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New chapter in Thiberville affair

For background, read our previous post.

From the website of the "Support Committee of Father Michel":
The Catholic faithful of the parish of Thiberville fully rejoice to learn that the highest court of the Holy See, the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, entitled Father F. Michel, Parish Priest of Thiberville, to explain, at length, his claims, by accepting the appeal that he had presented.

Contrary to public assertions by Bishop C. Nourrichard [Bishop of Évreux], no final decision has been reached by Roman authorities, currently examining several other matters.
The current Prefect of Apostolic Signatura is Archbishop Burke, Emeritus of Saint Louis (USA).

May Saint Louis, King of France, intercede before God for all faithful Catholics in Thiberville and in all of Normandy. [In the image, Saint-Louis, roi de France, of the collection of the Musée Louis-Philippe, in Eu, Haute-Normandie.]


Legis doctor said...

We should remember that LEGALLY this has nothing to do with tradition, but only with the right of the bishop to move a parish priest against his will. The bishop will have to demonstrate that there is a good reason to move the priest, e.g. a greater pastoral need elsewhere. The truth is that it will be hard for the good pastor of Thiberville to win his case; but let us pray that he does!

mundabor said...

Bishop Nourrichard will be very severely judged, I think, by a much more effective tribunal than the Signatura Apostolica.

At the Signatura they will probably decide to save the bishop's face, thus allowing the continuation of a climate of intimidation in too many dioceses. We'll soon find out.

Still, every time I read about such episodes I wonder how effective Pope Benedict's work can be if the beautiful words (regularly seen on this blog too) are not followed through when practical, concrete defense of Catholic orthodoxy is at stake.

I sometimes have the impression that the Holy Father thinks that it is his prerogative to defend Catholic values, and the bishops' prerogative to sabotage them.

I wish he had a heavier foot on the gas pedal. If we wait for this disgraceful post-68 bishops' generation to become 75 years old, untold damage will be inflicted on the fold.