Rorate Caeli

All behind you, Peter!

Ready at your command, Holy Father!

From the speech of the dean of the College of Cardinals, Cardinal Sodano, before the Holy Father on Easter Sunday:
Holy Father, the People of God is with you, [the People] who are not impressed by the idle gossip of each moment, or by the troubles that at times hurt the community of the faithful. Jesus, in fact, had told us: 'In this world you will have troubles,' immediately adding, 'but take heart! I have overcome the world'.

Last Thursday, in the Holy Mass for the benediction of the Holy Oils, Your Holiness edified us all by speaking of the goodness of God and recalling the inspired words of the first Bishop of Rome, the Apostle Peter, who described the attitude of Christ during his Passion with these words: 'When he was reviled, did not revile: when he suffered, he threatened not: but delivered himself to him that judged him unjustly' (I Peter ii, xxiii).

Holy Father, we will treasure your words. In this Paschal feast, we will pray that the Lord, the Good Shepherd, will keep supporting you in your mission at the service of the Church and of the world.

Happy Easter, Holy Father! Happy Easter, Sweet Christ on Earth! The Church is with you!


  1. It is not a secret that Cardinal Sodano is not the greatest friend of Traditional Catholics...

    This is the time, however, to stand behind the Pope. All true Catholics are being tested by fire at this moment: we must stand behind the Pope during this storm.


  2. I have had some heated arguments with a lot of people defending the Holy Father from that slanderous attacks upon his person, integrity, and leadership. It is important, however, that we remember, with great sensitivity, the victims of sexuality abuse that acquired at the hands of Catholic clerics. May the Lord have mercy upon their souls.

  3. They must be remembered, and cared for. There are many things which can and must be discussed regarding the crisis that led to this. We have been very outspoken about this since our first days, and will be be even more so as soon as this secular storm is over.

    But, AT THIS MOMENT, the priority of all Catholics is to stand behind the Pope and defend him.

  4. This is a wonderful post at Easter. Finally! Yes, we are behind the Holy Father one hundred per cent. Christ has indeed overcome the world, and the secular press is much less than that!

    Traditional Easter Greeting in the Latin Church:

    Christ is risen, Alleluia!

    He is risen indeed and hath appeared under Simon [i.e. Peter]. Alleluia!

    Let's see if these undereducated nitwits with their risible 'degrees' from 'schools' of journalism can take on the Holy Catholic Church. We're game!


  5. I agree with Mr. Dillon's remarks. However, there is a time and a place for everything. Easter Sunday is a time to remember the most important event in history, and I'm not referring to anything that happened in the twentieth century.

    It is true, however, that, quite soon, the Holy Father will want to consider carefully how to address this serious problem.


  6. V. Let us pray for our Pontiff, Pope Benedict.
    R. The Lord preserve him, and give him life, and make him to be blessed upon the earth, and deliver him not up to the will of his enemies (Roman Breviary).

    Our Father. Hail Mary.

    (From the old Raccolta: A plenary indulgence on the usual conditions, when this prayer has been devoutly said every day for a month (S.C. Ind., Nov. 26, 1876; S. P. Ap., Oct 12, 1931).

    Let us pray.

    Almighty and everlasting God, have mercy upon Thy servant, Benedict, our Supreme Pontiff, and direct him, according to Thy loving-kindness, in the way of eternal salvation; that, of thy gift, he may ever desire that which is pleasing unto thee and may accomplish it with all his might. Through Christ Our Lord. Amen (Roman Ritual).

    (From the old Raccolta: An indulgence of three years, a plenary indulgence once a month on the usual conditions, for the daily devout recitation of this prayer. S. P. Ap., March 10, 1935).

  7. I'm not the greatest fan of Cardinal Sodano. But today, he impressed me.

    He showed that, although he is "not the greatest friend of Traditional Catholics", as New Catholic put it, he is nevertheless a true Catholic.

