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Thank you, Cardinal Danneels!

What utter humiliation! Poor new Archbishop Léonard certainly did not deserve this "gift" from the past administration. From the BBC:

Belgian authorities have raided the headquarters of the Belgian Catholic Church during an investigation into child sex abuse claims.

A spokesman for the Brussels prosecutors' office confirmed that the palace of the Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels had been sealed off.

Police have also raided the home of retired Archbishop Godfried Danneels.

Belgium is one of several countries in which a stream of abuse claims have shaken the Roman Catholic Church.

A prosecutors' spokesman told AFP news agency that prosecutors had "been informed of accusations denouncing abuse of minors committed by a certain number of Church figures".

An inquiry into child sex abuse in the Catholic Church in Belgium has been running for several years.
Liberal Bishops: a never-ending gift to the Church (even after retirement)!

UPDATE: The Brussels Journal adds that the search included the crypt of Mechlin Cathedral (the historic main Cathedral of the Primate of the Low Countries), and also the following:
Since the revelation in April that Cardinal Danneels’s close friend and collaborator, Mgr Roger Vangheluwe, the Bishop of Bruges, had been a practicing pedophile throughout, and even before, his career as a bishop, victims have gained confidence that they will be taken seriously, and complaints have been pouring in, both to the courts and to the extra-judicial investigation committee of the archdiocese. The new archbishop Mgr. André-Joseph Léonard, has urged victims to take their case to the courts.
The illustrated testimony of Dr. Alexandra Colen (homeschooling mother and Member of the Belgian Parliament for Antwerp) on Catholic life during the reign of Cardinal Danneels is just too shocking (BEWARE: STRONG CONTENT, ABSOLUTELY UNSUITABLE FOR CHILDREN OR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN). Caesar is the instrument of a justice that the hierarchy in Belgium (and in Rome, at least during the last Pontificate) ceaselessly denied to children and parents. Countless bodies and millions of souls were abused. May Danneels, Vangheluwe, and their collaborators be brought to justice in this world - and may God have mercy on their souls.


  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Modernism / heresy / apostasy / sodomy....the 'gifts' that keep on giving.

    St. Padre Pio, Pray for Us.

  2. Danneels has allowed churches in Belgium to be desecrated; he has most likely been complicit in the abuse cover-ups incriminating many NO hierarchs; he has supervised the post-conciliar deconstruction of Roman Catholicism in Belgium; he has encouraged disobedience orthodox church teachings. His lamentable archiepiscopal performance does not terminate there, however. The truth will always out, states Chaucer, and it will be proclaimed from the house-tops, as Our Blessed Lord assures us. From the truth no one can hide.

  3. Anonymous3:45 PM

    More and more we see that the whole concept of Vatican 2 was to destroy the church. Liberal/Modernists knew exactly what they were doing.

  4. Anonymous4:56 PM

    What cause did the Belgian government have for doing this? Did they have search warrants? Aside from the misdeeds of Belgian liberal prelates, could this be an attack with anti-Catholic motivations behind it as well? Before we rush to judgement, which some of us who comment here have a penchant for... let's also consider that the Catholic Church is no friend of the European Union and its "member states."

  5. Anonymous5:17 PM

    And this man Cardinal Danneels suggested that he should be the next Pope. The Holy spirit has rescued the Church.

  6. Anonymous7:08 PM

    I would advise caution in too much of the liberal cleric =child abuse.........we have Marcel Maciel too much in recent memory for that........and in Austria 'conservatives' have been exposed for such crimes. I say this as one who is far from liberal.

  7. Anonymous8:01 PM

    Anon 16:56 wrote :
    "Aside from the misdeeds of Belgian liberal prelates, could this be an attack with anti-Catholic motivations behind it as well? Before we rush to judgement, which some of us who comment here have a penchant for... let's also consider that the Catholic Church is no friend of the European Union and its "member states."

    You're on the right track. BelgChurch is indeed deeply corrupt and has been so since the 1960's.

    BUT this unprecedented assault on the Church property is done by a very anti-Catholic governement in Belgium : the EU is out in this case. Bruxelles is first the capital of the fledgling kingdom of Belgium. The EU has no police.

