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Settled: It's Ouellet

After the problems that stood in the way of the designation of Cardinal Pell (Sydney), the Pope seems to have settled on the Primate of Canada, Cardinal Ouellet, as new Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops - one of the most consequential of all Roman Dicasteries. Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli reports (Il Giornale):

The change at the helm of the Congregation for Bishops has finally been decided: in the next few weeks, the name of the successor of Brescian Cardinal Giovanni Battista Re, [who has been] at the leadership of the "factory" of Bishops for a decade. Unless there are improbable - though always possible - last minute surprises, the choice of the Pope is settled on Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet, Archbishop of Québec.


  1. Cardinal Ouellet is generally considered to be on the right side, but not much of a fighter. So it looks as if it will be business as usual for quite some time to come...

  2. Where is P.K.T.P. when one needs him? :-)
    I can't wait for his comments!

  3. Why not Cardinal Pell?
    Doesn't the Holy Father have the authority to choose the best candidate to straighten out the worldwide bishop situation?
    Is the Canandian Prelate a better choice?
    Just curious.
    Cruise the Groove.

  4. I don't know what to think if this report comes true. Cardinal Ouellet has presided over the decline of the practice of the Faith in Quebec and bears a heavy responsibility for the loss of so many souls. What kind of bishop will he recommend? What will be the marching orders to new bishops. Will there be any rapprochement with Traditional Catholics? Lots of questions but no answers, at least not yet. Prayers are necessary.

  5. I'm not so sure about that, Anonymous. I think he's more of a fighter than you give him credit for. Start reading here:

  6. Yahoo ! I am really starting to like Ouellet after he pronounced a great pro-life speech in Quebec City recently.


  7. It's an upgrade - though to be frank, almost anyone would be at this point. How much of an upgrade remains to be seen.

    I am not sure I would be quite as harsh as Mr. Haley - Ouellet inherited a dog's breakfast in Quebec, and the underlying secularizing trends were too powerful to be reversed immediately.

    For now, we must pray that he will help give us more orthodox holy bishops - many of them, and soon. I hope there will be a greater willingness to look outside the usual "box."

  8. "Cardinal Ouellet has presided over the decline of the practice of the Faith in Quebec and bears a heavy responsibility for the loss of so many souls." Really? Or was that the mess he was given. The reality of the Canadian Church has taken a turn for the better with him and the other new Metropolitans, ie Thomas Collins et al. Really.....

  9. * Ordained Priest by:
    o Bishop Gaston Hains †
    * Principal Consecrator:
    o Pope Karol Józef Wojtyla †
    * Principal Co-Consecrators:
    o Angelo Cardinal Sodano
    o Giovanni Battista Cardinal Re

  10. "Heavy responsibility for the loss of so many souls?" That is a bit strong. Certainly bishops matter, but, well, first responsibility for the loss of faith is the individual who turns from God. Perhaps uninspiring or bad priests are a primary cause. Secularism too is a major culprit.

    Of course there is the traditionalist rejoinder that if only there were a weekly TLM in every parish and the novus ordo were shelved, these trends would be reversed. Hard to know, but one could just as easily contend that such a change would drive away average Catholics even more. Not an easy answer there and probably beyond the scope of the post, but certainly it’s a bit much to hold the Cardinal Ouellet singularly accountable for declining numbers all across Quebec.

  11. I hope this is a false rumor.

    Being myself a French-Canadian in Ouellet's diocese, I can attest that is is the least bad Bishop in this province, but nevertheless not a particularly good Bishop. See here:

  12. He's a good, spiritual man who has fought hard in Quebec but received little support from his brother bishops. An inspired choice, I'd say.

  13. Mr. Haley,

    Sorry, Sir; you no little of Marc Cardinal Oulette and even less about Quebec or Canada.

    The decline in Quebec pre-dates the Second Vatican Council and was known as the Quiet Revolution--France without the blood, except for Pierre Laporte, of course.