    And he spoke as the Dean of the College of Cardinals should speak.

    At this hour, when the Pope is under persecution by a slanderous media campaign, Cardinal Sodano rose to the occasion and to the institutional importance of his office as Dean of the Sacred College.

    And he expressed himself with brilliant words; words that must have been very comforting to the Holy Father.

    May this slanderous campaign backfire! May it serve to unite all more closely all real Catholics behind the Rock which is Pope Benedict XVI, the Successor of blessed Peter.

    I, for one, although only an insignificant member of the People of God, adhere wholeheartedly to Cardinal Sodano's words. Let us all cry out together: we are with you, Holy Father.

    Ad multos annos, Pater Sancte!

  8. The Pope is indeed being slandered - and we should do everything to defend him.

    We should also pray that Pope Benedict has the courage to clean house even among those close to him who have perpetrated and enabled this mess, this embarassment - like Cardinals Levada and Sodano. Then he should have the courage to continue going around many of the bishops who stall and turn a blind eye to scandalous behavior in parishes and seminaries, theologically suspect practices and other aspect of the perverse infection that has affected the Church in many areas. Obviously, most bishops, like most priests, are good and holy men - but some of them have allowed un-Catholic practices to go on too long, enabling the perpetrators that have put the Church in the position she is in today.

    Standing behind the Pope does not mean standing for those members of the Church hierarchy that have contributed to this mess.

  9. "the priority of all Catholics is to stand behind the Pope and defend him"

    How about the priority of Catholics being the defense of truth? Or of demanding that homosexuals and pedophiles be removed from the Priesthood?

    Every day more news breaks showing how much senior clerics knew and when. The fact the Church has the worst sense of PR of any organization on the planet doesn't help, but playing the ultramontane card is not the proper response to this crisis, in my opinion.

  10. Great graphic! Happy Easter! Looks like the Abortion Times may have inadvertently done us a very great service. Could the Church Militant be....finally....coming back?

  11. I will throw down for the Holy Father.

    Everyone out there understand

    I will personally take care of biness if anyone slanders his good name.

    Check it out now and
    God bless the Supreme Pontiff.

    Dan Hunter

  12. Card. Sodano acted accurately as a dean of the sacred college. May God bless him and the pontiff!

  13. Surely the defence of the Holy Father is a necessary act of justice and a defence of the truth. I cannot see that it as a mere ultramontane response.
    Certainly however, it is time for the Pope to take to task those Bishops (Cardinals or otherwise) who have acted in scandalous ways over recent years, not simply in regard to the paedohile problem, but in their poor oversight of weak seminaries, subjective moral teaching and its related, relativistic pastoral care, as well as the all-too common liturgical mayhem. All have contributed to the loss of our experience of what it is to be Catholic, and to the unity which should flow from this common experience of the Catholic identity.

  14. I have no problem whatsoever with Ultramontanism, Mark.

    Regardless of this, remember that a weakened and demoralized Papacy cannot do anything regarding any serious problem within the Church.

  15. New Catholic wrote: "Regardless of this, remember that a weakened and demoralized Papacy cannot do anything regarding any serious problem within the Church."

    Why do we always demand solutions from the "Papacy"? Are the bishops only figureheads?

  16. Support the Holy Father by signing the letter

  17. No, last Anon, but is there a doubt that the problem that led to this crisis is a worldwide problem that demands a worldwide solution?

    Ever since the days of Pope Wojtyla, the solution to this crisis has been handling it through the Bishops and Episcopal Conferences, first diocese by diocese and then nation by nation, when what was needed was a heavy worldwide intervention by the only organ in the Universal Church divinely charged with universal matters: the Papacy.

    The bishops and their useless conferences failed, which is why even the secular authorities look up to the Papacy for an answer. A systemic failure demands a systemic solution, and, in the Catholic Church, the only institution which can provide it is the Papacy.

    Enough about this now: support the Pope, or be quiet.

