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The BIBLindex Project

The Order of Saint Benedict website recently drew attention to the following Biblical and Patristic resource now online:

The BIBLindex project is managed by the "Institut des Sources Chretiennes." The first stage of the project is completed. An index of approximately 400,000 biblical quotations and references from Greek and Latin patristic texts of the first five centuries is now available online. The index is based primarily on published volumes of Biblia Patristica (CNRS Editions, 1975-2000); archives of the "Centre d'Analyse et de Documentation Patristique" (CADP) concerning Athanasius of Alexandria, Cyril of Alexandria, John Chrysostom, Theodoret of Cyrus, Procopius of Gaza, and Jerome. Opening a free user account is necessary to access the database.

The BIBLindex website declares that its eventual goal "is to permit the identification of biblical quotations in all Jewish and Christian literature of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages."

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This is unbelievable! Thanks.