    After 1999 and the crumbling of the demo-christian parties in Belgium, the majority has been increasingly hostile to the Church. All the secular parties are taking a revenge on the Danneels wounded, weakened spineless Church.
    Belgian theologians from Leuven/Louvan-la-Neuve and Bruxelles are still doing a great harm ; the "squadra belga" was the core of the Majority at Vatican II.
    Danneels indeed was a serious papabile !

    At least, the fragile facade of the arch-liberal BelgChurch is falling down for all to see : but are they willing to see and think about it ?

    In Rome the sodanesque cynical "real-politik" is still predominant in the secretariate of State. The intrigues to wipe off cardinal Pell speak volume on the Roman paralysis we can only notice after 5 years (and more under John Paul II).
    conclusion : is pope Benedict XVI brave enough to confront the Danneelsian liberals even within the Curia and in the episcopate to bring some sanity to a wounded Church ?
    The clock is ticking.


    nb. I agree that some conservatives (ex. cardinal Groer, the seminar of Sankt-Pölten) can be smeared too by a few scandals ; it's not a privilege of the neo-modernists though in proportion neo-mods "win" by far in this "world cup" of the most wicked clergy.

  8. You will not find a defense of "Conservative" clerics here, either. And we never said "liberal cleric=child abuse". This very case was probably more related to "liberal cleric=coverup".

    As for Maciel, he was criticized here even BEFORE his suspension by the Pope (and, therefore, before his death). The bizarre unwillingness of the "Legion" to recognize his mistakes, before they were forced to do so, was also sharply criticized here. And, obviously, he was no Traditionalist.

    I have no problem with Caesar doing Caesar's job, though I feel sorry for Archbishop Léonard and for the mess he inherited from his predecessor.


  9. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Remember that 'conservative' merely meant loyal to Pope John Paul II and had nothing to do with deference to Tradition or personal conduct.

  10. Anonymous10:53 PM

    Can't wait till they arrest the whole crew of the ''National Catholic Reporter'' ...

  11. Could I point out a possible reason for the coverup of pedophilia?

    Bishops were seeking to protect BOTH the victim AND priestly perpetrator--and the reputations of both.

    Remember, the shepherd has to look after the errant sheep, too. The are likewise his responsibility.

    It was also believed--and not that long ago--that pedophilia was amenable to the psychotherapeutic process--counselling, in other words.

    Obviously, the bishops involved were attempting to salvage the ministries of their priests.

    We now know (to our sorrow) that pedophilia does NOT yield to counselling or therapy.

    And remember--the rate of teachers who sexually abuse their students is TWICE as high as clerics who do.

    Yet nobody suggests suing the American Educational Association or the Fed. Department of Education.

    The Church is perceived as a bigger, therefore easier to hit, target--and richer.

    How little do a lot of people really know.

  12. Dear New Catholic,

    I think the point is that you are assuming they have / are going to find something (incriminating).

    I am the farthest thing from a fellow traveller of Card. Danneels and his theological/ecclesiological/liturgical ilk, but I fail to see how your comment keeps with the injunction to "think all the good one can" about everyone, especially about those with whom one has disagreements and even animosity.



  13. Not at all, he and his friends will be brought before justice. They may well be innocent (not the case of Vangheluwe, who publicly admitted one grievous offense), or even if not innocent, may well be exonerated, due to technicalities or incompetence (after all, this is the justice system that was already investigating M. Dutroux while he was accomplishing his most heinous crimes), and statute of limitations could be a factor in the judicial proceedings.

    But at least they are being investigated, and Belgian Catholics are getting to know their "Progressive" leaders better. As for me, "[I] think all the good [I] can", I really do, yet I cannot ignore information that is publicly available, the current status of the Church in Belgium, and the testimony of people such as Dr. Colen.

  14. John Lamont1:33 AM

    Lazy Disciple, Anonymous and Jack - did you read the link at brusselsjournal? Really, if that does not get you to understand what Danneels was like, and the obvious corruption of his motives, nothing will.

    On the question of pedophilia existing among traditionalists as well: is there a single case of a SSPX priest being convicted by a civil court for sexual abuse of a minor committed when he was exercising his ministry in the society? I specify 'when he was exercising his ministry in the society' because clearly a sexual deviant might be thrown out of the society and then go on to offend later, a situation that the authorities of the society would not be able to prevent. This is a genuine question to which I do not know the answer, and I do not attend a SSPX chapel - I go to the FSSP parish instead. Names and dates please of the conviction if anyone has the answer.