    What you might want to know is that no less than 11 bishops retire in Quebec in the next year or so according to Catholic Hierarchy. His Eminence, knowing La Belle Province as he does, can reshape the Church in Quebec for generations. If the Church must be restored anywhere, it is in Quebec. Further, he will have a direct hand in his successor and the soon to be retired Cardinal of Montreal.

    No, this IS an inspired choice, if true.

    Further, he recently gave/sold a Church for nominal sum of $1 to the FSSP! So, he is not totally devoid of traditional sense.

    But when you have the Bishop of Joliet allowing a former male prostitute, Member of Parliament, Priest publicly berate His Emininence, whom do you blame?

    When 100% of the Quebec Legislature votes to sanctify abortion as an inalienable right, whom do you blame?

    His Eminence was tarred and feathered for his recent statements on life, he is one of the good ones and continues to be papabile!

  14. As the news seem to come from the same journalist who had announced Pell's appointment some weeks ago I would take this with some prudence for the time being.
    I'd have preferred Pell *because* of the noise made by secularists about pedophile scandals etc. His appointment would have shown that the Vatican does not allow hysterical screamers to dictate their agenda.
    As it is, one cannot escape the impression -wrong, we know - that it is enough to scream "pedophile scandal" and hey presto, the right-wing candidate is out of the window.

  15. Cruise,

    "Doesn't the Holy Father have the authority to choose the best candidate to straighten out the worldwide bishop situation?"

    Evidently not. I recall (roughly) an old story about Pope Pius XII. There was something he couldn't get done in St. Peter's Basilica itself, because the Archpriest of the Basilica kept nixing it. He was asked why he didn't just issue a decree ordering that it be done, period. He replied. "I'm just the Pope. I probably have less real power than almost anybody in the Vatican."

  16. Just so everyone knows, I do not think Cardinal Ouellet is singularly responsible for the loss of so many souls but I said "heavy responsibility" and if the man in charge of a diocese for the last seven years does not bear a heavy responsibility, who does? That said, his more recent action in defense of human life and against abortion is certainly laudable.

    I wish him well and hope that he can turn disastrous trends around, if not as leader of the diocese then as Prefect of the Congregation of Bishops. As I said, prayers are necessary and I fully intend to pray for him every day.

  17. The first thing that Cardinal Ouellet must do, as Primate of Canada, is publicly account for the damage done by the Winnipeg Statement as well as the Canadian hierarchy's reprehensible association with so-called "catholic" politicians (Sauve, Trudeau, Turner, Chretien) who destroyed the country with the Church's blessing.

    Until this is done, it is hard to appreciate other measures taken by the Primate. Considering the population size of Canada, it has a solid Traditional Catholic presence, including a few of the Personal Parishes that dot the globe (not to mention the SSPX presence).

    There are many very good priests in Canada both in the history books and today. Catholicism in Canada suffers primarily from historically, and consistently, bad bishops so it is interesting to pull the head of bishops from this country.

  18. I'd have preferred Pell *because* of the noise made by secularists about pedophile scandals etc. His appointment would have shown that the Vatican does not allow hysterical screamers to dictate their agenda.

    At least Since the change to the TLM good friday prayers we know that the Vatican does indeed allow hysterical screamers to dictate its agenda.

  19. Paul Haley wrote:

    "I don't know what to think if this report comes true. Cardinal Ouellet has presided over the decline of the practice of the Faith in Quebec and bears a heavy responsibility for the loss of so many souls."

    Thank you for your thoughts, Mr. Haley, but I'm afraid that I shall have to correct you a bit on this one. Ouellet is the exception, not the rule, in the Province of Quebec. He is not and never has been part of the old boys club there; he is, rather, the odd man out. The most important see in Quebec in Montreal, not Quebec City. The leader in Montreal, Cardinal Turcotte, is the problem, plus the old commies from the 1970s and early 1980s who just rule on and on and on.

