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Argentina approves redefinition of marriage

With the approval of the national Senate before dawn, owing to the great efforts of the Presidential couple, the Argentine Republic (an officially "Roman Catholic Apostolic" nation, according to its Constitution) becomes the first nation in Latin America to redefine the legal concept of marriage, in order to include unions of persons of the same sex.

The Bishops came very late into the game, mostly to display a façade of 'action' before the Holy See, and Catholics remained uninformed about their religious obligations until the very end. It would be wonderful if the Bishops of Argentina had been as forceful regarding this matter as they have been in preventing the Traditional Mass from being available in their dioceses.

This mess is mostly of their making.

[Source: La Nación ; in the image, President Kirchner greets Cardinal Bergoglio, Abp. of Buenos Aires, in Dec. 2008.]


Tony said...

A very sad day for Argentina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for our COWARD and BETROYAL "bishops". They have won for his true faith "civism and diversity" as they say on every homily / discurse.

Now I don´t feel anything bad coming to FSSPX masses and maybe, if no FSSPX center near my home, to a schismatic orthodox one. We have to chose between schisms, and now the worst is governing our "curch of argentine". With the "papabile" cardinal.

Judica me Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta: ab homine iniquo, et doloso erue me!

So, dear brothers... PRAY FOR US!!!!


Cola di Cola said...

Cry for Argentina!

All of this mess we call civilization was caused by linguini spined bishops.

I believe it was St John Chrysostom who said "The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of bishops."

Anonymous said...

The last speech in the Senate, given by the Chief Senator of the party in power, was one of the most anti-Catholic rant I ever heard. Against the Church, against the Pope, against Bergoglio, against the rest of the bishops.
"Dialogue with the world" is officially dead in Argentina. At least it's dead from the point of view of "the world".

Anonymous said...

Another point that demonstrates the falsehood that the Church in Latin America is somehow in better shape than that in the United States and that waves of Latin immigrants will somehow revitalize the Church here. The only thing that will revitalize the Church here (and elsewhere) is a return to the traditional liturgy, customs, and teaching of the Church.

mairedecortichon said...

Well, the forces of darkness are advancing, we have only ourselves to blame. After 40 years of spiritual desolation, what can you expect? The perverted mental, sexual diseases are seen as normal and as a right. There are demons who carried out their plans to the letter: the demons of impurity. Even traditional catholics are engulfed in the slavery of impurity. In the meantime, the sexual deviants continue to rejoice, and let them rejoice, for there will be an eternity to suffer the torments of Hell!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a major disaster for the Church and for the Faith. Argentina is at the centre of the Church. The centre is no longer in or near Europe. What will likely follow this is a rash of legalisations for abortion and inverted marriage across the continent. Funding for these changes from America will intensify. Prayers are needed.


Anonymous said...

Estimated P.K.T.P., we are not at the center of the Church. The only Church´s center is the Aethernal Jerusalme of the heaven. We are an ugly nighborhood were all is slowly decaying. Nothing similar to US catholicism, with lots of Traditional Congregations and Priests. Here, the same heretic cardinal prohibites traditional masses or offers a well known paedofile homosexual to celebrate it. A very sad joke!!!

May God free us of these criminal heresics!


Anonymous said...

It a very sad day for our country, a place no longer suitable to raise kids.

Bergoglio and the rest of the bishops remained silent until the very last moment, when the disaster was unavoidable. Our sheperds have abandoned us.

Argentina is already lost; pray for the neighbour countries, for they will feel the power of gay lobby very soon.


Anonymous said...

Homosexual supremacy based on the Soviet model of Newspeak, as exposed by Orwell in his appendix to the book "1984". By this means 4000 years of defining marriage is overthrown and redefined!

John McFarland said...

Well, when you've spent the last generation getting the Church in synch with the world, your efforts at the opposing the world demonstrate either stupidity or hypocrisy.

Unknown said...

Why do you fight this battle from any different point of what it "is"
Another clear and decisive victory for Lucifer. Just as planned from Vatican II. Quit complaining. Stop going to Mass. (Service) You have a better chance of saving your own soul by staying at home and praying to our Lady of Fatima, than you do by going to those services. This is sheer insanity, but you need not be a part. Pray the Rosary with your family, and have total trust in our blessed Virgin.

Anonymous said...

I did not realize the bishops had been silent until this month. The President said about them: « Expressions like 'war of God' and 'project of the Devil' take us back to the times of the Inquisition, especially coming from those who should stand for peace, tolerance, diversity, and dialogue... It feels like the time of the Crusades, I imagine a new Roland heading off to conquer the Holy Sepulchre...'

Just another mad Catholic said...

what are the odds that the Carmalite Nuns +Bergoglio sent the letter to last week will be joining their Sisters of Compiègne in Martyrdom soon? Of course it will all be done in the name ot Tolerance.

Anonymous said...

Habemus papam. St. Pius X ora pro nobis.