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The Cost of Father Maciel

From the June / July 2010 edition of First Things:

Cardinal Sodano has to go. The dean of the College of Cardinals, he has been found too often on the edges of scandal. Never quite charged, never quite blamed, he has had his name in too long a series of depositions and court records and news accounts—an ongoing embarrassment to the Church he serves. The Vatican has been responding in a disorganized way to the frenzy of recent press stories about often thirty-year-old abuse cases. What it should do is put its own house in order, moving out the unhelpful remnants of the bureaucracy that allowed those scandals to fester for so long.


...The deeper point is the lack of consequences— visible consequences—for failures and missteps and wrong associations in the Vatican. The real problem is that heads haven’t rolled, penalties haven’t been exacted, for Fr. Maciel’s deceptions.

For many years, Cardinal Sodano received money and benefits for his projects from the Legion of Christ, and in 1998 he halted investigations into sexual abuse by the Legion’s founder. That apparent quid pro quo ought to have a price.

It ought to have a price precisely because the scandal of Fr. Maciel is so deadly. The child-abuse cases were a corruption in the Church. What Fr. Maciel attempted is a corruption of the Church...


Anonymous said...

"The real problem is that heads haven’t rolled"

What an incitement to hate! This is unchristian.

New Catholic said...

I really do not remember First Things saying anything about a much graver matter - since it was an attempt to dirtort the doctrine of the Church - which was the immoral, heretical, and disturbing defense of the abortion of babies by Archbishop Fisichella in the Recife affair. This happened probably because if you are part of a certain "clique", you are immune to criticisms from certain quarters.

And the worst part of all is that the leader of the "Sodano must go" party is none other than the Cardinal of Vienna!!! The Cardinal ultimately responsible for some of the worst liturgical abuses in the world, including in his own Cathedral! The Cardinal who, just a few days ago, defended "same sex unions" because at least they are not "promiscuous"!!!

If we had a John Eudes or a Peter Damian denouncing this ghastly situation of Cardinal Sodano, then we should be most grateful. But when we see problematic Cardinals and their cliques criticizing other problematic Cardinals and their entourages, what we have before us is simply Ecclesial party politics, with no one in the moral high ground. A pathetic internecine war where nobody wins, and certainly not Peter.


Timothy Mulligan said...

New Catholic, you seem to fall into the "tu quoque" fallacy. Can we focus on Cardinal Sodano? Why not? Why can't lay Catholics make their own observations and petitions for redress?

New Catholic said...

No fallacy here, but "mote and beam", as taught by the Lord. One should be careful of these sudden "campaigns". And, naturally, since Cardinal Sodano is in no position of bureaucratic power, his "going" will not affect any true power (influence) that he may still wield in the Curia.

This is just plain party politics, led by the most disturbing character in the College of Cardinals, the Cardinal of Vienna, whose name I so abhor that I wish to never utter it again.

Antonio said...

This post should the cost of JP II