    Ouellet is a good man, even if as a wild exception in Quebec. He is also papabile.

    He did deliver a strong anti-abortion speech recently but later backed down just a tad to the response, saying that his remarks needed to be 'read in context'. It was unfortunate that he qualified such an excellent speech, and this does show his fear of the left in Quebec, a left that controls everything there.

    I'd rate him as a good man, a solid conservative, and, while not as resolute as Bruskewicz or Chaput in the U.S.A., he is not remotely a Levada, for instance. All in all, if he replaces Re, it will be a day for rejoicing on this list. While he's not likely to rally support for tradition, he will also in no way stand in the way of the Pope's restoration, supporting it quietly, at least.

    Consider who he's replacing!


  20. I'd just add again that Ouellet is the exception rather than the rule in Quebec and is one of the very best bishops in Canada.

    Victoria, B.C., Canada

  21. Vox Cantoris thank you for your interesting analysis. You wrote:

    "His Eminence was tarred and feathered for his recent statements on life, he is one of the good ones and continues to be papabile!"


    This might suggest you think that a truly extroadinary soul is taking on this task.

    I wonder what others think and whether taking on this important post could be seen as a step to a future papacy?

    The idea of a Francophone Pope intrigues ...

    This is also interesting:

    "If the Church must be restored anywhere, it is in Quebec."

    Any elucidation you have time or energy to make would be appreciated.

  22. Under Archbishop Ventura, the previous nuncio in Canada, a very good crop of bishops were appointed, given the material that was at hand. If Ouellet and Ventura had a good working relationship, and this is the basis of the appointment, it may work well. On the other hand, other than Ouellet, all of the appointments of Ventura that I would consider worth noting are on the English side.

    I think that there is not much for a Canadian nuncio to work with on the French side. Quebec as a Catholic Culture has been effectively dead for at least thirty years, and mortally ill for more like forty-five.

    Living in Canada, near but not in Quebec, I fear that Stefan Jetchick's comments at 15:21 are more likely on the mark. I can see a two-fold reason for Stefan hoping that the rumour is untrue--fear that Ouellet would not do a good job in his new post and that replacing Ouellet in Quebec (both the city and the province) would look to be nearly impossible.

  23. Ouellet is papabile precisely because he is a conservative from a wildly leftist place, where the faith is almost dead. To insult the Blessed Sacrament, Quebecers even sell a biscuit that looks identical to a communion wafer but tastes delicious. Quebecers gobble them up, or so I'm told, before the television. They think that doing so is hilarious.

    It is said that Benedict XVI came from Europe (when everyone expected a Latin American pope) for the reason that the Faith was on life-support in Europe. Conditions are even worse in Quebec than they are in Europe.

    Ironically (and preposterously), what little faith there is in Canada is in English Canada, and then much owing to the devotion of Filippino immigrants.



  24. TO follow up: I agree with Mr. Haley that bishops do bear a responsibility for the souls in their charge - I think we all agree with that. Cardinal Ouellet is no exception.

    But as others here - such as Hieronymous - even closer to the action have affirmed, what Ouellet inherited was not so much the Quebec Church as its residue. Most of the damage was done in the so-called Quiet Revolution of the 60's; since then the Church has been but a shadow of its former self. To take but one metric, the number of religious order vocations in Quebec - once the highest in the world - dropped by 98.5% (!) in the four decades before Ouellet's installation in his see. As Fr. Richard John Neuhaus (also from Quebec) recalled an old priest saying, "We did not realize how much would be destroyed, or how quickly. We wanted to liberate [Quebeckers] from the oppression of the Church and we ended up liberating them from the Church." In those two sad sentences could be summed up the epitaph of so much of the post-conciliar period - even if so few of the implementers had similar courage to admit as much.

