Rorate Caeli

Bishop Schneider continues his worldwide pilgrimage
in defense of Traditional Communion

Bishop Athanasius Schneider, ORC, in Estonia

Bishop Athanasius Schneider visited Estonia December 10, 2009, for the publication of his book Dominus est in Estonian. After the presentation, Bishop Schneider celebrated a Missa Cantata in the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul.

In the book presentation the Bishop explained how the present form of hand communion has nothing to do with the practise of hand communion in the early centuries. The new way was adapted by some liberal priests in Holland directly from the Calvinists in 1965.

The Bishop ultimately decided to write a book defending the traditional way of receiving Holy Communion, and when the work was finished he gave a manuscript to the Holy Father. The Pope wrote back to the Bishop praising the work and his accuracy of knowledge of the patristics.

Bishop Schneider told he had also asked the Pope to stop distributing Communion in the hand in Papal Masses, and even if the Pope's answer was supportive it was not certain that it would happen. But since only a few months later, all communicants have been asked to receive Holy Communion from the Pope only kneeling and on the tongue. A true miracle, says Bishop Schneider.
From our friends in the Baltic (Blog
Summorum); recess continues until mid-December.


  1. Anonymous2:40 AM

    Um, does this mean that Bishop Frederick Henry will have to receive Holy Communion in lingua and whilst standing? What if the Pope coughs at the Altar (probably to clear his throat). Will Henry jump up and yell out, "Communion in the hand: I want Communion in the hand!" Another option would be that Henry simply not receive at all. But wait! He has a right to receive at every Mass!

    Phone 9-1-1!


  2. The devil must be pretty mad
    because the return of the solemnity
    and respect due to the Holy Body
    of Christ. Let him burn in rage!dinfarbi

  3. Anonymous4:14 AM

    Bishop Schneider, please come to TORONTO!!!

  4. Anonymous5:35 AM

    Quoting,"In the book...the Bishop explained how...hand communion has nothing to do with the practise of hand communion in the early centuries. The new way was adapted by...liberal priests...directly from the Calvinists in 1965."

    Sounds like a book I am going to read. Catholics need to hear this stuff....


  5. John Vicente6:31 AM

    I would like to read Bishop Schneider's book. Is it available in English?

  6. Yes!

    It is published by the Newman House Press.

  7. Lets hope 2010 sees a directive from the Holy See ending the practice of communion in the hand throughout the entire Latin Church!Now that would be a miracle!Go Pope Benedict Go!

  8. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Ryan, I could not agree more.

    It would be an interesting discussion here, no? How to implement such a sea change since Memoriale Domini!

  9. Anonymous12:04 AM

    I tried to order it from Amazon, where it is listed, earlier this year. After several months, they (Amazon) said, they couldn't fulfill the order and canceled it. :(

    I will try ordering it directly from the publisher.

  10. M. A.1:42 AM

    How about a Christmas present for some N.O. parish priest? Better yet, how about sending one to your local bishop?

  11. M. A.2:02 AM

    Never mind. By looking at the press site, I see that a copy has been sent to every bishop in the United States and in Canada!

    I hope they bother to read it. I am still ordering copies to pass around.

  12. Anonymous2:11 AM

    I wish Bishop Schneider would come to Chicago, where - apart from Extraordinary Form Masses - not even the most conservative priests will place a kneeler in the aisle as an option for us to receive Communion kneeling. Not even as an option can the "good" priests make any effort to imitate the Holy Father. Oh, my, but don't they live in terror of the liberals, and their snide remarks.

  13. In the 1990's, Bishop Juan Rodolfo Laise OFMCap, himself a great friend of the Traditional Latin Mass (which he frequently celebrated in its SOLEMN PONTIFICAL form), wrote a powerful book against communion in the hand. I think that book ought to be reprinted side-by-side Bishop Schneider's "Dominus Est"

  14. Anonymous4:06 AM

    I was at my parish (Dallas Diocese) when this month's First Friday Mass was offered.

    A woman (head covered) received Holy Communion on the tongue while kneeling.