  18. to Anon 9:02
    "Why do we always demand solutions from the "Papacy"? Are the bishops only figureheads?"

    I agree with your first question : the pope is not the one and only response to all and every single problems.

    But I will add to your second question. No bishops are not only "figureheads" : in too many dioceses, in the past 40 years, bishops have been THE problem.
    Removing corrupt bishops, changing the various networks of appointment for new corrupt bishops are two relevant answers to the present damages in all fields : liturgical chaos they let happen, poor training in seminaries they bless, bad nominations in chanceries and in parishes they make, overt dissent they let go or blame timidly, disorder and heresies they also bless in theology when they themselves are not producing them etc.

    In every period of decline/crisis, like in the Middle Ages or in the Renaissance, corrupt or mundane bishops have been the most vicious plague of the Church. Each time a movement of genuine reform to purify the Church has been a movement to purify the college of bishops.

    That's why calling the pope for action - pun intended - is relevant because he can give the impulse to purge the corrupt bishops and purify the episcopal college.

    Besides, dear Anon, you can also add that meanwhile lay people and honest priests, devout nuns, along with faithful bishops can work to launch this vast movement of Catholic reform we so badly need as in the XVI-XVIIth.


  19. New Catholic said:

    "The bishops and their useless conferences failed, which is why even the secular authorities look up to the Papacy for an answer."

    With all due respect, I disagree with your analysis. The media is looking "honestly" for one of three goals: to force this Pope to (1) abdicate (2)die under the stress of their relentless campaign or (3) be reduced to silence and inaction especially regarding the dialogue (hate that word) with the SSPX. The media elites equate the dialogue with the SSPX as a return by Benedict to a pre-Conciliar Church (read primarily anti-feminist, anti- homosexual).

    The homosexual friendly bishops like Mahoney are quietly supported by the journalistic left. Mahoney has perjured himself -- a fact openly known in Los Angeles. However, because of his radical liberalism in issues such as homosexuality and open borders, the media give him a free pass -- no calls for his resignation. He's protected by the political and journalistic establishment of California.

    The L.A. Times yesterday went after Cardinal Levada (another example of a bishop with "conservative" reputation but who actually promoted the revolution in the Church throughout his ecclesiastical career) yesterday for his lenient treatment of a priest abuser while he was bishop of Portland. They knew all about this long before yesterday. When he was Archbishop of San Francisco, however, they left him alone; when he was appointed Cardinal Ratzinger's successor at the Holy Office, the same Laurie Goodstein who has been the lead attack dog against Pope Benedict wrote in the NY Times a puff-piece about Levada's appointment as head of the CDF (May 16, 2005). The title of this article: "Catholic doctrine chief can see 'bigger picture." It was only after Levada defended Benedict did Levada begin receiving bad press such as the "revelation" of his handling of the Portland sex abuse case.

    My point is that this leftist campaign began against the Pope soon after the lifting of the excommunications against the SSPX bishops. The media is not looking to the See of Peter for clarity. Their goal is to prevent Benedict from legitimizing the theological point of view of the SSPX through the present theological discussions.


  20. I wrote "authorities", not "media". And not "all authorities", but "authorities" in general. "Media" outlets were not mentioned by me.


  21. New Catholic, I didn't mean to offend. I apologize if I did.

    However, "secular authorities" I presume include the political, journalistic and "religious" (read: leftists in our own Church hierarchy both inside the Vatican and around the world).

    This campaign is well-orchestrated.

  22. Happy and Holy Easter. While I am much heartened by good Catholics standing behind our beloved Holy Father, and while I do not, in any way, wish to undermine the seriousness of sexual abuse among clergy (because it is truly sinful and harmful), I am amazed at how the world and the majority of Catholics think that the only persons bringing scandal to the Church are the priests and bishops. We laity, with our lifestyles that are contrary to the teachings of God and the Church, also bring scandal to the Church! We continue to cohabitate, practice artificial birth control, gossip about any pastor we don't like, and yes, even practice sexual child abuse withinmany of our own homes among our own children!. Yet, we think that only priests and bishops cause scandal. Please, dear Catholics, let us pray for our Church, but also "clean house" in our own domestic churches.
    "For the sake of His sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world."