    I can't evaluate every particular of his tenure in Quebec, but everything I do know indicates he's one of the only decent ordinaries in Canada, capable of making all the right enemies. Just last month the cardinal's defense of the cause of life inspired a notably pro-abort La Presse scrivener to hope publicly for his death.

    So on the whole, I am reasonably hopeful for some improvement at the Congregation of Bishops, especially in regards to episcopal appointments in the Anglophone (and, it is to be hoped, Francophone) world. God knows we need it.

    Also - Vox Cantoris wrote: "Further, he recently gave/sold a Church for nominal sum of $1 to the FSSP!" I had not heard that - but I am pleased to hear it.

  25. To P.K.T.P.

    "I'd just add again that Ouellet is the exception rather than the rule in Quebec and is one of the very best bishops in Canada.

    Victoria, B.C., Canada"

    Alright he is "the very best" (maybe with Abp Prendergast) BUT in Canada which means in one of the most liberal, corrupt, decaying, agonizing kind of Church, the equivalent of BritChurch, of Danneels BelgaChurch or FrenChurch or SwissChurch.

    Will it be truly better than the mollifying, tortuous, centrist cardinal Re ?
    You say he is strong on Life issues : okay but no big deal. Even Tettamanzi and Schönborn were ... it's a pattern for all Wojtylian bishops : tough doctrine on life and liberalism for all the rest.
    And as you say, nothing for Tradition and very few for TLM.

    All in all, it will be alas probably "business as usual", maybe with one good guy here and there within lists of centrist semi-liberal guys. Pell would have been a far more radical profile than cardinal Ouellet. Sure he is better than the dreadful cardinal Sandri or a fragile, always changing with the wind von Schönborn.
    To be harsh : another soft surrender after Ravasi, after the mess around Fr. Wagner and the episcopal slap-in-the-face from the Austrian Church, after the exile of Abp Ranjith without a red hat, after the Notre-Dame university circus, after the swift retirement of Hoyos, after the drop down of saint John-Mary Vianney.
    I hope to be wrong.

    Knowing than the clock is ticking : after 5 years nearly lost, how many years ahead to shape up the episcopate and the college of cardinals ?
    Once again, I dearly want to be wrong and see a strong-acting new prefect debunking the neo-mods and litniks from the episcopal sees. We'll see soon.


  26. Perhaps Cardinal Pell was never the real choice but his name was floated as a lightning rod for criticism so that the real candidate, Cardinal Ouellet, could be named. I think the move is brilliant. The English speaking world is already making slow progress but the French speaking world is in even greater need of better bishops. Strong appointments in France, Quebec, and west Africa are critical to the restoration.

  27. Here's a little dream I just had. Cardinal Ouellet gets the nod to head the Congregation for Bishops. Cardinal Pell replaces Cardinal Levada sometime in the next year as the head of CDF, and Levada gets shipped off to some diocese that's already in bad shape where he can't damage it any further.

    Cardinal Pell also gets Levada's place on the Congregation for Bishops committee.

    So effectively, we have in the Congregation for Bishops committee, the following Cardinals:


    I know I'm dreaming, but oh what a fantastic dream it is.

  28. At present I think this was a good choice. Although arguments exists against him, I believe however that he would be more effective as a Prefect especially with regards to the situation of the Canadian Church. Canada is one of the worst Churches in the world for its descent especially with regards to the hierarchy. Recall the Winnipeg Statement (descent on Humanae Vitae) which still has not been reverse by the Canadian Hierarchy unto this day. Canada needs a cleanup starting from its head (the bishops). Pope Benedict already has improved the situation with new appointments in Canada, and this indeed brings rocket fuel to reform the Church here in Canada. I believe Oulette could do more for the Canadian Church and his current Archdiocese as a prefect as well as provide strong potential candidates for appointments of new bishops for the Universal Church. Remember that the US as of late have received newly appointed bishops who are leaning towards orthodoxy, and this under the current Prefect. Pope Benedict can do wonders with anybody as his prefect. Our Holy Father is very very clever. He knows things we do not and can maneuver things brilliantly. For Canada this is indeed good news, for the Vatican now I believe has a much more clearer knowledge of the Canadian Hierarchy and what is going on here (Canada) with the input Cardinal Ouelett would bring. I hope to see new appointments in Canada much like what the US received these past few years.

