Rorate Caeli

The Traditional Latin Mass in the Archdiocese of Jakarta

Rorate has been informed that, in the Archdiocese of Jakarta, a Low Mass is currently celebrated every 3rd Saturday a month by an Indonesian priest "in good standing" who, nevertheless, has asked not to be be named. The Mass is held in a private residence in the city of Tangerang, 30km south of Jakarta and is attended by 20-30 people, mostly youths.

The following is a picture of this Mass. I can't show the other pictures as these will make the priest easy to identify:

The Archbishop of Jakarta, Julius Cardinal Darmaatmadja S.J., (currently 75 years old) had publicly declared in 2007 (the Indonesian text can be found here) that Summorum Pontificum does NOT apply to his archdiocese, deeming it "not relevant". On the other hand, the Indonesian bishops' liturgical commission, in that same year, asked priests not to refuse requests for the TLM.

An Indonesian website promoting the Traditional Latin Mass -- Kami Cinta Ritus Tridentina -- also announces that a TLM will be offered on May 23, 2010, Pentecost Sunday, at 10:00 A.M., at the Ursuline chapel, Merdeka Road number 24, Bandung. (Kapela Susteran Ursuline St. Angela, Jln. Merdeka 24, Bandung.)

The SSPX also has a modest presence in Indonesia.