Rorate Caeli


It was quite pleasing to find great commentaries by Theophylact of Ochrid (1050-1107) available in English online, at the website of Eastern Orthodox publisher Chrysostom Press. Theophylact's Enarrationes are mentioned quite a few times by Saint Thomas in the Summa, and they are breathtaking in the all-encompassing knowledge and wisdom displayed by that great Archbishop.


Jordanes said...

St. Thomas also quotes St. Theophylact many times in the Catena Aurea.

mairedecortichon said...

A great saint indeed,The wisdom of St. Theophylact, reflects the very beautiful wisdom of the Greek Church Fathers. I am sometimes, surprised when reading those Greek Fathers, their faith is very simple, yet profound. In the West, we developed many dogmas and doctrines, which is understandable,because of the many heresies. Yet this development affected the simplicity of our Faith, this doctrinal development also affected the reforms of the Mass, as low Mass is unheard of in the Orthodox Churches, most priests in the east, cannot even imagine what low Mass is, it is not in their thoughts.

Robert said...

You can get all four of his commentaries on the four gospels.