Rorate Caeli

Permanent Holy See Representative in Vietnam

Good news for the liberty and peace of the Church in Vietnam, as a quasi-Nuncio for that nation ("a non-resident Representative of the Holy See") will be appointed by the Pope shortly.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps this will enable the Church to retire some of her aged prelates in Viet Nam. One who was even older than the Pope was retired recently. Another, the Bishop of Can Tho, is now approaching the age of 80.


Anonymous said...

Good news and if countries like South Korea are anything to go by, the Church's work will bring copious fruits here in the decades to come.

Besides: the country looks like Archbishop's Quisling Nichols' ideal new operative ground. I think he should get a chance to prove himself there in some role (not the one of bishop of course). His keen intelligence and highly developed political antennae would be of great use over there.