    Vicki Double

  23. Thank you, NC! This is the time to be with the Holy Father. I, too, am positively surprised by the generous support of the Dean of the College of Cardinals.

  24. I believe Holy Father Benedict has been on the side of justice and truth all along, and is being slandered by enemies of the Church because the Church is the last bastion against relativism. So we must defend the truth and stand behind him.

    But the Church will never get out of this crisis by closing ranks and defending the clergy without reservation. That's what let it go on so long in the first place. Calling for Catholics to adopt a "my mother, drunk or sober" attitude will only prolong the agony.

    I don't know from ultramontane, but I have heard it said repeatedly that bishops are not merely local branch managers of Vatican Inc. to be hired and fired at the whim of Rome. If you want Rome to be held responsible for personnel, be careful what you wish for because you may get it. But if Benedict cannot sack local bishops, he should at least ask some of them to resign for the good of the faithful, and he should recall some cardinals' red hats.

    The press and the public don't know internal Church factionalism, modernists vs. traditionalists, and don't care. If the Church cleans house publicly, it can use that occasion to prescribe a return to tradition as part of the remedy. But if it were to reimpose even worthy traditions (e.g., worship ad orientem, communion rails, reduction of EMHCs) without cleaning house, this would be perceived as the hierarchy closing ranks and delivering a giant ****-you to the laity. So Benedict has to go slower than he would like.

    The principal problem remaining is a lack of contrition on the part of the episcopate. This is glaringly obvious to everyone outside of the chanceries and what remains of the Catholic ghetto. In America, not one bishop has resigned; not one bishop has been publicly rebuked by name by his fellow bishops for malfeasance in office, not even Weakland or Law. They act like cops refusing to police their own kind. At least in Ireland they're starting to name names.

    The bishop in Ireland who resigned has done more to save the Church there in the long run than have all the bishops' commissions, letters of apology, and promises to improve procedure. If more bishops chose to let their grain of wheat fall to the ground, they would bear much fruit.

  25. Pope Benedict is our Pope as well - i.e., for traditionalists. We sometimes criticize him for not acting swiftly enough to restore all things in Christ but we draw the line against those who blame him for the sexual abuse scandals in the Church. He is not to blame. The perpetrators are to blame and their ally, the Devil, who goes about the world seeking the ruin of souls.

    Are we so naive that we fail to recognize the fact that these perpetrators were engaged in a conspiracy to keep their actions from the Roman authorities? Also to blame are those perverts who in the media and in social means of communication seek to instill the attitude that there are no absolute standards of morality, that the laws of God and, by the way, His Church, can be summarily disregarded by one's own conscience. Not so, my friends, not so. We will suffer the consequences if we do not get back to God and follow His laws.

    But at the same time I renew my request to the Holy Father that he grant faculties and status to the SSPX and deserving independents to help him in the restoration of all things in Christ. There are resources at your disposal, Holy Father, if only you will use them.

  26. This is all certainly a hatchet job without much if regard for the facts, and a world of noisome hypocrisy.

    But don't assume that the facts will turn out to be what you want them to be.

    The authorities of the Church have been behaving abominably on this issue for a long time.

    His Holiness has been one of those authorities for a long time.

    We all want to believe that he was not touched by the abomination.

    But Pope John Paul II was certainly touched by it. Cardinal Law resigned to distract attention from the surfacing of a shuffle-them-around letter from the Vatican, and he was made archpriest of St. Mary Major (1) as his reward for good and faithful service in trying to keep the lid on and (2) to insulate him from having to testify in American judicial proceedings.

    Do not assue that Pope Benedict's record is any more edifying.

