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You report: The TLM in Ontario

Pictures are of the Solemn Mass for Candlemas 2010

From Vox Cantoris comes the following article, sent especially for Rorate:

On Candlemas, some history was made in Toronto . For the first time in more than a generation a Solemn High Mass in the Extraordinary Form was celebrated on Candlemas. More than that, two transitional Deacons from the Archdiocese of Toronto filled the role of Deacon and Subdeacon. Not impressed yet? The role Crucifer, Thurifer and Acolytes were taken up by four Seminarians from St. Augustine ’s Seminary in Toronto .

The Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite had been celebrated in Toronto for a number of years under the former indult at two parishes, St. Theresa Shrine (Little Flower) in Scarborough and at St. Vincent de Paul and St. Patrick’s Church in Schomberg, an hour north of Toronto .

Following the implementation of Summorum Pontificum the Oratorian Fathers already celebrating a Missa Cantata at their St. Vincent de Paul parish added it Monday to Saturday at Holy Family Parish which is the next to the Toronto Oratory. A year later, the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter began its Apostolate at St. Theresa Shrine giving a well-deserved lighter load to the faithful retired priest (Fr. Liam Gavigan -- CAP) who laboured there for years and now concentrates on his service to the people at St. Patrick’s in Schomberg and a Carmelite Convent at Zephyr, Ontario.

In Toronto , the FSSP awaits a “personal parish.” The Archbishop of Toronto, His Excellency Thomas Collins has indicated that sufficient growth of the existing St. Theresa community will be necessary to ensure financial stability of a parish. The good news here is that in the last year, the attendance at Sunday Mass is up approximately 66% from around 40 to hovering around 100 and growing. The Mass is celebrated there on Sundays as a Missa Cantata and on feast days at St. Theresa Shrine or where the Chaplain, Father Howard Venette resides at St. Brigid’s Church where Mass is celebrated daily.

The FSSP has been active in Ontario for a few years now. With an Oratory in St. Catherine’s, Ontario , only a short-drive from Niagara Falls , they also serve Kitchener and London , Ontario for Sundays. Unfortunately, in Hamilton the Mass is only celebrated alternate Sundays.

In Ottawa, the Mass has been said continually since the 1970 reforms thanks to the pleading by the Ambassador of France to the then Archbishop. While at that time it was banished to a former Jehovah’s Witness Kingdom Hall in a remote suburb, it is now a Personal Parish with three Fraternity of St. Peter priests at St. Clement Parish.

Other good news for the traditional liturgy is happening in Windsor, Ontario at Our Lady of the Assumption every Sunday afternoon; alternate Sundays as a parish priest from Brockville journeys to Kingston, Ontario to celebrate at St. Mary’s Cathedral, and two priests in parishes in Kinkora, Ontario at St. Patrick’s and at St. Joseph’s in Fergus, Ontario celebrate the Extraordinary Form as part of normal parish life on special feast days.

Consistently at these Masses, the majority were not born before the liturgical reforms of 1970. Support for the traditional liturgy is growing and your help is needed to see this growth continue to ensure that personal parishes are erected and parish priests continue to learn and celebrate this most sublime liturgy to the Greater Glory of God. Here is a list of where you can find the Traditional Latin Mass in Ontario .

Toronto FSSP
Sunday 1:00 PM at St. Theresa Shrine
Daily at St. Brigid’s (varied times)

The Toronto Oratory
Monday to Friday at 11:30 AM
Saturday at 8:30 AM
Oratory Church of the Holy Family
Sunday at 11:30 AM
Oratory Church of St. Vincent de Paul

FSSP St. Catherine’s
Sunday at 8:30, 9:30 & 11:30 AM

FSSP Kitchener
1st Sunday at 2:30 PM; 2nd to 4th Sundays at 1:00 PM

FSSP London
Sunday at 8:00 AM

FSSP Ottawa
Sunday at 8:30, 10:30 AM and 6:30 PM
Twice daily

Assumption Church , Windsor
Sunday at 2:00 PM

St. Patrick’s Church, Kinkora
Irregular Schedule's.htm

St. Joseph’s Church, Fergus
Irregular Schedule

St. Elizabeth Seton, Newmarket
Friday evening/Saturday morning

St. Mary’s Pro-Cathedral
1st & 3rd & 5th Sundays at 2:30

St. Mary’s Cathedral, Kingston
Some Sundays at 3:00 PM


Toronto FSSP Solemn High Mass!/photo.php?pid=5164186&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=278441757034&aid=-1&id=628470539&fbid=320685730539

Toronto Oratory Missa Cantata

St. Patrick’s Kinkora Septuagesima Missa Cantata!/photo.php?pid=200599&id=100000222833606


  1. Excellent post. However, when I called the Chancery in 2008 they informed me there were no Latin Masses available. I believe this is still the case.