  15. Anonymous2:16 AM

    Your comments about the world being worse than the Church is believable.
    However it is utterly disgraceful that the Holy Catholic Church has these beasts of men in her own ranks destroying souls.
    The Pope needs to take swift and decisive action - lead man, lead!
    Bella Dodd was right.

  16. More Anon3:05 AM

    Alexandra Colen has also written on the Dutroux case, which implicated the Belgian government in a horrific pedophilia cover-up. Are these in any way related?

  17. Anonymous6:01 AM

    Why all this talk about liberals versus conservatives? A traditionalist is almost as far from a conservative as he is from a liberal. I literally despise conservatives, esp. rock 'n roll neo-cons. To me, Opus Dei and the Legionaries were always enemies to Jesus Christ, since they offer the N.O. and only the N.O. They are traitors. In the case of Opus Dei, they are also nutcases. When tradition returns in triumph, it will eradicate conservatism and liberalism together. Any group that offers NewMass in a 'devout' way is to be avoided like the plague and denounced from the rooftops.


  18. Anonymous6:11 AM

    Some clarity:

    Heresy is spiritual perversion and is directly connected to sexual perversion because both are sins. Daneels spouted heresy for years and was a heresiarch. Ironic how he championed the condom. We now see why he might have admired those little rubber coats.

    Of course it's true that the police might not find anything. Daneels may have destroyed any incriminating evidence. You never know.


  19. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Off topic but we might keep our eyes peeled these days. 20 million rosaries are no doubt about to be delivered, a certain German bishop wants a clarification of the S.S.P.X status before their seminarists are ordained, the anniversary of the 1988 consecrations is acoming, the Feast of SS. Peter & Paul is acoming, the anniversary of S.P. is acoming ....


  20. The Low Countries became Protestant, or worse, post- Vatican II. Prior thereto they carried the beacon of Catholicism worldwide.

  21. Anonymous8:16 AM

    You must be obedient - said Danneels.
    Thank God for faithful mothers and fathers who have the courage to protect their children.
    And to think that 'obedience' was what kept me away from the FSSPX all those years.
    May God intervene for Belgium Catholics and the young victims of those beasts of men who somehow made it to the very top of the Church.

  22. Anonymous8:33 AM

    Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10, 1963

    Stated goals:
    24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press.

    25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

    26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as "normal, natural, healthy."

    27. Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity, which does not need a "religious crutch."

    39. Dominate the psychiatric profession and use mental health laws as a means of gaining coercive control over those who oppose Communist goals.

    40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

  23. "Mar", your comment was very good, but a few words seemed inappropriate. If you wish to edit it and repost it, send me an e-mail message, and I will send the text back to you.


  24. Women like Dr. Alexandra Colen are going to help save the church. You can't count on God's ministers any more - they are part of the problem.

  25. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Another "blessing" from the time of Pope John Paul II.

    Another sign of the "New Springtime" of Vatican II.... the "New Evangelization" etc.


  26. Anonymous12:52 PM

    A liberal bishop is a disgrace even when he is not a child abuser. But it is an illusion to think that one may allow the smoke of Satan to get through the Church's doors without every kind of evil finding its way there.
    Liberal thinking is not a direct cause of vices, but it provides them with the necessary leaven.

  27. Isn't it ironic that the police might achieve what, well, the Holy Father might have done years ago?
    Good as Pope Benedict is, I do think that he could show more courage in his appointment of bishops and in removing those evidently not fit for purpose.

  28. Anonymous3:07 PM

    Reply to John Lamont

    Sadly one 'traditionalist' new community was surpressed for among other things sexual abuse. By giving you this link I merely do so in answer to your query

    Traditionalist Order Closed Down amid accunsations

  29. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Mundabor wrote :
    "Good as Pope Benedict is, I do think that he could show more courage in his appointment of bishops and in removing those evidently not fit for purpose."