    Cardinal Sodano's appearance in the affair is not a good sign. It is a bad sign. He famously ran things in the Vatican in his time, and probably still has a hand in how they are run. His appearance says, loud and clear, politics as usual -- that it is the Vatican and not the Pope that is being protected.

  27. As the recipient of strong support from the bishops, then Pope Benedict XVI has every reason to enact major reforms, particularly in the area of Liturgy.

    That is, the time to act has arrived as one bishop after another has lined up in support of His Holiness.

    Prior to the past few weeks, if my diocese (Dallas) is an indication as to how His Holiness has, for example, influenced liturgical reform among bishops, then I haven't discerned a "follow the leader" mentality among our bishops.

    With the exception of having finally granted the FSSP its own church, it's been Novus Ordo business as usual in Dallas.

    That is, vernacular (sometimes mixed English/Spanish) Masses, pianos, drums, altar girls, Communion in the hand, "EMs" by the hundreds (one parish boasts that it has nearly 200 "EMs"...same old Novus Ordo story.

    But with their having declared unwavering support for His Holiness, then there is every reason to believe that a Papal push toward Holy Tradition would receive strong support among bishops.

    Laymen, at least those who are attached strongly to the Church, will, of course, stand with the Holy Father.

    I believe that God's People pray that our Pope will act in a strong and dramatic manner to restore Holy Tradition throughout the Church.


  28. The Knights of Columbus have initiated a Novena to be prayed for Pope Benedict XVI from 11 April (Low Sunday/Divine Mercy Sunday) to 19 April 2010 (the 5th anniv. of the Holy Father's election to the papacy).

    More info including holy card at:


  29. "Happy Easter, Sweet Christ on Earth!"
    Regardless of the attacks on Pope Benedict XVI or where one stands on this unfortunate issue, the Latin notion of the Roman Pontiff as "Sweet Christ on Earth" is one which the Orthodox (if they remain Orthodox) will never embrace. Every bishop is the living icon of Christ on earth, not to forget the terrestrial matter of Christ's physical Body and Blood in the Holy Eucharist. The Papacy dusting off its militant persona will require a della Rovere not a Ratzinger.

  30. Wholesale removal of faithless bishops would lead to the even worse problem of open schism. As bad as things are now, they could be much worse. With so many souls at risk, the Holy Father is right to proceed with caution.


  31. It's a real shame to see that some prefer to engage in idle gossip and innuendo instead of simply standing by the Holy Father. I won't name names. You know who you are.

  32. I am skeptical that any serious reform is going to be undertalem by the Pope to clean this mess. To begin with there are too many bishops and clergy, even Cardinals concerned. Just look at the record of former Secretary of State, Angelo Sodano, and now Prefect of the Congregation for the Defense of the Faith, William Levada. They have been conspicuously remiss to undertake any action against pederasts inside the Church.
    Besides, the Church has never reformed herself from within, as hasn't any organization, political or otherwise done so. An outside issue of commensurate importance has to happen to origin such reform. It took the Reformation and the Ottoman threat against Christianity, to move Saint Pius V to act both militarily and doctrinally to stop the onslaught, such as the Battle of Lepanto, and summoning the Council of Trent.
    I hope that this crisis may serve, by the active involvement of lay people organizations and civil authorities and governments willing to prosecute the clergy at all levels, to render any result.

  33. "Regardless of this, remember that a weakened and demoralized Papacy cannot do anything regarding any serious problem within the Church."

    I agree, New Catholic. This is why the Holy Father must act swiftly to rid the episcopate and the college of cardinals of the incompetent, morally bankrupt and heretical. His failure to take any (or at least public) disciplinary action against the likes of Weakland and to clean out entire episcopates is a sign of weakness and indecisive leadership. I pray God the pope has something in the works.

