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Note: Good news from Recife

Reader Thiago Santos de Moraes informs us the following, regarding the recent end of the Traditional Mass in the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife, the third largest diocese in Brazil:
The situation has changed in Recife. We had an audience with the bishop and he showed full support for the Pope's guidelines on the Gregorian Rite. D. Fernando [Saburido] has promised to fight against the priests's prejudice towards the Traditionalist faithful.
We are very glad to hear that. Let us all keep suffering Traditional Catholics in Brazil, and also in Spanish America, in our prayers.

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Thiago Santos de Moraes said...



"We are probably - as it was put by the Archbishop - the most heterogeneous group of catholics of this Archdiocese. We are from distant parishes (including some from other cities and counties), we work in diverse pastoral activities (there are people who are catechists, who take care of drug addicts, who perform missions, etc..). We have in common the love for the Mass celebrated in the gregorian rite. We only want to be Catholics. "