught to us in those days. Clear, without equivocation with absolute assurance.

Anonymous said...

God Bless Church! God bless true doctrine to repent, pray, mortify, remain chaste. God Bless God in His angels and in His saints! Each day I thank the Lord and the Virgin for my conversion and protecting me through reading and adhering to the original saints writings - aiding me in obeying the counsels and the Gospels. Christ IS converting, He is gathering His saints. Nancy

Roland de Chanson said...

Lux perpetua luceat Pio XII. Verus XX saeculi heros. Mox canonizetur.

Anonymous said...

Outside of which there is NO SALVATION!!!!

Anonymous said...

Our dearest daughter Beatamaria (alias Bemu) depicted here at her first Holy Communion in Rome st. Trinita dei Pellegrini. Marko Tervaportti (the little girl's father)
took the picture. Oremus pro invicem!
Pilvi Listo-Tervaportti (the mom)

New Catholic said...

How fortunate of little Bemu to have such dedicated parents!

Thank you, Signora Listo-Tervaportti!


Anonymous said...

That's beatiful. That's something to recite nightly as part of one's evening prayers. It would certainly work for me. :)

Wonderful for Pius XII. I believe most certainly he at least would be Beatified right now if weren't for the Church's considerations for the politically correct. This can't be a shocker.