  34. I find Cardinal Sodano rather hypocritical in this speech.

    Wasn't it he (on orders from John Paul II), who stonewalled the then Cardinal Ratzinger in his attempts to uncover the "filth" of pedophile priests that was damaging the Church? Wasn't it Cardinal Sodano who was verbally abusive to the then Cardinal Ratzinger in his attempts?

    That's why it's a hypocritical display on the part of Cartidal Sodano. He has absolutely no love or devotion to THIS good Pope. His devotion was for the corrupt regime of John Paul II....the Pope who ordered the massive coverups and massive denials. The pervert Cardinals, Bishops, and priests were still treated as kings under JP II, and protected by his army of "yes men".
    Cardinal Ratzinger was the only person BRAVE enough to try to uncover the details.....and he is paying for almost 30 years of corruption under John Paul II now.

    John Paul II will never be beatified.
    The tide is turning very strongly against his "cause". Even in Poland, several bishops, and priest-theologians who are examining the pedophile cases (and know of the coverups) have stated..."How can this man be considered for beatification now?"

    Let us pray for our good Pope Benedict XVI, who know ALL of what happened under John Paul II, and now must shoulder the blame for it.

    And there's more scandals and surprises from the John Paul II days still to surface.

    At Econe, during the Pontifical Mass on Easter Sunday, Bishop Fellay announced that the 12 million rosaries have been "greatly exceeded." He also invited all the faithful to pray for the Holy Father who suffers from the media's attacks.


  37. I keep telling people the devil will stop at nothing - he hates all religion.

  38. It's a real shame to see that some prefer to engage in the less-than-masculine tactics of making unsubstantiated charges of gossip to those who are attempting to articulate the full seriousness of this situation.

    If you have object to substance, say what you mean in a manly manner. If you are charging gossip and innuendo, for God's sake substantiate it with facts.

  39. Calm down, Sean. I wasn't talking about you, if that's your worry. If you want me to be specific, it was McFarland's innuendo about the Pope's record that raised my ire.

    John M, you advise us not to assume the best about the Pope (implying that there must be some dirty laundry or smoking gun), when assuming the best about him is precisely what we should be doing.

    Old habits are hard to break, I know, but you should give it a try.

  40. "John M, you advise us not to assume the best about the Pope (implying that there must be some dirty laundry or smoking gun), when assuming the best about him is precisely what we should be doing."

    No. Assuming the best about the Popes is precisely what made that cancer of pedophilia in the Church possible. The Pope is just a human.

  41. We cannot judge anyone's intention, since we can't really know it. We must, though, judge their actions. Some folks believe that the Pope can do no wrong and thus, think everything he says and does is right. Others think the Pope can do no wrong so, when the Pope says or does something obviously against the Faith, they say he is not the Pope. Both groups suffer from Papolotry which is not consistent with Catholic thinking on free will. The Pope can only not be wrong under certain, narrowly defined conditions. If the Pope cannot sin, why pray for him?

  42. Assuming the best about the Popes is precisely what made that cancer of pedophilia in the Church possible.

    Do we really need to break down the obvious illogic of that statement?

    Assuming the worst about the Pope is simply what some folks have trained themselves to do. They don't know any other way to react.

  43. Anon 11:46,

    Assuming the best about the Pope does not mean that we think that he can do no wrong. It simply means that when we don't have all the information, we should give him the full benefit of the doubt.

    Is this really so difficult to understand?

  44. "His [Sodano's]appearance says, loud and clear, politics as usual -- that it is the Vatican and not the Pope that is being protected."
    Very astute, John. I totally concur with your conclusion. I am reminded of the parable of Dives and Lazarus, where Lazarus from the pit of hell, expresses a desire to have Lazarus go and warn his - Dives's - brothers lest they, too, incur the the same punishments in hell.

    Dives's concern was not an act of fraternal charity, but rather a request borne of the fear that his own torments would certainly be augmented should his siblings follow him into the pit!

