Rorate Caeli

One more dose of reality

When the Serbian Orthodox Church elected a new Patriarch in Irinej (Gavrilovic), there were predictions about a new era of ecumenical dialogue between the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, which were fired by the new Patriarch's suggestion that the Pope visit Serbia.

However, just a few days ago, on April 29, 2010, the Serbian Orthodox Church decided to glorify (canonize) Justin Popovich of Celije (1894-1979), one of modern Orthodoxy's harshest critics of ecumenism, and of the Papacy in particular. The formal glorification will be held today.

The troparion to the new Orthodox saint reads as follows:

Apolytikion mode 1

Let us honor with splendor the divinely inspired theologian, the wise Serb Justin, who by the scythe of the Holy Spirit hath thrashed the error of atheism and the insolence of the Latins, being a mystic of the God-man and lover of piety, crying out: Glory to Christ Who hath glorified thee, glory to Him Who hath crowned thee, glory to Him Who hath rendered thee a luminary to those who are in a state of darkness.

Kontakion mode 1

We proclaim to the faithful the inexhaustible fount conveying the Orthodox doctrines, and an angel-like man full of divine zeal, the divine Justin, the offspring of the Serbs, who by his sound teachings and writings hath strengthened the faith of all in the Lord.