  29. Alsaticus--

    No doubt Canada is in very rought shape. You mentioned the drop in religious vocations in Quebec--another depressing statistic is that for at least the past several years, Canadian Bishops have outnumbered Canadian seminarians.

    The split into English/French makes things even worse for the French side--the miracle is that Ouellet is still capable of making waves after seven years as a member of the Quebec Conference of Bishops. So that does say something good about Ouellet.

    Another thing on the plus side, if Pendergrast is the only English bishop you know of who you would rate as possibly good, then you are ignorant of at least a handful of the appointments of the last seven years--De Angilis and Miller to begin with. The new nuncio shows some promise as Bolen and Nguyen are likely winners. Things are rough, but I think that Canada on the English side is not in the same category as the worst of the European countries. The French side is, however, right down there with the worst of them.

  30. Mickey--

    I wish I could share your hope that from Rome Ouellet would be able to do more for his own archdiocese in Rome than he can in Quebec through ensuring the appointment of good Bishops. The problem for Quebec is that to create good bishops, you first need good priests. And in Quebec, this means good Francophone priests--an anglophone from Ontario isn't going to work. There is so little to work with, that all I can say is I'm glad it's not my problem.

  31. This is a very bad decision in my opinion. The Cardinal is a very good man. He does well when confronting the secular world and its values; he does terribly, indeed he does nothing when confronting the priests under his authority. Absolutely nothing.

  32. I visited Quebec a few years back and was surprised of course about the apostasy there. I'm not sure I put it on this Bishop though. He's been bold in his opinions I believe. The wave of liberalism that hit Quebec was more a result of the global communism agenda than anything else. Those French Canadians will return to their faith though like everyone else. Then maybe the Montreal Cathedral will be used as a Church instead of having laser light shows for a fee. Also, at Notre Dame du Cap you can see the miraculous bridge and a pig with a rosary in it's mouth. That's because in the absence of priests for about 100 years the local populace took to worshiping a pig! So they're worshiping the pig again but soon our Lord.

  33. I know Cardinal Ouellet (living in his diocese). I know how much he his fond of the Benedict XVI (having heard his homelies). When Benedict was elected, he was in so much joy ! I remember very much that. Nearly everyone else in the diocese (including the priests sadly) were deeply depressed by the news of the election. Also, it's easy to blame cardinal Ouellet for not having done this and that (when we know that he has nearly every priets and lay catholics against him in his own diocese). I'm quite annoyed by the attitude of people critisizing like that. It does nothing good except to make us practice patience ...

  34. Alright then, Mathieu. Let me get this straight. Cardinal Ouellet was overjoyed at the news of the election of Benedict XVI. He expressed this joy in his homilies. That is good, on a personal level, Mathieu. Now give me the list of things he corrected in the priests under his authority, because that is his job. I was overjoyed at the news of Benedict XVI's election. I expressed my joy among my family members. And then, as usual, I continued to tell my children to eat their vegetables, make their beds, and do their duties. What has the good cardinal done to correct his insane priests?

  35. "We did not realize how much would be destroyed, or how quickly. We wanted to liberate [Quebeckers] from the oppression of the Church and we ended up
    liberating them from the Church."

    What profoundly sad words! A hard lesson to learn that if you don't have the 'oppression' of the Church you have the oppression of the World - there is no other
    choice. And it turns out that the 'oppression' of the Church which says: take up your Cross and follow me, is sweetness and light when compared to the oppression
    of the World.