    How true !
    But we learn now that the horrendous Bp de Kesel, the clone of Danneels, is nominated Bp of Bruges just after another Danneels boy was called for Namur.
    So with one Léonard, just like it was, we have now TWO more arch-liberal residential bishops ...
    Besides Bp de Kesel being on the see of the pedophile bishop, it's a very cruel irony for cardinal Re and Bp Filoni to secure the legacy of Danneels where a hurricane would have been required to clean up the stables...

    After stepping back with cardinal Pell, these appointments are another sign that the secretariate of State "real politik" of cuddling the libs and neo-mods is at the helm again, I'm afraid.
    We can be worried with possible regression re the 3 year evaluation of S.P.


  30. This absolutely disgusts me. To think that perverts like Danneels and his cohorts were allowed canonical status and faculties while others were, and still are, denied same just cries out to Heaven for vengeance. New Springtime? Methinks not!

  31. Anonymous6:01 PM

    In reference to the 'traditionalist community' that was shut down, I point out that, in the old days of ctngreg, I railed against this community and called it 'untraditionalist' because it attempted to *REPLACE* the 1962 Mass with what was de facto the 1965 Mass. That Perl of low price helped them to do this, which began my campaign against that man. I argued at the time that the S.S.J. was not traditionalist but a traitor to the movememt, and that mroe bad things would come from it. I urged everyone to stop supporting it financially. Shortly after that, the sexual abuse casese came forward.

    So, far from showing that traditionalists are connected to abuse, this case proves the exact opposite: these people were saboteurs againsgt tradition.


  32. Anonymous6:28 PM

    On Alsaticus's comments:

    I must agree that the promotion of de Kesel is a real blow to the Church. I think that it is one of Cardinal Re's last vile acts before he is replaced.

    So why does Benedict XVI permit this? Again, this Pope has demonstrated time and time again that, like his predecessor, he wants a slow and gradual restoration, not a violent provocative one that could invite a schism on the left. In other words, the Pope will continue to throw some bones to the liberals to keep the Church together.

    I'm not saying that this is the right approach or that I favour it but this is obviously the policy of Benedict XVI, just as it was the larger policy of John Paul II.

    The problem, of course, is that the Church can ill afford a 'slow and gradual' restoration to continue at this point. Things are now critical. A sedative won't help much when you are in the final stages of terminal cancer.


  33. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I cannot for the life of me understand why the Holy Father simply does not recognise faculties (at least pro tempore) for the S.S.P.X. The approved Latin Masses have taken over in most places in any event. Public approval of the S.S.P.X would only matter in north-east France, Argentina, India, South Africa, and a few isolated dioceses here and there. Why not just do it? A free-ranging but slow-growing S.S.P.X would help exert pressure on bishops.

    Recently, I have received reports from my contacts in some American dioceses. The stories are very frustrating. In one diocese, three priests want to offer our Mass and one of them is very able in Latin. But they don't dare cross the Bishop, who will only allow such Masses after he considers each proposal. In one case, the Bishop will allow our Mass any day of the week except Sunday because he wants to force traditionalists to drink deep from the font of glory of Vatican II Masses on Sundays. In another case, the Bishop wants only two Sunday Masses in his see. In another, the Bishop refuses to allow any of our Masses and threatens to remove the right of celebrants to binate or trinate if they dare cross him. In another, the Bishop allows private Masses each Sunday with invited guests but God help the priest if anyone should publish these Masses anywhere.

    In the Diocese of Nashville, in Tennessee, the Bishop allows no T.L.M.s on first Sundays. On second Sundays, they are offered at 6.00 a.m. in Columbia. On third Sundays, they are celebrated early in the afternoon in Nashville. On fourth Sundays, it's back to Columbia but this time at 4.00 p.m.! On fifth Sundays, when they occur, nothing. Meanwhile, he has a priest offering the N.O. in Latin two Sundays per week and will not allow this priest to offer the T.L.M. It's quite a mess.

    In the Diocese of Las Vegas, which has more than 500,000 faithful, a kindly old Cisterican offers the N.O. in Latin every Sunday, effectively preventing the T.L.M. from being celebrated. Oh, the poor old coot! He's such a lovely old fellow. We mustn't do anything to upset the applecart. Bull! He's a rotten old liberal, not a kindly old sweetheart. Fortunately, there are every-Sunday Byzantine Divine Liturgies in the same diocese. They may be eastern but at least they're traditional. Don't be fooled by the fake substitute dressed up as the real thing!