    London, Ontario, (a university town!) is desperately in need of good liturgy and good music.

  2. After checking the Archdiocese of Toronto webpage under "Parishes" and then the pull-down for "Languages" and then the pull-down for "Latin" there are four parishes listed:
    St. Theresa Shrine Scarborough (Toronto)
    Holy Family Toronto
    St. Vincent de Paul Toronto
    St. Patrick's Schomberg

    These are because they are regularly scheduled and for Sunday Obligation. The Newmarket Masses may be only contingent for now on the availablity of the priest.

    Recently, a Requiem funeral was held at a Church just north of Toronto. The Parish Priest could not celebrate it, but he did everything he could to assist the family and a priest able to celebrate according to the Extraordinary Form presided. (oops, can I used that word?)

  3. The Chancery I was referring to is the London, Ontario one.

  4. small correction - the subdeacon is a transitional deacon for the Diocese of Hamilton, not Toronto

  5. Hi! Probably this is the proper blog post wherein I could inquire Rorate Caeli regarding the defacing of an FSSP chapel in Guadalajara, Mexico allegedly made SSPX extremists on Jan 20, 2010. This is the second time that I will be asking Rorate Caeli to enlighten us readers about this ugly incident. My first comment didn't get posted; probably because it was off of a tangent vis-a-vis the topic discussed by the blog post ("Lent begins" by New Catholic"). But I've seen other posters did it in the past with some of the blog posts here in Rorate Caeli. Is this forum exclusive only for individuals and groups who know each other and have connections? Was my inquiry too stupid to be posted in this blog?

    I'm surprised that Rorate Caeli did not make any news post on this dastardly crime. I am very sure that you were already informed regarding this incident as the news had been posted on various website. Could it be that Rorate Caeli is being selective on which articles get posted on the blog?

    Should the moderators decide to not approve my comment for, please do contact me @ if you have the time. I would like to know why you keep rejecting my comments and why your group is so eerily silent on this foul attack against Catholics (by fellow Catholics!).

  6. This is wonderful news! I hope the FSSP can continue to help the diocese come back to such riches as these. At the same time, would it be out of place to mention that the SSPX has offered a Mass in Toronto for many years? We can hope that in the future collaboration with them will become a reality.

  7. One more Mass for your list: A weekly Low Mass recently debuted at St. Theresa Church in Windsor on Thursdays at 7:00 PM.

  8. Rilenavi:

    Rorate Caeli is a blog that tries to report on many important developments, but it is NOT a complete news source for anything and everything that happens in the traditional Catholic world. It is run by people who also have busy lives in addition to maintaining this blog.

    As a general rule, if we have to choose between posting on something that isn't being reported in the rest of the English-speaking Catholic blogosphere, and something (like the FSSP-SSPX incident in Mexico) that has already been reported on one of the major Catholic blogs in English (WDTPRS, in this case), then we'd choose the former.

    Furthermore, the incident in Guadalajara is quite complicated, and there are indications that some have been too quick to blame the SSPX for it.

  9. Raphael,

    Indeed you are correct; while studying at St. Augustine's Seminary the Subdeacon is a transitional deacon for the Diocese of Hamilton.

    There is a vocations director for Hammilton diocese that is doing tremendous work. To see, this, attend Vespers on Sundays at 5:00PM at The Toronto Oratory and you'll seee many vocations from that diocese beginning their studies at St. Philip's Seminary at The Toronto Oratory. Hamilton will be quite the place a decade from now!

    For more information see

    Thank you Raphael for the correction!

  10. Thank you for the clarification Mr. Palad! Mabuhay ka at pagpalain ka ng Diyos!

  11. Thank you Mr. Palad for the clarification. Pagpalain ka nawa ng Panginoong Diyos! Much respect to all the staff and writers of Rorate Caeli.

  12. Anonymous9:37 AM

    As an Ontarian born and bred, I can say that this is a very positive report. However, there needs to be every-Sunday Masses in the following sees and NOW, thank you:

    Archdiocese of Kingston;

    Diocese of Peterborough;

    Diocese of Pembroke.

    Much more is needed across the frontier in Quebec.


  13. Anonymous9:41 AM

    One note:

    It's St. Catharines, not St. Catherines.

    Why? I don't know. But I do remember getting a whack across the fingers for getting that spelling wrong on a test!

    I doubt that it has anything to do with Cathars, though!



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