    "Come to me, all you that labour, and are burdened, and I will refresh you. Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and
    you shall find rest to your souls. For my yoke is sweet and my burden light." (Matthew 11:28-30)

  36. Athelstan, falling, into journalese, uses 'metric' where he means 'measure'. Let's just say no to these buzzwords like closure, optics (idiotic term meaning 'appearances'), and metrics.

    Also, the Quiet Revolution is really proper to the 1950s, even before the Sixties Revolution. It was a secularisation in reaction to the Duplessis years. So Quebec was really quite 'ready' when the Church went batty in the late sixties.

    In the 1940s, Gaspé was not only the most Catholic place in Canada; it was arguably more thoroughly Catholic than any part of rural Portugal. There is no trace of this today. Not a whiff.


  37. Well, Alsaticus, Ouellet did bring the F.S.S.P. into his Archdiocese. Consider that it is the only one (out of 19) to have the F.S.S.P., and only 3 of the 19 have the T.L.M. every Sunday (Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke). Important cities such as Trois Rivières have no T.L.M. at all.

    Also, Nouveau Brunswick, with a very large French population (Acadiens) has not even one T.L.M. offered every Sunday--not even by the S.S.P.X.

    Most important is that he is a friend and former student of Benedict XVI. He will 'follow the leader'.


  38. ***May 6th and May 18th. 2010: TV host says cardinal Marc Ouellet puts on a show to impress Rome rather than influence his flock...***

    "Je le maintiens, par son discours, le Cardinal Ouellet s’adresse davantage à Rome qu’à ses brebis"

    May 6th 2010
    See at min. 28:50 to 29:45

  39. Fr Richard Neuhaus was NOT from Quebec. He was born and raised in Pembroke Ontario.The family had/has a cottage on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River.
    As for Ottawa's Prendergast..well he's a total failure and the church there is dead.He seems more interested in running around in his mitre ,crozier in hand, and traveling to every Jesuit fucntion than st aying home and actually running a diocese.Rumor is he wants a Roman appointment or at least a Cardinal's hate.

  40. "In the 1940s, Gaspé was not only the most Catholic place in Canada; it was arguably more thoroughly Catholic than any part of rural Portugal. There is no trace of this today. Not a whiff.


    I'm sure you're right, but how could it have come to pass that the younger generation of this time and in that place, thouroughly catechised and securely orthodox, could have effectively capitulated to secularism and apostasised? Either the faith was not as strong as you supposed, or the faithful remnant of that generation left the Church when the Church left them in the mid 60's?

    Giles H.

  41. Hello PKTP,

    Well - "measure" versus "metric" - that's a residue of my recovering social science says. "Metric" can be used as noun meaning quantitative measure; but probably better than either is "indicator," now that I reflect on it.

    The so-called" "Quiet Revolution" did begin in the 50's - the late 50's, really - though there's some argument whether the post-conciliar collapse was a successor to it or merely an extension of it. Duplessis died in late 1959, and Liberals came to power in 1960, and immediately embarked on their aggressive secularization program, especially of the schools. But obviously the ground was already fertile for the assault even before this. It did not come out of thin air, alas.

    But the larger point remains (as I am sure you would agree): What damage was done to the Church in Quebec happened long, long before Cardinal Ouellet's tenure. What was once one of the most Catholic places on earth was by then (still is) one of the most secularized, most anti-Catholic. It is fair to ask what Ouellet did to try to reverse it (beyond allowing in the FSSP or founding the minor seminary or making lots of nice sounding pro-life speeches), and my suspicion is that the situation required more drastic measures; but I also know how hard it can be for a decent bishop to walk into a diocese where nearly all the priests oppose any restoration of orthodoxy.

    I think I agree with you: While I might have preferred Pell (who was certainly no traditionalist either), Ouellet will at least support and carry out the Pope's program, such as it is, rather than sabotage it at every turn. He will be a significant upgrade, and at least improves the odds that the Anglophone and Francophone episcopacies will get better bishops.

