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New head of Justice and Peace

The Holy Father has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Martino as President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, naming as his successor Cardinal Peter Kodwo Appiah Turkson, up to now Archbishop of Cape Coast (Ghana). [Source: Bollettino]


Jordanes said...

May Cardinal Martino, and the Church, enjoy his retirement.

Anonymous said...

Even though I sort of like Cardinal Turkson, I'm not sure being ''African'' or ''Black'' is really enough to be elected Pope nowadays.

I was negatively suprised by his ''tolerant'' comments on AIDS and condoms, and so he doesn't seems like a ''safe bet'' on such matters.

There are probably many Italian Cardinals who are lining up to oppose Turkson. One, I think, is Angelo Scola, who seems very orthodox on all matters theological and moral.

Another is Angelo Bagnasco, the current leader of the Italian Episcopal Conference. Still another papabile is Angelo Amato, the current leader of the Congregation for the causes of Saints.

And there are many non-Italians / non-Africans who are just like that too.

Jordanes said...

Yes, Cardinal Turkson's remarks on condoms to prevent the spread of HIV (disturbing close to "let us do evil that good may come of it") are troubling.

I don't know if Cardinal Turkson is "papabile," though.

Jusztinián G. Rathkaj said...

"There are probably many Italian Cardinals..."

Do not forget at all Cardinal Caffarra in Bologna a luminary in the field of moral theology and anyway a worthy successor of the grat Giacomo Biffi.

Jon said...


I'm glad someone here has finally touched the uncomfortable fact that one day the Holy Father will no longer be with us. We may be blessed to have him around as long as Leo XIII, or even longer, in which case he'll have every opportunity to solidify the Benedictine restoration, as it were.

The actuarial tables aren't quite as comforting, however, and as we all know, that "restoration" will then fall to his successor to "solidify."

Personally, I think the papacy will fall back to an Italian. Comfortingly, there are several who are good. Here are my "papabile" for a desirable outcome, in order of likelihood and preference.

Cardinal Scola, whom I consider most likely.

Cardinal Bagnasco

Cardinal Caffara

Cardinal Amato

Soon-to-be Cardinal Burke

Despite the hitherto common wisdom that an American can never be elected, I think if there's a dark horse non-Italian, it's likely to be Burke. His resume, except for that Mississippi Valley part, reads "pope."

Anonymous said...


An American pope? Not in this lifetime.

A "third world" pope is still probably unlikely, though a Latin American has a better chance than an African.

The more likely outcome is a non-European pope as an intermediate step.

Such a candidate could be the great Cardinal Pell who, incidentally, is one of the few who could continue the liturgical programme of our great Holy Father, Benedict.

My hopes are certainly pinned on the great cardinal from Sydney.

But may B16 be with us many more years.

Anonymous said...

Turkson might have been "papabile" if he had stayed where he was, but not in the office he's moving to.

He's too liberal.

Also, I don't think there are many would be confortable with an African Pope.

I think the next Pope will also be an Italian.
I predict he will be a conservative person very much in the style of Burke (liturgically). I also predict that if the liberals largely hated JP II, and absolutely do hate this Pope, they will despise the next Pope much more.
Which for the Church will be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

This appointment was predicted and may have been done to bring an African back into the curia, since we have not had one there (at least not prominently) since the departure of Cardinal Arinze. I don't know much about Cardinal Turkson and therefore cannot comment on the effect this will have.


Anonymous said...

I predicted at the death of John Paul II that the next pope would likely be a Latin American. I was wrong. But I still think that this is a strong bet. Keep in mind that 46% of faithful are Latin Americans and yet we've never had a Pope from the Western Hemisphere.


Anonymous said...

No offence intended to Americans but the suggestion of an American pope is hard to imagine because Americans are just, well, very unpopular except among themselves. Perhaps the reason is jealousy, perhaps it is other reasons. I don't care to speculate but it is a fact.

But maybe we should give up such speculations and just trust that the Holy Ghost will inspire the cardianls to pick the best candidate! After all, nobody expected another European pope last time.


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe some commentary on what changes we can expect at "Justice and Peace" would be more substantive than speculations about the next conclave.


Anonymous said...

You guys better be more concerned about having an orthodox Pope who is zealous for Saving Souls than worrying what nationality he is such as some of Americas black bishops seem more concerned with. It tells loads about their LACK of faith when you hear that nonsense

Anonymous said...

One good thing is that one of the Latin American cardinals the media and rad. liberals fell all over themselves adoring, Rodriguez Maradiaga, is getting too old to be in the "papabile" crowd (67).

and there was another one who was labeled a good radical pick, a Jesuit in Latin America (I forget his name), who will be 74. He's pretty much out of the running.

Anonymous said...

Good riddins!

Athelstane said...

May Cardinal Martino, and the Church, enjoy his retirement.

This is perhaps the best charitable way to respond.

I agree that an American pope is highly unlikely - and in the past, this was actually a relief to me, given the low quality of the U.S. episcopate in general. It is notably better now in the aggregate. And I would be very happy to have Burke elected. But that is not going to happen, I think.

A Latin American pope makes a lot of sense, and is overdue. The problem is, again, the paucity of good candidates. There is Cipriani - who would be quite controversial. But again, the ranks of really solid Latin American papabile are thin, and no one here relishes the idea of, say, Hummes as pope. I hope the Holy Father has this in mind when it comes to episcopal nominations and naming cardinals.

Timothy Mulligan said...

I pray, first of all, that Pope Benedict XVI has a long and effective reign.

Second, I pray that the next pope is not chosen to titillate the media and the shallow-minded by reason of his race, national origin, etc. More than ever, the Church needs a competent and holy pope. Thankfully, we have one now.

Anonymous said...

That "Mississippi Valley" part of Burke's resume is very important, as it shows that he has the ability and audacity to turn a diocese around in a few short years. What the man did in St. Louis was brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Just pray for this Pontificate and Pope Benedict XVI to reign as long as Pope Leo XIII...Solid foundations are once again finally being set and stability will come with years. He is a good, Holy Pope who has done much for the Church in a short time. He sure showed everyone when they were calling him a "care taker" Pope. He is nothing of the kind. As for the next Pope, pray he is conservative, a lover of tradition and orthodox. With a continuation of this Holy Father's liturgical program the Church can not go wrong. That is what is most needed, not the emphasis on his nationality.

Anonymous said...

No, rather may Pope Benedict XVI live as long as Pope St. Agatho, who died at the age of ca. 104.

-- Bonifacius

Anonymous said...

what Cardinal Turkson thing about Condoom?

whow far his relationship with the pro condoom Dutch bishoop Tiny muskens?