  45. Remember everyone that his first words after being elevated to the Chair of St. Peter were: "pray for me that I may not flee for fear of the wolves." The Holy Father knows full well that there are wolves in the curia and I submit we should not be among them. Let's stand firmly behind him when he needs it the most. Can anyone doubt the fact that he is having second thoughts about the "new springtime" promised as a result of Vatican II? Think about it. Would you, after having given yourself to be one of the progressive periti at Vatican II throw all your philosophy down the tubes?


    A very good article for Catholics to read. There are many useful, well-researched books such as Paul Likoudis, Randy Engel, Fr Enrique Rueda, Michael Rose and others. Personal empirical experience in Scotland in the 1970s with a university chaplaincy under the Dominicans promoting sodomy, involving young people clearly illustrates the extent of episcopal neglect to the summit of church leadership where sexual perversion including paedophilia is concerned.

  47. Today we have a new story of abuse. It seems that the former vicar apostolic of Trondheim, in Norway, left his post last year because it was discovered that, twenty years previuosly, he had sexually 'abused' a boy. I'm not sure what sexaul abuse entails. It seems to be euphemism. The bishop inquestion, who was from Germany, resigned at the age of 58 and quit the country. At the time, the reason given for his departure was failure to work co-operatively with his subjects. Pardon me, but that is a misleading claim; it is mendacious.

    The Easter Triduum is over. It ended yesterday. This situation is out of control. Firm action from the top is needed. Without it, the current precipitous decline of the Church in Europe will accelerate and we shall face collapse in many countries.


  48. Dear John McFarland,

    Firstly - Given Cardinal Ratzinger's rather independent push to adopt and enforce a zero policy towards the perversion he was tasked to deal with effective 1996, and given his very prompt action towards Maciel and the other ubiquitous pervert in sheep's clothing, I would say there is enough circumstantial evidence to give the Pope the benefit of the doubt. It is a good Catholic's duty to give anyone the benefit of the doubt in the absence of incriminating evidence. Failing that, we follow in the steps of the French revolutionaries, and behead anyone accused of a crime until they can prove themselves innocent.

    Finally, I did share your sentiments regarding Cardinal Sodano. While I will also give Cardinal Sodano the benefit of having had an eleventh hour conversion in favor of defending Peter against the mob, I somehow suspect that he stands to lose more than Pope Benedict XVI if his fellow pack mates come any closer. After all, his real power as secretary of State is only as good as the worth of the institution in the eyes of the modernist world. This is how the circumstantial evidence of the Cardinal's past would sway me. However, I would be glad to be wrong, and will continue to pray for Cardinal Sodano's conversion to Our Lady of Fatima. Nothing like a former persecutor turned apostle to light a fire like none other!

    My hope in all this (and thank you Tim for noting that the 12 million rosaries are in and counting to this end) is that Pope Benedict XVI will finally command the collegial consecration of Russia this year in 2010. When this happens, the heavenly light itself will disperse this ravenous and engulfing darkness.

    Exurgat Deus et dissipentur inimici eus, et fugiant qui oderunt eum a facie eus!

    Sincerely in Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

    certain Maltese Knight in Toronto.

  49. P.K.T.P.,

    That won't be the last case, either.

    I have personally spoken with one high ecclesiastic in Europe and he is litterally shivering in his boots at the thought that the papers there will ask the homo community for the names of those in the cloth who have committed these sins with them in their youth.

    Its going to equal the tide of scandal in the USA if not surpass it.

  50. The whole church should be quaking over this scandal. The secular media is not important to us as Roman Catholics. What we should demand is total and uncompromising honesty to rid us of this cancerous evil. We are talking about crimes that are considered penal offenses in Heaven. Defrockings and criminal processes will do the rest. The negative publicity pales in insignificance to the imperative to restore confidence in the priesthood and episcopate for the long term.

  51. If The Vatican fails us in the endeavour to purge the house clean of its carnal sins then we will not see a much needed recovery in vocations.


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