    In one Canadian diocese, the Bishop sent me a direct e-mail telling me that if a certain private Mass was not removed from a certain website, the celebrant would have those Masses cancelled. I could go on and on.

    In France, there is a policy: no more T.L.M.s! It's a direct rebuke to Benedict XVI! In Germany, the bishops have another policy: no personal parishes allowed for the T.L.M.! Who needs the Pope when we have these local popes to override his motu proprio?

    As for Belgium, being discussed here, the F.S.S.P. is in Bruges but only one Sunday per month. Will the new man improve this? Wait and see! There is no T.L.M. on any basis, meanwhile, in Ghent.


  34. Bryan7:32 PM

    Mr Perkins,

    When they look back at the TLM Movement in the early years of 2000 I fancy CTNGreg will feature as a real help to that Movement.

    It fostered a very fruitful community where there was sharing of info and knowledge in a friendly and respectful, almost prayerful, atmosphere.

    Good wishes,

    In caritate Xp.,

    Bryan (Dunne)

  35. Anonymous8:54 PM

    dear P.K.T.P.
    "So why does Benedict XVI permit this? Again, this Pope has demonstrated time and time again that, like his predecessor, he wants a slow and gradual restoration, not a violent provocative one that could invite a schism on the left. In other words, the Pope will continue to throw some bones to the liberals to keep the Church together."

    The problem with that is : I can count a huge pile of "bones" and I am at pain to find out the so-called "slow and gradual restoration".

    I would be enclined to reverse the proposal : in 5 years, the pope and his Curia have continued the slow and gradual desintegration of the Church and they have thrown "bones" to the trads, more often than under John Paul II.
    That would be closer to an objective analysis of a large time wasted.

    I know you like stats : just look at Benedict XVI nominations in Europe and count the "Ratzingerians" and the very rare trad-friendly. The figures show that a vast majority of liberals or "centrists" have been chosen. Alas. Poland, France, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Ireland, Spain. Not forgetting Latin America, in particular Brazil where it seems even worse. As far as I know, African nominations are not very encouraging too.
    Northern America and Australia are the exceptions, not the rule, alas again.

    The Belgian case is a perfect illustration of the pontificate trend. Not a single pro-trad bishop appointed, 2 liberals - "sound" candidates Sir Humphrey would say- promoted. With such a rythm, the episcopate of the country will be orthodox in 50 years, probably long after the end of the kingdom of Belgium under Benedict .... XVIII. Maybe also there won't be many episcopal sees to be filled then because there won't be many Catholics left.


  36. Louis E.10:46 PM

    Alsaticus...consider however that the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels began this year with Cardinal Danneels and his two auxiliaries who have now all either been transferred or retired.Archbishop Leonard is thus in a position to request new auxiliaries who may be of a different stamp.

    And who is to say that the Pope's conclusion after three years of SP will not be that,since it failed to result in sufficient TLMs,stronger measures are called for?

  37. "We can be worried with possible regression re the 3 year evaluation of S.P."

    Horrible prospective, but I frankly do not think this will happen. We can question the speed (I do), but I do not think that we should be seriously concerned about the direction.

  38. Anonymous11:34 PM

    Of course Cardinal Danneels was an abominable bishop and primate. However the police and investigating magistrate used unacceptable methods, which border on persecution, to the extent that the Vatican issued an official protest.

  39. Anonymous12:23 AM

    "Sadly one 'traditionalist' new community was surpressed for among other things sexual abuse."

    Not a very good example. Unfortunately, this group was living in a fantasy of business development that lacked either a solid plan, or sufficient judgement in a number of areas. They were both hubristic and naive, which is a shame, as they were and are very nice people. In moving so fast they allowed themselves to associate a member who had been in trouble in the past, and it came back to bite them. It's a good metaphor for the growth of the traditionalist movement in general: fast growth makes for weak trees. It will take time.

    The situation in Belgium is another matter entirely.

  40. Anonymous2:36 AM

    God give strength, patience, and fortitude to His Excellency Archbishop Leonard! May he be blessed with a strong and fruitful tenure as the Archbishop of Brussels and that the Church in his care may once again be a light to it's dark past!

    Ad Multos Annos Excellenza!