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Appel à la Vérité’

From Andrew Cusack's blog:

French Intellectuals Pen 'Appeal to Truth' In Support of Benedict XVI

A number of prominent French men & women have written a ‘call to truth’ supporting Pope Benedict XVI in the current media storm and pedophilia scandal. As the Appeal’s about page says, Pope Benedict XVI “is the first pope to address head-on, without compromise, the problem. Paradoxically, he is the subject of undermining and personal attacks, attacks relayed with a certain complacency on the part of the press”.

The list of original signatories includes writers, essayists, literary critics, bloggers, professors, philosophers, businessmen, senators, members of parliament, mayors, publishers, comedians, a Protestant minister, a Fields medal winner, and even a sexologist.

The ‘Appel à la Vérité’ is reproduced, in an unofficial English translation, below:

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  1. I have no idea about Mr. Cusack's true intentions.
    However, I would advise extreme caution in promoting such an appeal, as there are some very dubious persons among the original signatories, e.g. philosopher Jean-Luc Marion, who stated that "Humanae Vitae is a bug within the Church." There are also other persons who are extremely hostile towards traditional Catholics, e.g. the heinous Henri Tincq of Le Monde. I would never agree to my name being on the same list with such persons.

    Mr. Palad, it would do a lot more good if RC promoted genuine actions in support of the Holy Father, such as this one:

  2. I suspect that this says more about French attitudes towards the Anglo-Saxon MSM than it does about the pursuit of truth per se.

  3. Tim:

    It is precisely because this statement of support comes from people who are not exactly orthodox, and from sectors not usually identified with the Benedictine attempt at renewal in the Church, that it is newsworthy.

    If I were to follow your reasoning, then we should also condemn the 1971 appeal to Paul VI on behalf of the Traditional Mass, which has some dubious characters in its list of signatories as well.

  4. Adeodatus4:40 AM

    Ed Koch, former mayor of NYC (a Conservative Jew) has stood up for the Pope as well:

  5. Anonymous8:27 AM

    I have noticed that the attacks on the Pope are now coming in daily from the international press. I suggest that the liberals in the media are just throwing everything they've got against Benedict XVI in the hope that something--anything--will stick. If it does stick, they would then push for an abdication. If it does not, they will try to cover him with as much mud as possible so as to discredit him and cripple his papacy. This would also be aimed at orienting his eventual successor 'in the Paul VI direction'.

    The problem is that the Pope cannot easily fight back. The real enemy is hidden behind the headlines and is not one person or even one organised group (except insofar as it is coming from the fiend). So the press boys figure that they have much to gain and nothing to lose by attacking the Church full force. The idea is to end the celibacy rule. This would then usher in other changes--a return to the reforms that have been sidetracked by this Pope and the last one.

    This Pope stands in their way and they have become impatient. The Age of Aquarius generation is now in the 'senior management' sector of the society and wants to make 'come the revolution'.

    Let us pray that Benedict XVI will stand firm and that his defenders will defeat the allegations one by one. He needs to remain resolute and then face the problem of sexual abuse in the Church by a sensible plan.


  6. ". . . no idea about Mr. Cusack's true intentions"?

    I'm pretty confident that Andrew Cusack's intentions were to let others know that the statement had been issued and by whom, and to state what its contents were. What other kind of intentions do you have in mind? And what is the relevance of his intentions, whatever they may be, in connection with this bare act of reportage? Do you disagree with the contents of the statement? If so, then that would seem to be a relevant topic for discussion. If you don't disagree with the substance of the statement, then what is the potential danger here, including from the identity of the signers? If a statement is true and well-put and concerns a matter of great importance to me (all true of this one), I'm glad for Satan to put his signature below mine. It doesn't diminish the statement in any of these respects, at least not for right-thinking readers; and it may even make some other devils accept the truth. Just as Bishop Williamson's views on the Holocaust have nothing whatsoever to do with his views on the liturgy and other ecclesiastical matters.

    Isn't the concern expressed here (about the signers identities, and especially about Cusack's "intentions" in reporting the statement) the same type of ad hominem analysis that we traditionalists and conservatives so often find ourselves having to battle through in order to obtain consideration of our substantive points (or even to permit us to present them)? Not least for this reason, it seems unnecessary to turn away from the straightforward issue of the statement's truth or falsity and to more nebulous and attenuated matters such as the reporter's intentions and the identities of the signers.

  7. "Appel a la verite" and nothing but that: no matter what the cost. Amen!

  8. Anonymous6:32 PM

    On Anon.'s and Hugh's remarks:

    I note that, in 1971, many of the signers of the 'Cardinal Heenan Indult' (a.k.a. 'Agatha Christi' Indult) were not Catholics. Yehudi Menuhin signed, for instance. I have no problem with that.


  9. The Latin Mass of All Time excited petitioners who shared the aesthetic & metaphysical vision of the liturgical rite that embodied profoundly spiritual & high cultural treasures not only deeply esteemed & valued by genuine Roman Catholics but by many outside The Church also. Any institution associated with this glorious Rite of The Holy Mass, such as the historical papacy, is bound to attract support from beyond the membership of The Church. This appears to me to be supernatural.

    Indeed, a few here support truth as the standard: this is the corner-stone over which many stumble. However, it has to be defended first. Those outside The Church are also attracted toward the truth but to possess this gem of all gems may at times bear a heavy price. No one knows this better than Our Blessed Lord. Even St Peter betrayed the truth not just once but he was eventually converted through this and brought to a similar end as the One Whom he had formerly sinned against. Scandal, if properly dealt with may provide the means to a higher & more glorious end.

    Let us pray The Church is fearless in exorcising itself of this appalling perverse behaviour & those who are guilty of its concealment and its encouragement. May we also see a return to a more appropriate collective discipline together with sound ecclesiastical pastoral & liturgical stewardship by our pastors.


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