    The woman's daughter followed suit.

    A man also knelt to receive Holy Communion (tongue).

    That was the first time in decades at my parish that I had witnessed people receiving Holy Communion in that manner.

  15. Anonymous12:02 PM

    It was truly blessing to be present at the event. Bishop Schneider was very up-to-the-point while still being charitable. It is possible, but requires much humility -we are not important, but Jesus (in the Blessed Sacrament) is!

  16. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Your Excellency, please come to Sweden.

  17. Anonymous6:57 PM

    When he's finished on the East Coast, tell him to pop on over to Spokane, but bring a suit of armor and shield with him just in case.

    Better yet, we're waiting for a new bishop. What's Bishop Schneider doing?

  18. Anonymous11:17 PM

    All those people wanting communion on the tongue whilest kneeling should really attend a Mass celebrated by any SSPX priest

  19. Or you could go to my parish, or to one of the Johannine Masses celebrated by one of our diocesan priests, or to a Mass celebrated by an FSSP priest (as long as it's not in a diocese headed by someone like Bishop Henry).

  20. Anonymous4:53 AM

    What is, " of the Johannine Masses".
    Do you mean a NO mass?

  21. No, I mean a YES!! Mass. :-D

    It's a traditional Latin Mass celebrated according to the Roman Missal promulgated by Blessed John XXIII in 1962 -- hence "Johannine," as oppposed to Pauline, a Mass according to Paul VI's Roman Missal of 1970 (as altered by John Paul II).

  22. Your Lordship, please come to the Philippines, too.

  23. The entire problem would be solved by restoring the Holy Mass in Latin. Holy Communion in the hand will remain as long as Bugnini's vernacular service continues

  24. Anonymous7:59 PM

    "Or you could go to my parish, or to one of the Johannine Masses celebrated by one of our diocesan priests, or to a Mass celebrated by an FSSP priest"

    Unfortunately most people do not live near your parish or your diocese, and there are many who live no where near an FSSP parish, but considering the fact that, at least in the US, there are over twice as many SSPX missions or priories than FSSP churches, there is more of a chance for the faithful to be gaurenteed reception on the toungue comfortably in FSSPX chapels.

  25. Dan Hunter

    The same is so for France. While attending FSSP masses is possible it would be more convenient to go to an SSPX church or chapel as they are more abundant. Also, the FSSP continue to have problems with antipathetic bishops: the high price of compromise.

  26. LeonG,I have the same issue, I have an SSPX church almost accross the street, but I drive an hour to an indult or an FSSP Mass. The price of of avoiding schism.

  27. In the archdiocese of Chicago...

    Regarding receiving Holy Communion while kneeling in the archdiocese of Chicago: one may receive Holy Communion while kneeling at a Communion Rail at Ordinary Form Holy Masses at the following parishes:

    St. Mary of the Angels Church at 1800 North Hermitage Avenue in Chicago - for Sunday and Holy Day Masses - in the main church sanctuary there is a marble communion rail.

    St. John Vianney Parish, 46 North Wolf Road in Northlake, IL, - communicants may always receive Holy Communion while kneeling at the marble Communion rail which surrounds the altar and sanctuary.

    St. John Cantius Church, 825 N. Carpenter St. at Ogden, Milwaukee and Chicago Avenues. This parish has daily Mass in both the Traditional Latin form and the Ordinary English form. The tradition at the parish is to receive Communion at the communion rail at all Masses.

    There may well be a few other parishes in the archdiocese where one may receive Holy Communion at a "Ordinary Form" Holy Mass, while kneeling at a Communion rail. For example, possibly at St. Peter in Volo, IL, which is under the pastoral care of the priests of the Society of St. John Cantius.

    I recommend everyone to visit and to assist at Holy Mass and devotions at the Shrine of Christ the King at 6415 South Woodlawn Avenue, Chicago, IL. Sunday Masses are at 8:00 am (Low Mass) and 10:00 am, Missa Cantata, and/or Solemn High Mass.



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