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Yet another "Founder" forced to step down

The Holy See has reportedly ordered Fr. Carlos Miguel Buela, founder of the Institute of the Word Incarnate (IVE), to step down from his post as General Superior. He is currently reported to be in a monastery in France.

(A short English-language post can be seen here; articles in Spanish here, here, here and here; more articles in this blog and in yet another blog).

The command comes in the wake of an investigation by Bishop Eduardo Maria Taussig of San Rafael, Argentina of various accusations against the Fr. Buela. However, some conservative and traditionalist Catholics are claiming that Fr. Buela and his institute are simply being persecuted by the "liberals" in the Argentine hierarchy.

Alongside the Legionnaries of Christ, the Institute of the Word Incarnate has been one of the largest and more successful of the "conservative" religious congregations of recent decades, having been founded in 1984 and reputedly with 1,400 members in its three branches. As of 2006 it counted 289 priests.