    In the 1940s, Gaspé was not only the most Catholic place in Canada; it was arguably more thoroughly Catholic than any part of rural Portugal. There is no trace of this today. Not a whiff.

    That's my understanding as well. How very sad.

    Anonymous 12:54:

    It's true that Neuhaus was born in Ontario; but I was thinking of his longtime residence in Quebec - which I know does not make him Quebecois, no doubt a sensitive distinction for some there. At any rate, I meant no more than that he had a personal familiarity with the (disastrous) situation of the Church in Quebec, whatever else might be true of him.

  42. Take note ye men of little faith.

    In Canada the TLM was largely kept alive and first promoted across our great country by Fr. Yves Normandin.

    He refused the NO and was sanctioned and threatened with excommunication. He asked for written proof - none came.

    Father Normandin had no money and was all alone but traversed the country untiringly offering the Catholic faith to the remnant, if you will. He prays much and trusts the Lord and Our Lady for everything.

    Later the SSPX set up chapels where he laid the ground work.

    Apparently when Pope JP2 came to Canada he met with the good father and immediately gave him a church.

    Fr. Normadin is from Quebec and resides there today I believe.

    So you see by example the impact one faithful priest can have. I pray Cardinal Ouellet would be one such man.

  43. Cardinal Quellet look here - a report card from the laity.

  44. To P.T.K.P. (and Mathieu the pink-glasses guy who doesn't like realistic comments) :

    "Well, Alsaticus, Ouellet did bring the F.S.S.P. into his Archdiocese. Consider that it is the only one (out of 19) to have the F.S.S.P., and only 3 of the 19 have the T.L.M. every Sunday (Montréal, Québec, Sherbrooke). Important cities such as Trois Rivières have no T.L.M. at all.

    Most important is that he is a friend and former student of Benedict XVI. He will 'follow the leader'.


    okay there is one parish with F.S.S.P. good. Cardinal Ricard, who is not considered as a "friend" of the pope has done ... more in the same 8 years.
    So can you give us a (convincing) list of the achievements of the Abp of Québec from 2002 to 2010. In 8 years, a firm bishop can do much.
    We could compare with Pell's achievements to see who is the most efficient and committed. Or compare with a Chaput, a Bruskewitz or a Bagnasco.

    I've read a French-Canadian site that is listing ... continuing horrors from the Couture era, unchallenged, and a few "good words" in 8 years. In short, the typical profile of the Wojtylian bishop : good doctrine in words, personal piety and ... no action to act as a "bishop" episcopos, an overseer and enforcer of the faith among his corrupt people and clergy.
    Now maybe this site is wrong and the archdiocese of Québec flourishing again with vocations, a Catholic seminary, the Faculty of Theology of Université Laval (the archbishop has all the Canon law rights confirmed by the 2006 legal Charter to oversee doctrine and recruitment) is emulating the Holy Cross university of Rome to be a champion of orthodoxy etc.

    A look at the homepage of Université Laval and you will see there is not even the simple mention of "chrétien" far less Catholic (catholique) advertised.

    My point is not that Abp Ouellet is a man of conviction, who is able to speak aloud and teach the Catholic faith in front of liberal sectarian media and politicians : he is, we know that.
    My point is : what does it mean for the pope to switch from Pell to Ouellet ? Is it a step forward or a little step backward ?
    Is he going to give us better bishops or the same marshmallow flock ? A prefect of Congregation has to be a man of action, not just good words in homilies delivered in a Roman basilica and a visit to a trad. institute once a year. So is he the man of action that the people of God is so impatient to get ?

    For our Canadian readers who have some knowledge, give us some light please.


  45. Alsaticus:

    The problem is that Ouellet is completely isolated. He is like a Jewish businessman who fired all his workmen during the Great Depression and now finds himself in Auschwitz. Such a person will be even less popular than the other inmates there. The clergy in Quebec are not mere garden-variety liberals. They are outright Bolsheviks who honour Lenin on May Day. They are social revolutionists of the most radical variety, esp., above all, in the clergy.

