Rorate Caeli

Argentina approves redefinition of marriage

With the approval of the national Senate before dawn, owing to the great efforts of the Presidential couple, the Argentine Republic (an officially "Roman Catholic Apostolic" nation, according to its Constitution) becomes the first nation in Latin America to redefine the legal concept of marriage, in order to include unions of persons of the same sex.

The Bishops came very late into the game, mostly to display a façade of 'action' before the Holy See, and Catholics remained uninformed about their religious obligations until the very end. It would be wonderful if the Bishops of Argentina had been as forceful regarding this matter as they have been in preventing the Traditional Mass from being available in their dioceses.

This mess is mostly of their making.

[Source: La Nación ; in the image, President Kirchner greets Cardinal Bergoglio, Abp. of Buenos Aires, in Dec. 2008.]