Rorate Caeli

A True Prince of the Church: Cardinal Siri

The website of the Institute of Christ the King has a new gem in its collection: a photo album of His Eminence Giuseppe Cardinal Siri. Most of the pictures apparently date to the post-Conciliar era and show how the Cardinal never abandoned pre-Conciliar prelatial dress and vestments for his liturgical functions. (He is quite aged in these photos. Furthermore, the PDF file on "Spoliations dans l'art liturgique", located in the page dedicated to some of the Cardinal's writings, notes that the picture of Cardinal Siri in winter cappa magna [with biretta in hand] that can be found in this page of the photo album, was taken during the celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of his cardinalate -- that would have been in 1983.)

There is also a page in the ICRSS website dedicated to some of the Cardinal's writings (translated into French).