    Someone here lauded Archbishop Luigi Ventura, our former papal nuncio. But Ventura did nothing to deal with the worst scandal in all of church history, the Raymond Gravel scandal. After the fact, they finally 'silenced' Gravel but he remains a parish priest at Repentigny! This 'priest' was a pro-abortion pro-homerasty male prostitute who was elected to Parliament to advance his anti-Catholic agenda. And they could do nothing!

    Frankly, the wonder to me is that Marc Cardinal Ouellet was not pushed in front of a bus long ago. I agree that he is not a hero who stood up to all the Marxists who dominate the Québec clergy. But then Pell did not have nearly as violent an opposition in Australia.

    I get the feeling that Ouellet has been keeping quiet and biding his time. He knew that taking a stand before now would only get him persecuted. The Pope is trying to find a way to restore the Faith in Québec. The hope may be that a future Pope Ouellet might have that effect. But it will take more than that to achieve this. Just look at Germany under a German Pope: she is not looking very conservative or faithful as a result.


  46. On Fr. Normandin:

    Fr. Yves Normandin and his associate, Fr. Real Bleau, do indeed reside in the Province of Québec. In fact, they live in Montréal and have for many years offered the only approved Traditional Latin Masses in the Archdiocese of Montréal and also in the Archdiocese of Sherbrooke. Sherbrooke is not that close to Montréal and yet one of them drives all that way every Sunday to offer that Mass.

    All the approved T.L.M.s in Quebec are offered by these two priests, except for the F.S.S.P. apostolate at Quebec City. (I have heard that another priest has recently started Masses in Montreal but I'm not sure.)

    There are no T.L.M.s on any basis in the Archdioceses of Gatineau or Rimouski or in the Dioceses of Trois Rivières, Nicolet, St-Hyacinthe, St. Jean - Longueuil, St. Jérôme, Joliette, Valleyfield, Baie Comeau, St. Anne de la Pocatière, Gaspé, Mont Laurier, Amos, Rouyn-Noranda (occasional Masses in this remote see on the Ontario border), or Chicoutimi (where Bishop Rivest has flatly opposed S.P.).

    They are just waiting for the elderly Fr. Normandin to die. During the 1970s, he travelled all over Western Canada and implanted traditionalist communities, most now operated by the S.S.P.X. Other heroes of that time were Fr. John Mole, R.I.P. (Previous Blood Banner) and Fr. Liam Gavigan of Toronto, who still offers the T.L.M. there and elsewhere in that area (Schomberg, sometimes Peterborough, &c.). But the greatest hero of them all was and is Fr. Normandin.


  47. What did people expect the Cardinal to do exactly when his entire diocese is arrayed against him? First you need a good bishop, then a good vocations director, then good candidates for the priesthood to send to a good seminary for formation. Then these new priests must become pastors, who must then do the most difficult work of all - restoring the Faith among individual parishioners and the secularists in the general population. Even if the Cardinal had been able to initiate that process eight years ago, we would only now be seeing the very tiniest improvements.

  48. Hello Alsaticus,

    It's not much, perhaps, but Ouellet did found a new minor seminary in Quebec in 2008, which I understand is doing reasonably well:

  49. An assessment of Cardinal Ouellet:

  50. We are in serious trouble and no doubt are living in the Time of the great deception. Just Google Cardinal Marc Quellet's open letter to Catholics of Quebec where he claims The Church should apologize for discrimination against woman and homosexuals. The Pope is in danger as there are those high up in the heirarchy that are deceiving him

  51. As to viewing his statement in context, if he felt that it is those with a homosexual inclination that have been discriminated against and need to be treated with compassion in order that they may be transformed by orienting themselves to The
    Will of God, or that there is a need for woman to have a greater voice in The Church because certainly The Church could use their wisdom, he would have clarified his statement.


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