Rorate Caeli

Further TAC developments

Those who are following developments regarding the Traditional Anglican Communion's response to the Apostolic Constitution Anglicanorum coetibus will find the following of interest. It is an excerpt from a recent pastoral letter (dated Sunday, 22 Nov. 2009) of Archbishop Louis W. Falk, former Primate of the TAC, and former metropolitan of the U.S.A. for the Anglican Church in America, which is the U.S.A. TAC body. Archbishop Falk is the TAC's founding primate, and currently is President of the House of Bishops of the Anglican Church in America. The excerpt follows:

". . . . An initial set of Complementary Norms has been issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which will be discussed in detail by representatives of that body and of the TAC College of Bishops within the near future. We are now asking members of the ACA (and other TAC provinces) to study the Norms and then pose such questions as may occur. (Some already have, such as: Question: Will we be able to continue to have married priests indefinitely? Answer: Yes. Question: Will those of us who were formerly Roman Catholics be excluded from the Anglican Ordinariates? Answer: No. Question: Will we lose control over our Church finances and property? Answer: No.) There will be more. These can be sent to your own Bishop, and he will see that they get to the appropriate TAC representatives. Your concerns, as well as your thoughts and prayers, are an essential element and a vital part of this process. . . . "

Our thanks to Mr. Peter Karl T. Perkins for bringing this to our attention.